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Fire Sanctuary

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Fire Sanctuary

Fire Sanctuary Skyward SwordNotice the Bird Statue to the right, along with the kind of hanged fruits. Launch the Beetle at one of these fruits to notice that they contain water. Send the Beetle at the fruit over the lava to create a temporary platform, jump quickly on it and go further. Dig the ground on the cross spot on the right and capture a fairy in an empty bottle, then climb the stairs. Launch the Beetle at the fruit to the left, then jump on the platform when it gets in front of you. Let it carry you, shoot arrows at the Bokoblins on higher grounds and jump towards the two Archer Bokoblins at the back of the room. Get rid of them, climb the stairs, strike the Blue Bokoblin and pick up the Small Key in the chest. Jump behind the chest, an old Mogma will appear. He is Guld, the Mogma Chief and creator of your mitts. Tell him that you are on a quest and he will tell you a legend which says "Ye who seek the entrance to the king's treasure, look for the two statues that face one another. Show your bravery and jump into the mouth of the sleeping statue. Do this, and the path will open before you.". Then unlock the door.

Fire Sanctuary Skyward SwordOutside, notice the Bird Statue to the left, then go down the stairs and get rid of the dark Keeses, along with the two Bokoblins. Open the door, climb the stairs to the left, open the chest to get 20 rupees and break the pots to refill your arrows. Backtrack and go down the stairs ahead. Get close to the huge lava pond: Something is moving inside... Jump and dash towards the flat rock, then when the fire hand lifts you, jump to the north. Climb the vines, fight off the Archer Bokoblin, don't forget the one on the other side, then climb the following vines and let go on the other side. Attack another Bokoblin, then jump down between the two heart flowers. Dig the ground in front of you, notice the small hole, then take a look at the Bird Statue to the left and open the next door. A fight with a dark Lizalfos is upcoming! Attack it like its brothers while avoiding its evil breath that can stun you for a few seconds! Then pick up some hearts and the Lizard's Tail, then open the next door.

Fire Sanctuary Skyward SwordGet rid of the Cursed Spume with a bomb, then climb the stairs to the right. Pick up the two red rupees and the blue one on the head of the lava-spitting dragon, then a little further, throw a bomb at the Cursed Spume and shoot an arrow at the Archer Bokoblin. After noticing the water fruit which creates a very temporary platform, launch the Beetle in the tunnel higher up, notice the bombs and the exit a little further. Stand next to the exit, send the Beetle towards this direction, make it grab the bomb and drop it on the nose of the dragon: More lave is now flowing! Stand with your back against the dragon, throw the Beetle at the water fruit, jump on the thicker platform and let it carry you to the west. Climb the stairs and open the door.

Fire Sanctuary Skyward SwordA Mogma is in trouble! Go right while avoiding the lava bits, then shoot the Clawshots at the target over the chest and open it to find a second Small Key! Use the Gust Bellows to vacuum the lava, then get back to the previous room and unlock the door.

Climb the stairs to the right, go through the water fruits, then notice the flames and the frog's head to the right. Turn left, squeeze past the water fruits and pick up 20 rupees in the small chest. Climb the stairs to the left and you will find a Monster Horn in the blue chest further. Then, thrust your sword into a water fruit, go on the circle in front of the frog's head, aim at it and throw the fruit at its tongue! Jump, get to the Bokoblin, get rid of it and of the Keeses, then take a look at the Bird Statue in front of you and open the next door.

Mini-boss: Magmanos

Fire Sanctuary Skyward SwordTwo fire hands are moving around in this circular room. Climb on one of the flat rocks, jump towards the water fruits and thrust your sword at it to take one. Then, jump on the wire ground and when one of the hands is getting out, throw the fruit at the hand and quickly hit it with your sword when it gets hard. Repeat these steps with the second hand so the lava gets away and the door unlocks.

Open the southwest one, break some pots to refill your hearts and go down the stairs. Grab and lower the lever to free the Mogma and tell him that you are a treasure hunter. As a reward he will give you the Mogma Mitts! Dig the ground with the yellow mark to get two hearts and an underground passage! Get ahead by crawling and by destroying the rocks, and pick up a total of 55 rupees if you want to. Make a bomb roll at the big rock to the north to destroy it, then get to the beam of light and get out in the previous room! Burrow the ground once more to get rupees and one/two Eldin Ore, then vacuum some lava blocks to discover another underground passage (and some more rupees/ores). Go left, then top, right, and push the red "switch" that will open the door above. Backtrack to get out, then go on east and open the door.

Fire Sanctuary Skyward SwordGo right, get rid of the Blue Bokoblin, then step on the switch at the end of the corridor to create a shortcut. Go on left, go back across a corridor outside, open the door, then (right after the Bird Statue), find a mark on the ground and get into the underground tunnel. Push the blue switch to move a fence and get out, then follow this newly accessible corridor. Walk on another switch to create another shortcut, thrust your sword into one of the water fruits, then follow this shortcut, jump into the arena and get rid of the hand like you did previously. The lava being flushed out, follow the passage to the west and open the chest at the end that is withholding an Empty Bottle! Now get back in the corridor with the switch and the Blue Bokoblin, then go right and shoot an arrow at the two Archer Bokoblins. Fire your Clawshots at the target to the right, then at the one to the left to cross the gap, and open the next door.

