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Sealed Grounds, Hylia Temple and Thunderhead

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Sealed Grounds

Sealed Grounds Skyward SwordLand behind the Sealed Temple, climb the vines and talk to the Goron who discovered more ancient writings about a horizontal arrow that must be traced to pierce a target further. Notice the butterflies, play the Harp to reveal a mysterious wall and draw an arrow on it with your sword to get a Piece of Heart. Then get into the temple and speak with the Elder who notices your cleansed sword and now sees the sacred power that the ancient gods gave to this world. It is now time to open the Gate of Time and to transmit it the power of your sword! Climb the stairs and raise your sacred sword. A huge tremor occurs, which doesn't bode well... Indeed, the seal got shattered again, and the beast is awakened! Open the big doors...

Groose has invented a new weapon: the Groosenator, and he wants to help you. Jump to the bottom of the pit, the Imprisoned bursts out and has now two arms!

The Imprisoned

The Imprisoned Sealed Grounds Skyward SwordStart by hitting its toes like during the first fight, then when Groose calls for you, move his weapon and fire a bomb at the monster. If it gets hit, it will stay stunned for a few seconds, which will allow you to go through between its legs and hit its toes. Strike it as much as you can before it goes back to its senses. Each time Groose tells you to, don't hesitate to fire a bomb at the Imprisoned, which will slow down its ascension to the temple. When all its nails are destroyed, it will fall on its back and will often take all the place on the path. You now have to jump down and use the steam geyser to get behind its head and hit the "sealing spike" three times. Sometimes it will make you fall along with it. Look at your map to locate your position, the monster's and the steam geysers you can use. Once you were able to shove the "sealing spike" three times in its head, it's defeated and goes back into the seal. Quickly jump to the bottom of the pit, perform the Skyward Strike and with your sword, reproduce the movements like shown on screen to seal the seal. Go back to the top and get in the temple.

Sealed Grounds Skyward SwordThe Elder says that the Imprisoned is the root of all evil and to get rid of it, you have to cleanse the very essence of this evil. Perform the Skyward Strike at the Gate of Time. It will shatter into thousands of pieces flying around and create a kind of cog with the symbols of Farore, Nayru and Din, and the Triforce in the middle. The Elder tells you that the Gate overcomes the flow of the temple and that it will take you over the endless oceans to the past, where Zelda is. After Goose left, you touch the Gate of Time which will create a passage...

Temple of Hylia

Hylia Temple Skyward SwordGo to Impa and talk to her. The lady tells you that in this far time, way before your birth, the Goddess has just sealed the Demon King Demise. This is where Skyloft got its origins, when the village got torn from these lands and got lifted to the sky. Following Impa's advices, go to the door to the back.

Zelda is there, clad in white! She says that you are at the time where the wounds in the earth caused by the fight between the Goddess and the Demon King haven't healed yet. The "Triforce" is the supreme power created by the ancient gods, allowing the one who possesses it to tear reality apart and see all his wishes granted. This is why Demise tried to get it by sending its demons. The Goddess torn apart a piece of the surface and sent it along with the humans and the Triforce to the sky. This is how Skyloft was born. The Goddess Hylia imprisoned the Demon King, but the seal couldn't last long against his tremendous strength. If the Demon King ever got free, the wounded Goddess wouldn't be able to do anything. So she set two plans: the first was to create Fi, the spirit within the Holy Sword to guide the chosen one, the second was to give up her divine body to be born again inside a human body. This way, to defeat the Demon King, Hylia used the treasure of the ancient gods, but as the Triforce cannot be used by the gods, she gave up her divine power and her immortal body. You are the Goddess' chosen hero, while your dear friend is Hylia's reincarnation.

