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Skyview Temple

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Skyview Temple

Skyview Temple Skyward SwordSave by using the Bird Statue, then go down the stairs to the right. Cut down the spider web on your way, then the small trees, then again another spider web and get rid of the Keeses. Tear another spider web apart, cut some more trees, then take a look at the ceiling: a Deku Baba is waiting for you. Start by cutting down the small trees. Then, shoot another nut in its open jaw to stun it, then quickly climb on the vines and swing your sword at it! Hit the pink crystal to unlock the door, then jump down and open this door.

Go left, cut the blue bushes and read the stele. Listen to Fi, then climb the steps and look at the eye in front of you. It's following your sword... Look at the carvings on the walls: spirals turning counter clockwise. So stand in front of the eye and do this move with your sword twice or three times. The eye will fall down and unlock the door! Open it.

Skyview Temple Skyward SwordGet rid of the two hanging Deku Babas, then go ahead and take a look at the statue on the right. Go to the middle of the room and get rid of the green Bokoblin. Next, use your Slingshot on the pink crystal above the door on the right, then open this door. Go ahead, cut down the spider web, then climb the stairs and look at the ceiling! Gosh. Carefully go ahead and call Fi to get some more information. The Skulltula being in front of you, do a spin attack for it to turn its back at you, then aim at its belly and use your thrusting move to defeat it. Read the stele a little further to get a clue, then jump down, spot a small passage to the left and take it. Shoot a Deku nut at the crystal above the statue, which raises the water level. Swim towards the vines and climb up, then follow another tight passage to come back to the previous room.

Come back to the main room, then jump into the water and swim more or less straight forward (westwards) in order to find another pink crystal in an alcove. Hit it to unlock the door above you, then climb the vines behind you to get out of the water and open this door.

Skyview Temple Skyward SwordGo ahead, get rid of the green Bokoblin, then stand to the right of the Skulltula and use your Slingshot on the folded vine. Grab the vine, turn left, swing and jump onto the central path. Attack the back of the Skulltula (or leave it be), then look north (on the map) and shoot at the crystal that will raise the level of the water again. Shoot another Deku nut at another vine, grab it, turn left, swing and jump ahead of you! Read the stele on the left, strike (or avoid) the Quadro Baba, then climb the stairs to the left and open the door.

Go ahead on the slope, open the chest and pick up the Dungeon Map! Jump lower on the alley in the main room, then climb on the log located to the east. Get rid of the small spider, then grab the vines, climb them and let go on the right. Climb the stairs and open the next door.

Go down the stairs, then attack the Skulltula like the previous ones. Take a look at the two eyes on both sides of the wire fence. Stand right between them and make some circles with your sword so they open the fence. Open the chest to find a Small Key!

Go back to the main room, jump lower, jump towards the locked door to the north and unlock it with the key.

Go a little further, then shoot at the pink crystal higher in front of you. Open the unlocked door and get into your first real fight with the...

Skyview Temple Skyward SwordMini-Boss: Stalfos

As Fi advises you to, let it get closer, use your Z-lock, then raise your shield as it is about to hit you and quickly swing your sword at it! Do this twice more, then open the chest to loot the Beetle! Refill some hearts if you need to, then launch the Beetle and make it fly through the crack left of the door (near the heart) and aim it to the right until it bumps into the pink crystal which will unlock the door. Get out.

Go right and stand in front of the locked door. Use the Beetle and aim it a little bit to the left (or to the right) into an opening, avoid the Deku Baba and bump into another crystal which will unlock the door. Open it.

Skyview Temple Skyward SwordJump, climb the stairs, then the next ones and open the door. Go ahead carefully and fight off the Skulltula, then climb the vines. If you need to, using the Beetle, cut the string that is holding the wooden crate to refill three hearts. Launch the Beetle to cut the string holding the metal crate to make it fall, then push it so it falls one floor lower. Next, jump down and push it so it faces the chest and is roughly in the middle of the pushable space. Climb on it and draw your sword: the three eyes should open. (If it isn't the case, push the crate closer or away from the chest.) Draw circles with your sword to raise the bars, then open the chest to get a Small Key! Come back to the previous room and look at the ceiling. Launch the Beetle upwards, make it go through the spider web and bump into the crystal at the back: the water level will rise. Swim towards the stairs and climb them. Fight or avoid the Skulltula, then climb the stairs and cut the trees to clear a small passage. Follow it to come back to the big round room.

