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Gratitude Crystals

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Batreaux the nice demon who wants to be humanThis secondary quest starts by meeting Kukiel's mother who looks for her daughter when you exit the Goddess Statue for the second time. Tell her you'll find Kukiel then go downstairs twice and turn left. Speak to the kid who thinks of the graveyard. Take the bridge which leads to the residential district in the east and talk to the girl with plaits. She tells you that an old man says that a monster lives here. The man is on the Pumpkin Landing, an island to the east of Skyloft. Go there with your Loftwing: fly towards southeast and jump when you're above of a medium island.

Go in Lumpy Pumpkin and talk to the old man. Ask him for more details about the graveyard and he tells you that during the night in the graveyard he saw a monster hitting a tombstone near the tree and pushing it. Fly back to Skyloft.

To go further you have to activate the night by sleeping in any bed. Leave your bed and go to the graveyard in the east of Skyloft. Do the same movements the old man told you: hit the tombstone near the tree and push it. The door is now open! Go down with the ladder, turn left and move forward. You will suddenly hear a scream. Enter the house and fight the monster, who's not a monster by the way. This kind demon is called Batreaux. He speaks about Gratitude Crystals which appear when someone is satisfied. Help him by collecting these crystals in order to get his human form. You're now able to see the crystals. You'll have to help several people if you want to get the Gratitude Crystals. You may also find some of them where people were very grateful. Speak to little Kukiel, leave the house and sleep until the morning. Go then to Kukiel's house (under the mill). Talk to her mother and you receive 5 Gratitude Crystals! Visit again Batreaux and give him the crystals. He thanks you by giving you the Medium Wallet!

Here are the locations of the 80 Gratitude Crystals.

Isolated Crystals

The Gratitude Crystals are only visible at night!


  • A Gratitude Crystal to pick up at nightIn the Knight Academy, go to your room and look at your desk
  • In the Knight Academy, next to the entrance on the first floor
  • [Clawshots required] Climb on the roof of the Knight Academy, use your Clawshots on the little tower near the bell and you are above the bathroom. Follow the path and fall in Zelda's room to get the Crystal
  • In the Sparring Hall, take a look at the ceiling and use the Beetle
  • In Parrow's and Orielle's house (under the Bazaar)
  • In the western part of Skyloft near Parrow's and Orielle's house, jump on a small platform
  • On the square, on the first "floor" of the Light Tower
  • To the north of the Bazaar, on the small wood path under the wood bridge
  • In the east of Skyloft, check out behind a tree near the pumpkin field
  • [Clawshots required] Near the entrance of Waterfall Cave, claw the vines that are on the small island above you. Do the same for the next island. Take the Crystal that is above the water with the Beetle
  • Go through the Waterfall cave and look at your left when you exit
  • Go through the Waterfall cave and move where your Loftwing was captive

At the Lumpy Pumpkin on the 2nd floorPumpkin Landing

  • At night, go in Lumpy Pumpkin and look at a piece of furniture on the first floor
  • At night, exit the Lumpy Pumpkin and move to the pumpkin shelter to the right of the field

Beedle's Island

  • At night, look at the helix above his hot air balloon and launch the Beetle to get the Crystal

Gratitude Crystals after helping people

Loftwing accident

Loftwing accidentOnce you've saved Kukiel, talk to a man who is worried about his sister on the square. She went away to Fun Fun Island in the southwest. Help him by flying to Fun Fun Island. Before reaching the island you may see a Loftwing lying on a small island. Land on it and talk to the girl. She tells you that her Loftwing is injured and can't move anymore. Furthermore it needs a special potion for Loftwings which is given by her brother. Give her a hand by flying back to Skyloft. On the square explain the problem to Parrow, who gives you some Mushroom Spores in an empty bottle. If your bag is full, leave an item in the Item Check. You're now able to heal the Loftwing. You receive 5 Gratitude Crystals after healing the Loftwing. Finally talk again to Parrow to receive 5 more Crystals!

You may notice that if you speak to Orielle with the Mushroom Spores, she'll notice and take them. Thus you don't have to speak twice to Parrow. Nevertheless you should talk to him at the end in order to receive the 5 Gratitude Crystals, as well as the empty bottle.

What will happen to this letter?Link, house cleaner

[Gust Bellows required] In Pipit's house (residential area), talk to his mother who really needs help to clean up. Help her by "vacuuming" all the dust on the ground, the beds, the shelves and the windowsills. Speak to her and receive 20 rupees and 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Paper story...

