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Faron Woods and Deep Woods

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Faron Woods

Faron Woods Skyward SwordAfter the presentation and Fi's indications, dowse to find Zelda. Look at the Bird Statue, then jump to catch the rope, swing once or twice and jump onto the other side. Go ahead, cut some ferns from time to time to get some rupees, then cut the trees to go ahead. Attack the two enemies (Bokoblins) to (maybe) get a treasure, then talk to the small character who was being bullied and who flees. Fi says that this is a Kikwi. Rush to get over the slope, then after seeing the Kikwi again, jump to reach an area with some mushrooms. Activate the Bird Statue on the right, then fight the Deku Baba on your way and pick up a treasure if you're lucky. Take a look at the red mushroom on the left, the Kikwi is hiding behind it. Hit the mushroom with your sword to make the Kikwi flee, then go to the next red mushroom a little further and do the same. He then flees to hide behind a tree further to the west. Talk to him, his name is Machi, and he saw Zelda with the Kikwi Elder!

Faron Woods Skyward SwordPush the log close to you to make a shortcut, then use your Dowsing ability to go southeast, cross the little slope, then follow the path. Strike the Bokoblin, then raise your shield when facing the rock-spitting enemy (Octorok) to get rid of it. Thanks to the Dowsing, you understand that Zelda is on higher grounds... Go ahead on the same path, push the log to the right to create a shortcut and cut the trees blocking your way (take note of the sealed door). Then go left and follow the path going down. Attack the Deku Baba, then cut the rope behind it. Jump towards the rope, swing, jump to the other side, then go towards the huge "heap" ^^ and speak with it. This is Bucha, the Kikwi elder. Tell him that you met a Kikwi and he will tell you about your friend, then he asks you to find three of his Kikwis in exchange of some information.

Faron Woods Skyward SwordGet into the small passage in the tree, lift and throw the three kinds of jars to find a small fairy, then climb the vines and get across on the rope by holding the Wiimote upward and by shaking the rope slightly to make thistles fall! (If you happen to fall, you have to go all the way once again.) Go on ahead, jump down, then go ahead and get rid of all the Bokoblins coming at you. Listen to Lopsa, then rush and roll against the tree to make him fall down. Grab the vine, climb a little bit, use the Nunchuck to turn around and face west, swing and jump. Push the log to create a shortcut, then turn on the Dowsing function. Head northwest on the map, to the border of the area. Climb on the slope, grab the vines, go left, jump towards other vines, pick up the fruit to refill your stamina, then let go. Cut the grass and talk to the Kikwi named Erla. Then head westwards on the map, north of Machi, on a place on higher grounds. Get rid of the Deku Baba, then next to the Octorok, look for a hole in the grass. Jump down, follow the tunnel, then pick up the bush hiding the Kikwi named Oolo.

Faron Woods Skyward SwordAfter Fi advised you to get back to the Elder, go back south and follow the same path as earlier. Speak to him, he thanks you and points towards the north, then he gives you the Slingshot! As he fell flat on his belly, you have to climb on his back to pick up this item :-) After he explained you how it works, use the Slingshot to aim at the vine that will unfold. Grab it and jump to the other side, then go all the way to the north of the forest until you reach a building. Climb on the top of the Viewing Platform, take a look at the Bird Statue to save, then use again the Slingshot on another curled-up vine. Use it to reach the north and go ahead in the passage.

Deep Woods

Note: If you ever lost your shield in the forest, go back to the Viewing Platform, take a look at the Statue and choose to get back to Skyloft. Go to the Bazaar, buy another wooden shield for 50 rupees, then get back to the Viewing Platform with your Loftwing.

Deep Woods Skyward SwordGo a little bit further, then fight the incoming Bokoblins! Go right, shoot a nut at the hive on the tree, then hunt down the bees with your sword. Go across on the rope, then go to the end of the path and notice the Goron on higher grounds on your left. Get rid of the Octorok, then look behind you and locate the ledge on the wall. Grab it, then shimmy to the left.

Walk on the next rope and shake it to make the thistle fall, along with the Bokoblin! Upon reaching the other side, climb to the top of the hill and sit on the trunk if you need to refill your hearts. Take a look at the Bird Statue a little bit further, then grab the rope and jump right in front of you. Go ahead, get rid of the Quadro Baba, then go straight ahead and speak to the Goron, who discovered some items left behind by the Goddess that he called "Goddess Cubes". After translating for you the ancient writings, agree to help him, get close to the cube and perform a Skyward Strike at it: the cube will take off! The Goron will tell you that a huge amount of such cubes exists on the surface. Ask him for information about the temple so he advises you to look for a stone slab somewhere nearby. Push the log next to him to create a shortcut, then go left and jump down to reach another cube. Do the same thing so the cube takes off, then get close to the temple. After Fi's intervention, go right and find a stele in the middle of the grass. Read it to learn that you must "Look to the star that the bird rising heavenward gazes upon, and aim your shot there". Climb the stairs to the temple, look at the ceiling and use the Slingshot on the pink crystal to unlock the door. Get into the...

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