Go left (north side of the room) and look at the Piece of Heart behind some bars. Stand at the top of the stairs while facing the heart, launch the Beetle towards the summit of the central building and make it bump into a pink crystal inside an opening, which will make the bars disappear and allow you to pick up the Piece of Heart! If you wish to, you can make three hanging crates fall down: the west one holds 20 rupees, the north one holds a total of 50 rupees, and the east one holds a Small Fairy that you can put into an empty bottle to use later on, if you own one. Go east of the room and launch the Beetle on the five Deku Babas above the rope to make them fall. Cross the gap using the rope and open the door.

Skyview Temple Skyward SwordGo ahead in the corridor, destroy the planks and look at the monster with three heads, a Staldra. Attack its three heads in close fight, or else they will grow back! Pick up the heart on the branch if you need it, then open the next door. Go ahead, get rid of the Green Bokoblin, then cut the string of the Skulltula to make it fall and cross the gap. Use your Beetle (or Slingshot) to activate the crystal on your left and create a shortcut towards the round room. Then turn around and launch your Beetle at the Bokoblin on the other side. It will flee then get on the rope. Let it come at you, then when it's close, swing your sword to make it fall down :-) Go across on the rope, then go right. Climb the vines and let go to the right. Cut the rope, grab it, turn a little bit to the right and jump. Climb the vines, go left, then use the Beetle to unfold the vine, along with the one a little bit further. Rush to grab the vine, slide down a little along it, turn towards the next one, then gather some momentum and let go to grab the second vine! Turn towards the chest, swing and jump towards it. Open it to get the Golden Carving! Climb the vines, then go ahead, jump towards the heart and jump lower. Go back across using the rope, then go left to find 20 rupees inside a chest. Backtrack and save by using the statue. Now take a look at the big door, then place correctly the Carving inside the hole by using your Wiimote and by holding A down, then put it in. The door will now open... A strange person is awaiting you. He is the caster of the black tornado, named Ghirahim, the Demon Lord, but he prefers to be called Lord Ghirahim! He's quite interested in Zelda who has such a strong aura, but he's really angry because a servant got in his way. He now intends to make you suffer...

Boss: Ghirahim, the Demon Lord

Ghirahim Skyward SwordLet him come at you with his stretched arm, then quickly hit him with your sword to surprise him. For example you can keep your sword lowered to the left, then quickly hit him on the right side. If he grabs your sword, draw back and raise your sword. If he succeeded to keep it, you will have to wait until he throws it away to get it back. After hitting him three to four times, the second phase will begin. He is now wielding a huge sword and is throwing five small projectiles. Counter those attacks with your shield or by deflecting them with your sword, then he will vanish. Be ready to attack, because he will most certainly reappear behind you. During the fight, always run towards him, which will prevent him to cast his attacks, and when he vanishes, be ready to turn around and hit him a few times. If you need some hearts, quickly pick some in the pots or use a Revitalizing Potion.

After he gave up, grab the Heart Container, then open the next door and climb the stairs.

Skyview Spring

Skyview Spring Skyward SwordGo ahead, look at the symbol and perform your Skyward Strike. Fi will appear and translate the old writings:

From the edge of time I guide you, the one chosen to carry out the Goddess's mission.
The spirit maiden who descended from the clouds must travel to two sacred places to purify her body.
You stand in one of these places: Skyview Spring. The other is known as the Earth Spring.
This second spring is hidden away deep within the scorched earth of Eldin.
The spirit maiden, ever mindful of the heavy task entrusted to her, has set out for this second place.

You will then receive the Ruby Tablet!

After Fi's information, you end up outside of the temple. Tell the Kikwi that you still haven't found Zelda. Get a look at the Bird Statue and choose to get back to the sky. In the sky, use the map and fly towards Skyloft. Be sure to be right over the island, then fall and use your Sailcloth to make a safe landing.

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