After going back to Sealed Grounds a second time, during the night, go to the Knight Academy and then to the restroom. You hear a strange voice... Examine the door: it needs some toilet paper. Sleep until the morning and talk to Cawlin near the entrance. He asks you to deliver a letter to Karane, then gives you Cawlin's letter.
What will become of this letter?Romantic version: Go to the classroom on the ground floor and give the letter to Karane. Then talk to Cawlin first and then to Pipit on the first floor to let him know about the letter. Go back to the classroom: Karane is talking to Cawlin when suddenly Pipit arrives and declares his love! You finally get 5 Gratitude Crystals.
If you want, you can go later to the classroom to hear Pipit's and Karane's plans by sitting on a bench.
Gross version: Sleep until the night, go to the toilet and open the door: a hand comes out from the pan! Give it the letter and sleep until the morning. Talk to Cawlin, he leaves quickly, angry and miserable. Sleep again until the night, enter Groose's room and approach his bed. Cawlin is sleeping and the hand, fallen in love with him, is stroking him! You receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Roulette chase

Scrapper brings the roulette back to its ownerAfter repairing Scrapper, head for an island in the southwest of Skyloft, Fun Fun Island, and talk to the clown: he tells you that his party wheel fell below the clouds. Say that you want to help him and Fi adds the wheel to your dowsing ability. Fly to the Desert Entrance in Lanayru Desert, hit the Timeshift Stone and climb the vines. Grab the ledge, move to the left and here is the party wheel a bit further. Examine it and ask Fi to call Scrapper in order to transport the wheel. Fly again to Fun Fun Island and give the wheel thing back. Fun Fun Island is now open and you get 5 Gratitude Crystals!

Link, seducer despite him

Head for the Bamboo Island or visit Peatrice during the night and talk to her father. He forbids anybody to have intimate relations with her or even eye up her. Go to the Bazaar and precisely to the Item Check. Peatrice is happy to see you and calls you now darling.
All the girls fall in love for LinkHead for the Bamboo Island or visit Peatrice during the night and talk to her father again. This time he's pretty worried: his daughter often flushes and he thinks that a boy visits her when he's away. He needs your help to find that boy and even to chase him away. Go to the Item Check and talk to Peatrice who invites you at her house: she has something to tell you.
"Prince charming" version: Talk to her during the night. Answer you like her, you really like her, you DO like her and it's true: she's euphoric and tells you that she loves you. You get 5 Gratitude Crystals.
"Huge boorish" version: Talk to her during the night. Answer she stores items, she's a shopkeeper, you're not shy and you don't have feelings for her: she has her heart broken. Come back the next night or go to the Bamboo Island and talk to her father. He's pleased because the boy disappeared. You get 5 Gratitude Crystals.

The baby's crying...

the baby lost his rattle[Clawshots required] Speak to Bertie in the Bazaar, the father who upgrades your potions. He complains that he's tired and can't sleep during the night. Check by yourself: enter his house during the night (the house in your left after the bridge in the east of Skyloft) and talk to him. He can't sleep because the baby doesn't stop crying: his rattle was probably stolen by a bird. During the day (much easier), head for the top of the waterfall by climbing the vines with your Clawshots. A Gossip Stone defies you to land on the nest which is on the mill. Jump from the stone, land on the nest and use the Gust Bellows to take the rattle! Talk to Bertie during the night and give him the rattle: the baby doesn't cry anymore. You receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Here is a very helpful tip from Shiva if you're not able to reach the nest by jumping from the waterfall: Stand next to the mill and wait for Beedle. When he's close enough, stop him, climb the rope and wait to be closer. Use Gust Bellows and launch the Beetle to take the rattle!

Fledge wants to be stronger

Fledge wants to be as strong as LinkAfter finishing Lanayru Mining Facility, go to the Knight Academy during the night and enter Fledge's room, next to your room. He's trying to do push ups because he wants to be stronger. Talk to him, he's counting 5-6-7... but he needs something to improve his stamina. Buy a Stamina Potion at the Potion Shop for 50 rupees. During the next night talk to him and give him the Stamina Potion.
After encouraging him and finishing Ancient Cistern (if it's already done, you just have to sleep until the morning), buy another Stamina Potion and give it to Fledge, who's counting 55-56-57. But he still wants to progress....
After finishing Sandship, go back to his room and talk to him: he reached 3985 push ups! You receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

The ideal job!

