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Statue of the Goddess

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Skyloft Skyward SwordLeave your room to meet this strange girl floating in the air. Get closer and follow her outside the academy, then north of Skyloft. Jump lower, get across the "hole" and you will see Mia attacking you! Swing your sword at it a few times to make it flee, then go on and open the chest to find 20 rupees. Backtrack a little, take the path a bit higher, and at its end, hang from the edge of the wall. Go right and let go at the end. Go down the path, dash to cross the slope, then jump towards the islet. Then dash again to climb to the top of the "hill". Pick up the two hearts if you need them, then jump towards the vines and climb up. Keep on following the young girl to the left, then she will stand against the wall to form a symbol, which will create a passage under the Goddess Statue. Follow it...

Inside the Statue of the Goddess

Inside the Statue of the Goddess Skyward SwordThis young lady, called Fi, tells you that you've been chosen, and that she was created for you! She informs you that Zelda is still alive and that she is a spirit maiden doomed to a great destiny. Get close to the pedestal, look at the sword, then use your Wiimote as if you wanted to grab the sword: incline it downward and left, then hold A for a while, pull it and raise it skyward. You obtain the Goddess Sword! Then Zelda's father will arrive. He says that a young man was awaited in this Chamber of the Sword created by the Goddess, who left a message:

When the light of the goddess's sword shines bright,
the great apocalypse will wake from its long slumber.
Do not fear, for it is then that a youth,
guided by my hand, shall reveal himself in a place most sacred.

Gaepora realizes that the prophecy is coming true right at this moment.

In the Goddess Statue Skyward SwordThe youth will be guided by one born of the blade -
one who is also youthful in likeness yet wise with knowledge immeasurable

And Fi will finish the message:

The youth who draws forth the guiding sword shall be known as the goddess's chosen hero, and it is he who possesses an unbreakable spirit.
He shall be burdened with the task of abolishing the shadow of apocalypse from the land. Such is his destiny.
With the spirit of the blade at his side, he shall soar over the clouds and plummet below...
... And united with the spirit maiden, shall bring forth a piercing light that resurrects the land.

She then says that in order to find Zelda, you will have to go beyond the clouds, to a world called "surface". To open a way through the clouds to the surface, Fi gives you the Emerald Tablet! The Skyward Strike is the name of the energy that gathers into the blade of the sword when you're raising it skyward.

In the Goddess Statue Skyward SwordGet close to the crest at the back of the room, raise your sword for a few seconds to charge it up, then strike it down to deliver your Skyward Strike at the crest! Then examine the altar to place the tablet in it. A path is now open within the Goddess' protective barrier and you can now call upon Fi using the Goddess Sword. After telling you that he trusts you, Gaepora suggests that you go change your clothes, and gather some items in the city.


Now that you're wearing your famous green outfit, talk to him again so he advises you to go visit Eagus, the Knight Commander. Leave the room and speak with Fledge who gives you a four-slots Adventure Pouch! After listening to his good advices, go left and get out.

Talk to Instructor Owlan who gives you a Wooden Shield! Equip it right away, then go left and enter the Sparring Hall. Talk to the Commander to learn how to use the shield, especially the Shield Bash attack. Then go back to Instructor Owlan and walk down the stairs. Fi appears and shows you where the way through the clouds is. (You can see a green light in front of you.)

Climb the stairs on your left, then the following ones and enter the Bazaar.


Bazaar Skyward SwordOn the right, speak and accept a drink from the second man who will tell you about the Rescue Knights or another topic, then go ahead and talk to the man on the right. This is the Scrap Shop where you can improve some items. If you choose "Upgrade" and your shield, you will see that you need some particular treasures to do such improvements. Go down the three steps right by you so Fi tells you about a chest left behind by the Goddess. Also take note of the kind of small automaton behind the shopkeeper's desk... Further on the right stands the "Item Check" where you can safely store your items. In front of this service, the Potion Shop lady, along with her husband, is happily bustling around. Talk to her so she gives you an Empty Bottle, essential to buy some potions. Look at the five potions the shop is selling and buy some Revitalizing Potion (dark pink). On the other side of the alley stands the Gear Shop, but there is nothing interesting right now for you up there.

Leave the Bazaar and head south, towards the plaza. Speak to the young boy who shows you "Beedle's Air Shop" flying a little further, but you can't reach it for the moment. Go ahead towards the main tower to the south of Skyloft and speak to Fi who explains you how to use the column of light. Then talk to the man on top of the tower, climb the ladder and the following one. Read the writings on the stele then dash towards the edge, jump and call for your Loftwing. Aim for the green beam of light, Fi calls you and shows you the sky map. Press "dive" when the option appears and use the sailcloth to make a safe landing.

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