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Looking for the Crimson Loftwing and Wing Ceremony

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Skyloft Skyward SwordGo back to the south, go down the steps and speak with Instructor Horwell. Then talk to the girl to the right who advises you to speak with Pipit. Open the door, go forward in the corridor and go down the stairs to get on the ground level. Talk to Pipit who is puzzled. Following his advice, leave the Knight Academy from the ground level.

Go ahead, walk down the stairs and get close to the little boy a bit further. He will ask you to roll against a tree. Do so, pick up the fallen rupee and talk to him to learn more about bugs and Beedle's Air Shop. Keep going ahead and notice the Heart Flowers! Go on straight ahead, talk to the young man on the bench if you want to, then go on towards the three weird-looking persons... You understand that they've hurt your Loftwing. Tell Groose to give your bird back to you! Zelda will then intervene and decides to help you find it.

Skyloft Skyward SwordGo east, then talk to the young lady who advises you to go to the Goddess Statue. Look at your map to see that you should head north. Head this way and climb the steps when Pipit is calling you. Go towards the school, then jump lower to the right to get to him. Speak with Pipit who knows thanks to Fledge that your Loftwing is near the waterfall. While you are going east, he advises you to go to the Sparring Hall so that the Knight Commander lends you a sword...

Open the door next to you, go ahead and talk to the Knight Commander. Open the door to the right, open the chest containing the Practice Sword and go back to the Commander. Listen to his indications, then learn how to use the sword by slicing the logs the right way (look at each log before hitting it). Once you've cut all five logs, you will learn the "Spinning Attack" and the "Ending Blow". Then, after listening to the Commander's final advices, leave the room. Go back east, but you will be stopped again by a Sheikah Stone. It will help you if you (ever) get stuck later. Keep on going east.

Go ahead, walk down the stairs and head east until you see a small bridge on your right. Speak with the people if you want to, then keep going north until you see stone blocks in the water. Jump on these blocks and go on your way up to a cave blocked by some poles, where you can see your bird! Use your sword to slash the poles and enter the...

Waterfall Cave

Waterfall Cave Skyward SwordGo forward carefully while getting rid of Keeses and Slimes, and pick up the dropped rupees. As you reach a steep slope, gather some momentum and rush to climb it. Keep going on, climb the vines on your left to reach a chest containing 20 rupees, then keep going left. When you see a light, climb on the ledge to the right, cut the grass and get in the small tunnel to find two more red rupees. Then get in the lighted passage to get outside.

Pick up the heart flowers if you need to, then go right, and Zelda will call you. Keep going right with your friend following you. The Loftwing is here! Get close, push the barrels aside and cut the ropes with horizontal and diagonal strikes to set it free. Zelda will hear some voices and start to ponder about what is under the clouds, but now isn't the time! Jump in the void and press "down" to call your Loftwing. Zelda will give you the instructions.

Skyloft Skyward Sword
Once back on firm ground, Groose will perform his usual jealousy show. Promise Zelda you'll stay confident, then the Wing Ceremony can finally start! Instructor Owlan proceeds to explain the race, and the race starts! Run, jump in the void and call your Loftwing. Then, mid-air, speed up, dash and always fly towards the yellow arrow or the yellow Loftwing's head which is carrying the bird statuette you have to catch. When the word "catch" pops up, press A to try to catch the statuette. After a first failed attempt, do the same things again to get as close as possible to the yellow Loftwing, but this time your opponents will throw projectiles at you and bump into your Loftwing. Stay focused, keep on trying and you will eventually succeed to catch the famous item.

Zelda is delighted and congratulates you! She places the Loftwing Statue on the altar, plays her harp and says:

Skyloft Skyward SwordValiant youth who grasped victory at the celebration of the bird folk, in accordance with the old ways, I now bestow the blessings of the goddess upon you.
The blessings of the goddess drift down from the heavens aloft a sail, which I now pass on to you.

As a reward, Zelda gives you her Sailcloth! which is an artefact gifted by the Goddess to the chosen one, according to the legend. To end the ceremony, you have to jump and reach the center of the pavement. Lean your Wiimote downward to go forward, or upward to go backward. Once you landed perfectly, Zelda will offer you to ride together in the sky. Even though everything was going on perfectly, an astonishing noise is heard and a dark tornado appears! Link is thrown down his Loftwing, while Zelda is taken away by this tornado...

You hear once again a voice, a mysterious blue girl asks you to wake up to carry on a mission. You suddenly wake up in your bed. Zelda's father is by your side. He is worried about his daughter, but remains convinced she's still alive. Once again you hear this strange voice...

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