Job proposition on Pumpkin LandingAfter having the three tasks from the Pumpkin Landing done and finishing Fire Sanctuary, talk to Kina during the day. She says that new pumpkins have to be planted but first she needs a specialist to plough. Tell her you know someone who can do this and Fi adds this person to your Dowsing ability. Fly towards the red beam and land at the foot of the volcan (east). Enter the Mogma's cavern with the steam. Jump and while you're falling head to the right where an old Mogma, Guld, is waiting. Propose him the ideal job: Fi calls Scrapper who will carry the Mogma. Jump and take the big steam on your right in order to reach the closest Loftwing Statue. Fly towards the Pumpkin Landing and join Kina. Scrapper puts down the Mogma who's not very enthusiastic first. Nonetheless, Kina is convinced that Guld is perfect for this job. You receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Sparrot is out of order

Sparrot's crystal ball is out of orderAfter visiting the Temple of Hylia, go to the Bazaar and talk to the customer at the bar who says that the fortune teller is probably complaining at his home. Visit Sparrot (east of the residential area): he tells you that his crystal ball is broken thus he's not able to predict the future any more. Furthermore the ball comes from under the clouds - a building atop a mountain - and of course Sparrot asks you to find another one. Help him by flying to Eldin, in front of the Earth Temple and look above the entrance. Fire your Clawshots at the target on the left and examine the ball. Fi calls Scrapper who takes the object. Go to Sparrot's house where Scrapper delivers the crystal ball. Sparrot is now able to predict the future: you get 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Beedle's Beetle

Terry lost his rare insectApparently not required: Sleep in Beedle's shop: you're on a small island in the northeast part of the map. Talk to Beedle twice and he tells you about his precious Beetle. Sleep until the morning and talk to Beedle again.
After meeting Levias and returning to Skyloft (or somewhere else), fly to the Thunderhead and then to the Bug Rock southwest of the Isle of Songs. Move to the west side and talk to Strich without playing his game.
Go to Skyloft and sleep in Beedle's shop. This time, he tells you that his cage disappeared with the rare Beetle! Sleep until the morning and fly to the Bug Rock again. Talk to Strich who seems to be very happy because he found a rare insect. After telling him that the insect belongs to Beedle, he hesitates and proposes a challenge (which costs 10 rupees by the way): you have to find 10 insects within 3 minutes. Accept his challenge, look everywhere even inside the jars. Strich gives you the Beetle back that is inside his cage. Fly to Skyloft and sleep in Beedle's shop. Give him the cage: you receive 5 Gratitude Crystals and the next item you'll buy will only cost half price.

Rare plants needed

Professor Owlan is collecting rare plantsAfter meeting Levias, enter Owlan's room in the Knight Academy and talk to him. He would like to find a rare plant in order to have his plant collection completed. Fly to Faron Woods and land to the Belvedere. Move to the clearing in the east where you found a Kikwi perched on a tree and use Dowsing to find a bush which is actually Oolo. Fi calls Scrapper who will carry the Kikwi. Fly back to Skyloft and talk to Owlan in his room. He's delighted you found a rare plant: you receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Batreaux's rewards

You get the Medium Wallet by giving him 5 Gratitude Crystals.
You get a Piece of Heart by giving him 15 Gratitude Crystals.
You get the Big Wallet by giving him 30 Gratitude Crystals. Plus, a chest appears but Batreaux says you shouldn't open it. Open it and you get the Cursed Medal which is probably sent to the Item Check because your bag is full. By carrying the medal, you get more treasures and rupees but you can't open your inventory!
You get a Gold Rupee (300) by giving him 40 Gratitude Crystals.
You get the Giant Wallet by giving him 50 Gratitude Crystals.
You get two Gold Rupees (2x300) by giving him 70 Gratitude Crystals.
You get the Tycoon Wallet by giving him 80 Gratitude Crystals.

At this moment, Batreaux has enough Crystals to become a human being! His transformation is successful... more or less.
You may notice that once Batreaux is human, the cats are not aggressive anymore and the inhabitants walk outside during the night. Plus, Batreaux visits the Bazaar during the day.

Human version of Batreaux

Thank you to Mylaur, Tristan, Samchi, Shiva, Link_49, Zero, Djo, Frooky and Amela122 for their participations!