Hylia Temple Skyward SwordWhen Zelda fell on the surface, the Elder saved her and told her who she really was, then she went to all the temples to pray the Goddess Statues. Her memories came back, and guided by Impa the Goddess Agent, she went back to the past. The seal prevented the Demon King Demise to get his human form back and Zelda must now maintain the seal that the Goddess (she) created in the past. You have to defeat Demise once again, this huge monster that you already fought twice. You have now acquired Wisdom, Power and Courage, you are thus ready to receive the Triforce! As you stretch your hand to Zelda while kneeling, she proclaims:

Valiant hero, you have endured many hardships and journeyed far in your quest to reach this place.
Along your travels you have found wisdom, power and courage, and for this I shall bless your sword with the goddess's power.
May it give you and your sword the strength to drive back the abomination that threatens this land!

Hylia Temple Skyward SwordThree triangles will glow on your hand, the proof that you are indeed the hero infused with sacred powers, the symbol of the Triforce! You get back up and raise the Master Sword that now reached the pinnacle of its power thanks to the Goddess's Blessing, and you are now the only one that can wield it. Zelda will add that if you succeed to find the real Triforce, it will grant you the power to defeat Demise once and for all. Your friend will stay in this temple and drift into a thousand-years slumber to maintain the everlasting seal... She's sad to have to leave you and regrets to have put all these trials onto you, but if the Demon King is destroyed at last, the seal will be able to vanish and she will wake up and leave this body she sealed herself into. You try to force her out of this by banging against the orange crystal she's in, but in vain...

Go back to Impa and talk to her. The Goddess Agent tells you that you must find the Triforce and go back to your era. Get close to the Gate of Time and open it...

The Elder says that the Goddess hid the Triforce in Skyloft. Groose chooses to stay here because he still has things to accomplish, and shows a small hole where a sapling could be planted to grow into a strong tree. After asking you to say hello to his friends for him, leave the Sealed Temple and go to...


Skyloft Skyward SwordSince you are looking for information about the Triforce, go back to the Knight Academy and to the office of Headmaster Gaepora. Speak with him and ask him about the Triforce. Zelda's father says he doesn't know where it is, but he thinks that other people might know... As you're getting out, he thinks about a great sky spirit named Levias which has tremendous knowledge. When asking him where he is, Gaepora answers the Thunderhead and suggests you to ask Instructor Owlan who is studying this cloud. Get out and go into Instructor Owlan's room right next to you. The teacher will confirm the information and say that Levias turned into a monster that seems to be possessed! Outside, he will teach you the Spiral Charge, an advanced technique only taught to the greatest knights. But to use it, you have to pass the test of hitting all 10 targets in less than 120 seconds. After doing so, Master Owlan suggests you to go to the Lumpy Pumkin and talk to the manager who often gives soup to Levias. So fly to...

Pumpkin Landing

Talk to the manager behind the counter and offer him to bring the soup to Levias. Once the manager has finished to prepare the great pumpkin soup, Fi will call Scrapper to carry the great cauldron. The manager adds that Levias lives on a small island with a rainbow over it, inside the Thunderhead. So let's go back to...


Skyloft Skyward SwordFly slightly to the right towards the rainbow and land on the small island right under it. The small robot will drop the cauldron before going away. Levias will then appear, huge, flying in the sky!

Levias, the great sky spirit

Call for your Loftwing and jump behind the possessed sky spirit. During the first phase, you have to use your Spiral Charge to destroy the four eyes at the end of his tentacles. Then, one eye will appear on the monster's back, but when you are getting close, it will hide every time. Jump on Levias' back to meet the monster haunting Levias:

Bilocyte, Ocular Parasite

Hit the green energy balls with your sword to send them back at his left and right "ears", then aim at his eye. At this moment, his eye will fall: dash and strike it with your sword as much as you can, then repeat all these actions a second time. Next, keep on hitting his two ears, then his eye will move to avoid your strikes. Deflect five more balls at it to defeat him.

The wise Levias will go back to its senses and will thank you for the soup. He tells you that he used to serve the Goddess in the old time and acknowledges your sword and its power. The sky spirit tells you that when the evil servants tried to lay their hands on the Triforce, the Goddess hid it on Skyloft and created the Song of the Hero, the key leading to the Triforce's place. The Goddess divided this song into four melodies and gave one to each dragon watching over the three regions of the surface, along with one to Levias. You must now gather all these tunes to form the Song of the Hero and start by those known by the dragons.


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