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Isle of Songs, Din's Silent Realm and Volcano Summit

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Isle of Songs

Go back to the Isle of Songs, get in the tower and perform the Skyward Strike while aiming at the Goddess's symbol. The Goddess statue will lift right under your feet! and Fi will repeat the message from the Goddess:

Isle of Songs Skyward SwordHe who seeks the Sacred Flames, listen well, for I guide you from my place at the edge of time.
The last of the Sacred Flames still eludes you. To obtain it, you must claim another Sacred Gift.
For each trial you overcome, you shall be blessed with another gift.
Make use of the Power of these Gifts, and you will certainly find the path to the Sacred Flames.
Now I bestow unto you another melody. Let it serve as a key to unlocking your final trial. It awaits you upon Eldin Volcano.

You just learnt Din's Power! Fi can now dowse the entrance of the trial in the Eldin region. Leave this Isle and fly towards the...

Eldin Volcano

Eldin Volcano Skyward SwordChoose the "Volcano Ascent" Bird Statue and get close to the butterflies near the pink aura. Play your Harp to make Fi appear, then play along the circle's rhythm to make the rosette appear. Stick your sword into the ground to activate Din's Silent Realm. This third trial will test your power (and perseverance!). Once more you will receive a Spiritual Vessel to gather Din's Tears.

Go straight ahead, jump on the black rock, then further and pick up the first tear. Climb the slope to the left and go down to the left next to the guardian to pick up the second tear. Now dash up the slope while avoiding the light from the lanterns, go right and pick up the third tear. Turn around, pick up the Dusk Relic in the shack to the left, then go down the slope. Perform a rolling attack against the wall on the right to pick up a Dusk Relic, then pick up a fruit and get back to the rosette.

Eldin Volcano Skyward SwordGo left and dash on the small slope next to the lantern guardian to find the fourth tear. Pick up the fruit next to you as well, then turn around, get in the tunnel to the right, then go left and jump into the big steam geyser: You end up into the cave next to the high temperature area. Pick up a Dusk Relic behind the steam geyser, then go southeast, go up the path to the left and pick up the fifth tear. Go down, then get in the tunnel leading to the huge steep area. Slide while avoiding the Waking Water, stay on the right and aim at the steam geyser that will propel you to a higher platform. Jump down, aim at the flat part and pick up the fruit. Then, jump towards the steam geyser to the left, which will draw you to another geyser, which will get you next to the sixth tear. Jump down and slide to the bottom. Then, run, pick up the Light Fruit, jump in front of you, and pick up the seventh tear, jump, go right and use again the great steam geyser. Get back to the steep tunnel, pick up the fruit on your way, then slide to the right again and aim at the tight corridor to the left of the steam geyser you used previously. Pick up the eighth tear on the way, then slide to the bottom again. Run again, jump in front of you twice, then go to the vines behind a wall. Grab them, then go down, pick up the ninth tear and climb back up.

Check the volcano map with the 15 tears

Eldin Volcano Skyward SwordJump to the right, then cross the bone bridge by rushing on it. Go left, cross another bone bridge while avoiding the guardians, then climb on the left. Jump on the black rock in the lava, then on the next one, then on another rock and pick up the tenth tear. Get back towards the second bridge, then go south by climbing, get past the guardian on your right and go up the path to the left to pick up the eleventh tear. Go down, then go left, pick up the fruit next to the small passage and get into this small passage. Go ahead on the rope, pick up the twelfth tear, then cross it back and pick up another fruit. Take back the small passage, then go back east, then north until the second bridge, and climb to the north where a Light Fruit is. Go south, get past the shack to the left, go on southwest, jump down and pick up the thirteenth tear. Climb back, pick up the fruit, get past the shack again and go west where the hanging rope is. Grab the rope, turn right, swing and pick up the fourteenth tear, then jump while swinging towards north. Get past the second bone bridge once more, climb in front, go right and pick up the fifteenth tear! Turn around, jump where you climbed, then cross the first bridge, climb the vines, pick up the Dusk Relic on the vines if you are not in danger, then run to the beginning of the realm while going through the tunnel! As a reward you will get the Fireshield Earrings, the third Relic from the Goddess.

Go back right and jump once more into the steam geyser, then go right into the high temperature area, climb the path on the left and get into the tunnel.

Volcano Summit

Volcano Summit Skyward SwordGo ahead, get rid of the red Chuchus and the Fire Keeses, then take a look at the Bird Statue and go ahead. Get rid of the Chuchus, then jump on the flat rocks to the left, go right and get into the cave. Talk to the Goron in front of the flames who's looking for Goddess Cubes, and Fi says that you can now Dowse these cubes. Read the stele to the right "Quench my thirst to clear your path" and look at the frog head to the side. Turn around, backtrack, then turn right to go outside. Fill one of your bottles with normal water, then go back next to the Goron, climb the stairs to the right, aim at the frog and pour your water. The flames will vanish!

Fill your bottle back, then get back and see the flames further. Shoot the Clawshots at the vines to the left to reach an elevated platform, then jump to the right, go to the small balcony and pour the water into the frog's mouth. Go ahead, go down the stairs and talk to the Goron again who will show you the great frog head and suggests you use a big holder. Take a look at the Bird Statue, then go back to the small waterfall. Speak with the Mogma, ask him if he wants to know and tell him about your water problem. He tells you that this waterfall's source is the same as Lake Floria's and Fi suggests you go to Lake Floria to ask the Water Dragon to help you. Get back to the Bird Statue next to the Goron and take off to the green beam, then choose to land in...

Floria Waterfall Skyward SwordFloria Waterfall

Get into the Water Dragon's den and talk to her to explain your problem. The guardian of the forest agrees on lending you her basin. Accept to ask Scrapper to lend you a hand, then after it leaves, go back to the Bird Statue, fly towards the red beam and fall over the...

Eldin Volcano

Rats! Scrapper decided to land at the entrance of the Volcano! and refuses to take off once more with this thing weighting tons! You now have to guide it while protecting it! Go north, jump on the two rocks, then follow the path south, fight the Moblin, then go on east, then north near the Volcano East Bird Statue. Go on north, then east, shoot arrows at the two Archer Bokoblins, then go north, jump next to the bone bridge and shoot at the Archer Bokoblin on the other side. Cross the bridge, go north, then blow up the rocks if you haven't already done so, then go on north and strike another Moblin.

Eldin Volcano Skyward SwordSave thanks to the statue (if the robot gets deactivated, you will start again there), then go on north, get rid of the Keeses, then down the slope, and shoot an arrow at the Archer Bokoblin. Climb up to the planks, get rid of another Bokoblin, then climb to the top. Go east, fight the Moblin on the fallen tower, go on east and climb the vines. Get rid of Chuchus, then climb the first half of the slope, clear out the two Bokoblins and shoot arrows at the four Archer Bokoblins on higher grounds. Climb to the summit, save once more if you want to, then go east. Fight off the Bokoblins, then the Moblin on the fallen tower while trying to get over it to hit its back. Resume your ascension, clear out the two Archer Bokoblins, then attack another Moblin! Then keep going to the Volcano Summit while fighting the enemies on your way up to the big frog head, where Scrapper will pour the basin's water. The flames are now gone and you can save this perilous quest!

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