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Pieces of Heart

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Like in many Zelda games, you may find Pieces of Heart which give you an extra heart when 4 of them are combined!

Here are the locations of the 24 Pieces of Heart.
The number at the beginning of each line tells the chronological order in which it's possible to get them.

Pumpkin Landing

  • One more piece without anyone noticing1. In the Lumpy Pumpkin, go upstairs and look at the chandelier which supports rupees and a Piece of Heart. Execute two rolls into the pillar to bring down all this stuff!
  • 11. [Goddess' Harp required] After getting the Piece of Heart above, talk to the barman and accept to deliver a bottle of pumpkin soup. If you don't have any empty bottle, take one in the Item Check or get a new one. After getting the pumpkin soup fly quickly towards Skyloft and then go to the Sparring Hall, tell the captain you're here from the barman. Go back to the Pumpkin Landing and talk again to the barman.
    After finishing the Earth Temple, he needs your help to harvest pumpkins. Go outside, talk to Kina, the young lady in the pumpkin field, and accept to carry 5 pumpkins stacked to the shelter. Move slowly but not too much and move to the left or to the right quickly when pumpkins are inclining. Head for the way to the left and cross the floor of the shelter to finish the second task! Talk again to the barman.
    If you have the Harp, he'll notice the instrument and get an idea. Sleep to the night in a bed close to you and speak to the barman who tells you that Kina is an excellent singer who used to sing in order to entertain clients but unfortunately she stopped because the musician resigned. Accept to play and he explains that you must play in rhythm with the clients who like to swing in rhythm. Try then to play in rhythm with the clients until the end of the song. Even though your performance is not excellent, the barman thanks you for having executed his tasks and gives you a Piece of Heart!

Faron Woods

  • Batreaux offers you a Piece of Heart2. Near the big tree in the south of the dark green zone on the map, climb up branches then walk on a rope to get the Piece of Heart standing on a flat trunk.
  • 7. [Bombs required] Go back to the beginning of the forest where are lots of mushrooms. Put a bomb next to the rocks to the right of the way and take the Piece of Heart.
  • 23. After finishing the Fire Sanctuary, go back behind the Sealed Temple and talk to the travelling Goron. Having continued his researches, he gives you an information about a form which may be drawn on a Goddess wall. Come close to the wall and draw the form he told you. If your drawing is pretty good he'll be amazed by your talent and will offer you a Piece of Heart!

Small island to the south of the way towards Faron

  • 3. [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 2 near Skyview Temple required] Open the lone chest.

Skyview Temple

  • 4. In the round room (2nd part of the temple), move to the top of the stairs to face the Piece of Heart then launch the Beetle towards the top of the central structure and make it hit the pink crystal which is in a gap. That will remove the bars.


  • buy a Piece of Heart in Beedle's Shop 5. When you have at least 15 Gratitude Crystals, talk to Batreaux who gives you a Piece of Heart.
  • 10. After getting the Big Wallet, collect 1600 rupees and buy a Piece of Heart in Beedle's Shop!
  • 13. [Water Dragon's Scale and activation of Goddess Cube nb 8 in the east of Eldin Volcano required] Take the way under the mill by swimming underwater then open the bright chest.
  • 14. [Clawshots required] After picking up the Gratitude Crystal in Zelda's room, just open her wardrobe (Perseverance always pays!)
  • 17. [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 23 in Pirate Stronghold required] Near the entrance of the Waterfall Cave, claw the vines that are on the small island above you. Do the same with the next island from where the waterfall starts.
  • 19. When Fledge is stronger, take part in his game and win a Piece of Heart!

Eldin Volcano

  • 6. From the place before the bone bridge (where two enemies stand), climb on the rock to the north and the following rocks eastward then go south. You can avoid the enemy with a shell and pick up the Piece of Heart behind him (lower).

Lanayru Desert

  • 8. From the area of the big warehouse in the eastern part of the desert, go north, climb on a platform to the north, turn right on it, jump down and move forward to the cracked wall. Destroy it with a bomb and open the chest farther.

Beedle's Island (to the far east of Bamboo Island)

  • 9. [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 12 in Desert Gorge required] Land on the top of the island and open the chest.

Fun Fun Island

Small island to the southeast of the way towards Lanayru

  • 15. [Clawshots and activation of Goddess Cube nb 15 in Faron Woods required] Dive inside the island from your Loftwing and use your Clawshots to tow yourself near the chest. But you can also directly dive and land next to the chest and thus get the Piece of Heart without your Clawshots.


  • 16. After visiting the Shipyard, go back to the first station, talk to the Goron and take part in his game in order to win a Piece of Heart!


  • 18. In the second basement on the back deck after getting the Bow. Use the different mechanisms to go up and down on masts and decks and use your Clawshots to reach the back deck where the chest is waiting for you (check out the walkthrough)

Fire Sanctuary

  • you got a Piece of Heart20. You can't miss it: the Piece of Heart is given by a Mogma after blocking him in a tunnel (check out the walkthrough)

Volcano Summit

  • 21. [Mogma Mitts required] In the cave before arriving in front of the temple, dig the different spots to find out a hole. Dig underground and reach the light to get the Piece of Heart surrounded by three fairies!

Bug Paradise (Thunderhead)

  • 22. [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 24 on Volcano Summit required] Land on the top of the island and move to the south. Hang from the ledge and land near the chest.

Lanayru Gorge

When you have collected all the Pieces of Heart, you may notice there are two hearts missing. These are added by the Life Medals you may find in the game.