Another Mogma got caught! Answer nothing so he offers you a deal, then go to the southeast corner and get into the ground. Explore the corridors, push the blue switch to move the fence, then go to the other side to push another switch and get out. Go behind the wire fence, thrust your sword into the fruit, climb the stairs and pour the fruit's water in the frog's mouth to put out the flames. Go ahead, grab and lower the lever to free the Mogma, then tell him that you saved his brother and swear you won't say anything about it. Finally, open the chest to get the Map! After the Mogma brother told you that there's a fake wall in this room, take a look at your map and you will see that the eastern wall is linked to this hidden room. Drop a bomb against the wall, then get into the passage and get into a new underground tunnel. (If you have run out of bombs, leave the dungeon thanks to a Bird Statue, go back to the cave with a frog head, stock up on bombs, then come back here.) Get rid of the rocks, avoid the worm and get out north. (It's possible to defeat this enemy by hitting its tail three times, but there's no reward.) On the other side, open the chest to get a Small Key! Grab the vines, jump, go across the room and open the previous door. Cross the gap again using your Clawshots, open the door, go right and unlock the door.

Fire Sanctuary Skyward SwordClimb the stairs to the right, go down the next stairs, then shoot an arrow at the two Archer Bokoblins to the left. Launch the Beetle at a hanged fruit, then jump on the temporary platform and ahead. Climb the stairs and open the door. Get rid of the Blue Bokoblin and Keeses, then climb the stairs to the right, go down the following ones and go underground. Go left, top, push the blue switch and notice another Mogma. Go to the top, then right: You have to block him or simply touch him. Tell him that his brother gave you his own mitts. Then, while he's moving the fence, open the chest to get a Piece of Heart! Go ahead, notice the fruit to the left, send the Beetle at it, then jump on the platform, then to the other side. Step on the switch to the left to create a shortcut, then go underground next to the Bird Statue. Go right, top, left, top, right, break the rocks, then make a bomb roll at the big rock. The lava will flow into the underground! Quickly get out by mashing the "A" button! A passage towards the boss room is now freed. Go back left, open the door and go down the stairs.

Fire Sanctuary Skyward SwordLaunch the Beetle at the water fruit, jump on the platform, let it carry you, then jump to the other side. Climb the stairs, notice the Bird Statue to the left, then read the stele "The bridge of decision, choose the path you believe in, move forward bravely.". Go ahead to the end of the metal bridge and take a look at your surroundings. This is the right time to remember the legend told by the Mogma Chief. Notice the statue that is sleeping to the bottom left, gather some momentum, jump towards it and use the Nunchuck to land (with the Sailcloth) in its jaw. Climb the stairs, go left and play your Harp next to the butterflies to make a Goddess Wall appear! Climb the stairs and open the door. Two cursed Lizalfos! Gosh! Attack them using mainly your jumping attack, then jump towards the next door and open it.

Fire Sanctuary Skyward SwordClimb the stairs, then go ahead where butterflies and another Goddess Wall are. Climb the stairs, grab the vines the most to the right, go ahead a little, then let go and keep on climbing. Jump several times to cross the gaps, then open the door. Read the stele that tells you to begin with the statue with the lowest amount of wings, then take a look behind the stele to see the five statues with zero to four wings. Go underground and go upwards to hit the yellow button of the statue without wings. Go right, hit the switch of the one-winged statue, then go down, right, top, and make a bomb roll towards the rock. Now get back left, top, right, top and hit the button of the statue with two wings. Get back to the switch of the statue with three wings, then go back to the top and the left to hit the switch of the statue with four wings. The chest above you is now reachable, as bars above are lifted. Follow the caterpillar and hit its tail three times to defeat it and lift the fences. Surface and open the chest at the back which holds the Mysterious Crystals! Climb the stairs to the right and open the door. Step on the switch to lift the fence, then break the pots to get some hearts and a fairy! Take the stairs to the Bird Statue, save, go right and take a look at the door to put the Mysterious Crystals inside of it.

Good old Ghirahim is there again. He knows there exists another Gate of Time somewhere that he kept looking for and he tries to get you to talk. Then he takes off his gloves and a part of his clothes to reveal his true form. When his madness is no longer subtle, the fight is about to begin...

Boss: Lord Ghirahim, Demon Lord

Lord Ghirahim Fire Sanctuary Skyward SwordThe technique to defeat Ghirahim is quite the same as the first fight, even if he is way more resistant during the second phase.
Let him get close to you with his stretched arm, then quickly swing your sword to surprise him (on the side with his lowered hand). If he grabs your sword, draw back and raise the sword. After hitting him three-four times, a second phase will begin. He's now wielding a huge blade and is throwing about ten little projectiles at you. Use your shield to protect yourself from these attacks or swing your sword the same way the projectiles are aligned, then he will vanish.
Get back a bit, turn around and hit him because he will reappear behind you and stay still a few seconds because his blade got stuck into the ground. No hearts available this time, you'd better have a fairy or two in your bottles or have bought some potions.

Fire Sanctuary Skyward SwordAfter he gave up a second time (what is he hiding?), pick up the Heart Container, then open the door.

Aim at the Goddess symbol and perform the Skyward Strike. Din's red flame will spring out and hit your sword which will get stronger and can now slay demons! Another triangle appears on your right hand. Fi says that the sword got her true form back thanks to the three sacred flames, it became the Master Sword! and it can now awaken the power of the Gate of Time. Fi advises you to go back to the Sealed Temple. So take off to Faron Woods...

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