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Song of the Hero - The Water Dragon in Faron and Fire Dragon in Eldin

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Even if the order to look for the dragons should normally not matter, a game-breaking BUG makes that it's better not to start with Lanayru's dragon. MORE DETAILS ON INDEX PAGE. We will then start by Faron Woods, the first region you visited. Take off towards the green beam, then as you fall, Fi informs you that something happened to this place and that the Faron Woods aren't accessible anymore. Then land to the...

Sealed Grounds

Sealed Grounds Skyward SwordGroose is waiting for you! The Imprisoned is about to break the seal once again! Jump to the bottom of the pit and the fight begins... This time the monster's got a really bothering tail preventing you to get close. Nevertheless, fight it the same way you did and as soon as Groose tells you to, fire a bomb at it. When you managed to completely shove the Sealing Spike into its head, it now starts to fly! Quickly fire a bomb at it to make it fall to the bottom of the pit. Dash to it and hit the Sealing Spike once more. Despite all your efforts, it will stand back up... And Groose cannot load his Groosenator anymore! Rush to Groose, talk to him and climb into his weapon. Aim at the Sealing Spike to get back on its head and shove it down with three quick downward strikes! When the Elder tells you to, perform the Skyward Strike and mimic the movement with your sword. The Imprisoned is sealed once again.

Go inside the temple. The Elder congratulates you, but also warns you that the monster sets itself free way more often. She tells you that the closest dragon is the forest one, but something happened and the path leading to the forest is now flooded. She had to close the door leading to the forest and created a seal to prevent the water from flowing. How to get there then? Groose offers you to use the Groosenator to get launched into the Woods. Get out from the main door, climb the small path to the right and talk to him. He will get you on his catapult and there you go! You are launched to the...

Faron Woods Skyward SwordFaron Woods

The woods are completely flooded! Swim to the Kikwi Elder and talk to him. He says that the water suddenly started to flow from the Great Tree's roots. Swim to the east, to the bottom of the water and get into the passage (that you already went in) up to a "room" then surface. Get out of the water and get into the light. The Water Dragon will appear and say that she flooded the woods to get rid of the monsters. Before learning the part of the song, Miss Dragon decides that you need another trial. A blue energy ball rises and shatters. The Water Dragon just split the melody into Tadtones scattered around the woods and she gives you a musical score to gather these Tadtones.

Faron Woods Skyward SwordTake a look at the Bird Statue, then climb around the tree up to a flat branch northeast. Jump from the edge of this branch into the water to turn a lily upside-down under which a yellow Tadtone was hiding. Catch it so it's added on your score, then look for the others. They have various colours: blue, purple, red, yellow, green, and most of them are moving in groups. Talk to the water creatures, the Parellas, to get advices. One of them next to the Viewing Platform says that the Tadtones are swimming along small fish, another one south of the tree advises you to perform spin maneuvers to catch them all, but not too often. Another Parella says you have to catch them all in one run, or else they will leave the score, and another one says to avoid the purple bubbles that are poisoned. Some of the Tadtones are into stumps, one is behind a boulder to the west that you have to blow up using the monster in front of it. When the Elder calls for you, go back to him and listen to his advice. Then Fi will add the Tadtones to your dowsing ability. Keep an eye on your oxygen tank, regularly hit the blue bubbles to refill it and swim rather to the bottom of the water to avoid the big fishes. When the score is filled, go back to the Water Dragon and talk to her to listen to a beautiful melody. You just learnt a part of the Song of the Hero! Then the dragon will decide to lower the water level.

Take a look at the forest map with all the Tadtones

Take off to the sky, then fly towards the red beam to the...

