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Sealed Grounds and Sealed Temple

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Sealed Grounds

Sealed Grounds Skyward SwordAfter Fi's little speech, go right and get rid of the plants (Deku Baba) with your sword by hitting them either with a horizontal or a vertical strike, depending on how the Babas open their "mouth". Upon reaching the end of the path, jump lower. You will see again this huge dark monster. Take a look at the big door on the right, then get down to the bottom of the pit, by running or jumping. You will then see a message. Get close to the kind of pillar, raise your sword and release its energy on this pillar. The small holes on the ground will then release green air geysers. Fi seems to feel Zelda's aura, she is able to locate her and to show you the way to go. Use those air geysers to get back to the top of the pit, then go near the great door which isn't guarded anymore. Open it...

Sealed Temple

Sealed Temple Skyward SwordGo left and sit down on the bench if you need to refill your hearts, then save your progression with the Bird Statue, if you want to. Then go to the northeast corner of the main room and you will find some Revitalizing Potion in the chest. Climb the stairs to the left to meet an old woman, who welcomes you. She has been waiting for your arrival for a very long time and will be your guide. She adds that a strong evil force is bringing chaos on both yours and Zelda's destiny, and informs you that your friend went to Faron Woods and that you must find her. Then, the old woman will give you the power to create beacons. As you are asked to, aim the red cross and press "C".

Open the door that she unlocked, then take note of the blue light, representing the beacon you've created. Go ahead a little, and you will see a pack of monsters attacking a traveller. Jump and dash to fight them off! The traveller is a Goron named Gorko. He is studying history and is interested in your island. The Old Statue next to him allows people to go up to the sky and is also used as a landmark and a landing spot. Ask him to learn more about it, then you will activate the statue without doing anything! Take a look at it to create a landmark on your map, then, to create a shortcut, go southwest, climb the vines, get in the passage, push the log, then come back near the Goron. Go straight ahead and push the log against the wall. Jump on the log then higher to get to the beacon. Head towards the...

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