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First steps in Skyloft

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Skyloft Skyward SwordA dark forest, a huge frightening monster...
Two majestic birds, one blue, the other crimson, are flying around an island in the clouds called Skyloft. A young girl with golden hair is singing and playing the harp, then gives a letter to the blue bird which resumes its flight.
Link, our hero, is in the dark... he is asleep and dreams about this monster. Suddenly he hears a voice commanding him to wake up, while the monster's roars are still going on...
Then someone is knocking at his window! It's the blue bird delivering the letter. Link reads that today is the "Wing Ceremony" and that he must meet with the sender: Zelda.

Knight Academy

Knight Academy Skyward SwordOpen the wardrobe behind you to pick up your first five rupees, then open the door. (You can see that Link loves papercrafts ^^) Go to your left and speak with the young man who is trying to carry some barrels. Lift one of those barrels, agree to help him, then head to the next room, go right, climb the two steps and place it next to the cooking lady behind the fireplace. (Take note of the stamina gauge that indicates how much time you have left to perform your actual action.) Go back to take the second barrel and do it again. (You can lift and toss pots to reach it.) Go back to the young man and talk to him, he gives you 20 rupees! You can open the door to the right to go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet seat to have a good laugh, but let's get back to serious business!

Head to the opposite direction and speak with Pipit, the young boy in front of the information panel. This bird lover will compliment you on your "Crimson Loftwing". Get in the next room, which is the classroom. Talk to Instructor Owlan, the "Riding" teacher. Sit on a bench so Instructor Owlan gives you a history lecture: Skyloft is an island which has been floating in the sky for thousands of years; under the city lays the sea of clouds from which nobody ever came back... Leave the classroom, go right and open the great doors facing the dining hall to get out.

Skyloft Skyward SwordSkyloft

Take a few steps ahead to find a Bird Statue. It is one of the save points that you will find here and there during the course of the game. Go left, somebody is calling you! Follow his instructions to jump on the two crates, then jump towards him and speak with him. Instructor Horwell will tell you about Mia, Headmaster Gaepora's pet. Agree to look for the pet. Jump towards the wall to grab the wooden ledge, then shimmy to the left and let go when you can get on the balcony. Go ahead, jump, then climb using the vines. Get close to the crate, then push it against the wall. Run towards it to jump on it and catch the edge of the roof. Climb and pick up the cat. Come down the roof with it, jump lower using the two "windows" and bring it back to the Instructor.

Skyloft Skyward SwordThen head north and talk to the man who will give you information about saving statues. Pick up the Stamina Fruit next to him (it refills your stamina gauge instantly), climb the steps and go on to the plaza. There you will meet your friend Zelda who is getting ready for the "Wing Ceremony". She tells you that the Goddess from the Legend used to have the same harp as her. Tell her she is gorgeous because you are a nice person ^^ then her father will arrive. He tells you that Skyloft's inhabitants all have a bird that is like their alter ego, called a "Loftwing", and that they all met their bird in front of the Goddess statue; but in Link's case, things were different. It's a crimson Loftwing, a very rare breed, that came forward to meet him. Then Zelda gets worried by Link's lack of training and performances, and suggests a training session. After failing once, Zelda's father will suggest that you go speak with Instructor Orwell about your Loftwing's inexplicable absence...

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