Eldin Volcano

Eldin Volcano Skyward SwordUpon your landing in Eldin, you are taken into custody and end up without your sword, along with all your weapons! Break some pots to refill your hearts, then when you get close to the barrel, a Mogma appears to help you. Answer "Well..." to inform him about your dragons' quest and he will tell you about a god that could be living somewhere in those mountains. Before leaving, he will give you the Mogma Mitts that he hopefully could retrieve. Go underground and get out towards the light. Take a look at your map to see that you are to the south of the area and notice five chests that are certainly holding your items. Get into the shack north to refill your hearts by sitting, then take the path east. Notice the Sheikah Stone, then jump left to be warned by Plats.

Eldin Volcano Skyward SwordClimb again, then when the Bokoblin is the farthest, go ahead to the middle of the path, jump left and go underground. Go left, to the bottom, right, and make a bomb roll, then another one, and get out. Go on eastwards, jump down, but not into the light! and go underground. Go north and get out. Climb towards the chest and pick up your Gust Bellows! Blow at the lava piece in front of you, then climb several times to the south. When the Bokoblin is the farthest, dash, get into the shack, sit if you need to and get out. When the Bokoblin left to the right, go towards the other Bokoblin, then carefully go towards the mark on the ground and go underground. Go to the top, break the rocks, beware the caterpillar, go right, to the top and get out. Jump to the chest that is holding the Clawshots! Use the Clawshots on the four Peahats, then at the vines, then look left. Jump on the lava piece, let it carry you southwest, then jump to the right when you can. Go ahead, climb higher and hide behind the wall. Grab the vines to the left, then pick up a Bomb Flower and make it roll at the tower to make it fall. Run to the chest and pick up your Whip!

Eldin Volcano Skyward SwordCross the bridge to the bars, throw the Whip at the Peahat to make it fly, then shoot the Clawshots at it to cross the bars. Save if you want to, then go right, pick up a Bomb Flower and throw it at the big rocks. Pick up another Bomb Flower and do the same with the rocks blocking the big steam geyser, then jump inside of it. Talk to Plats, but go on north until you reach the Bokoblins' camp. Shoot your Clawshots at the three Peahats to go down the lava river, then fall on the lava block when it gets under you, and jump further to the right. Pick up a Bomb Flower, jump on a lava piece as soon as it gets near you, throw a bomb at the tower, and as soon as the tower fell, jump towards the chest that is withholding your Slingshot! Get back to the camp using the Clawshots, then carefully go to the Bokoblin and shoot nuts at it. While it is stunned, get past it and get past the next Bokoblin. Use your Slingshot again to stun the Bokoblin on the top of the tower, then while the lights are out, go underground near it. Go left, to the top, make a bomb roll towards the rock and get out. Open the chest to pick up the Bomb Bag, then dig next to it to get propelled higher. Use your Slingshot to stun the Bokoblins on the tower and go back to the Mogma. Drop a bomb next to the rock to the left and get into the...

Volcano Summit

Volcano Summit Skyward SwordGo straight ahead and pick up the Master Sword at last! Fi dowsed the presence of a dragon down to the right. So go east, jump on a lava rock, then jump towards the stairs and go on. Cut the mechanism's rope with a vertical strike, the drawbridge will lower a little. You need the Beetle. Go back, jump to the right, go ahead, then right, jump and thrust your sword into the water fruit. Keep on going this way and throw the fruit into the lava to create a temporary platform. Jump on it, then towards the Bokoblins and attack them, along with the Keeses. Open the chest to get your Adventure Pouch back, along with the rest of your items! Climb south, go right and move up again. Blow up the big rocks, then go down the slope, and head left. Use a lava rock again to cross the lava to the stairs, and get close to the bridge. Launch the Beetle to the right and the left of the bridge to cut the mechanism's ropes. The drawbridge will be fully lowered. Go ahead and meet the Fire Dragon! The dragon tells you that the symbol on your hand is really important, then he will sing its melody of the Song of the Hero. You just learned another part of the Song of the Hero! The dragon adds that the eruption of the volcano caused by the explosion of its power will soon stop. Back to the Earth Temple, Fi confirms that the eruption stopped.

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