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Earth Temple

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Earth Temple Skyward SwordEarth Temple

Look at the Bird Statue on the right, then go ahead and jump on the three flat rocks. Dig the ground to the right, then get propelled higher to find 20 rupees in the chest. Jump and go straight ahead. Get rid of the Keeses, then talk to the Mogma who saw your friend. Go back on the track paved with blue stones and climb the stairs. Jump on the rock when it is downward, do the same thing with the next one, then jump further. Take a look at the mechanism on the left, cut the rope with your sword, then go to the other side and cut the rope there as well: the bridge is half lowered. Then take a look to the right of the bridge and launch the Beetle at the third mechanism to cut the rope! The bridge is now fully lowered, you can cross it.

Earth Temple Skyward SwordAttack the walking lizard (Lizalfos), then get close to the edge and look at the huge part of the statue in the lava. Launch your Beetle at a Bomb Flower on the statue to make it explode, so a huge boulder parts away from it... Jump on this boulder and take small steps to head eastwards. You meet Ledd again, who is looking for his Bomb Bag. Get in the tight passage to the left, strike the Bokoblin, then climb the ladder and break the pots to pick up between 10 and 25 rupees. (If you need a fairy, drop down on the edge of the fence, cross northwards and dig on the two crosses.) Drop down, pick up a Bomb Flower and make it roll into the passage towards the boulders to the left to blow them up. Get out of this cage and open the unblocked door.

Mini-Boss: The Lizalfos Duet

Earth Temple Skyward SwordGo ahead to the middle of the room to begin the fight with two very quick Lizalfos! Hit them with your sword while aiming at their side which isn't protected by their shield, and use the Z-lock to fight only one at a time. After each defeated Lizalfos, you will get a Lizard's Tail which is added to your treasures. Open the chest that appeared to get Ledd's Bomb Bag! Get out and ask Ledd if he can lend it to you. The Mogma gives it to you permanently, along with five bombs! If you want to, you can get into the cage again to refill your bombs!

Get back on your ball and go towards the middle of the room. Take a look at the Bird Statue to the right and if you want so, save your progress. Climb the stairs to the west, get close to the edge then take one of your bombs and throw it at the huge rock to destroy it. Jump twice, fight off or avoid the Lizalfos, then open the door next to it. Go ahead, jump ahead of you, then to the right and get rid of the Bokoblin. Jump on the four flat rocks, strike the Bokoblin, then get back on the previous rock, jump left, then jump higher towards three enemies. Attack them and open the chest which holds the Dungeon Map! Go back to the big room.

Earth Temple Skyward SwordTo get two treasures: Get back on the ball, head northwest by going under the arch, then open the chest containing the Blue Bird Feather. Another treasure may hide under another digging spot.
To get another rare treasure: Get back on the ball, head southwest, jump on the lift-like rock, take out a bomb, drop it, pick it up again and throw it at the rock before it explodes! Jump in the alcove and open the chest.

Take a look at the map and notice the tracks to the northeast and to the east. The northeast cannot be reached since the ball is too wide. The wall on the east side is cracked... Go there with the ball (but not too close) and throw a bomb at the crack to open the wall! Go ahead in this direction. If you want to, you can get rid of the magma breathers (Magma Spume) by throwing a bomb at them or just by rolling over them with your rock ball ^^

Earth Temple Skyward SwordGet around the lava geyser, get down to the right, refill your bombs and hearts, then get back on your ball and go towards the next lava geyser. Notice another small crack on the left. Throw a bomb at it, then go on this newly created path. Take a look at the dragon head above you, which isn't breathing lava, then launch the Beetle towards its jaw and pick up a silver rupee. A little further, turn left and get down on the metal platform. Marvel at the wonderful red door by getting close to it. Throw your Beetle at the blue mechanism on the higher part of the door to unlock it, then throw it again towards the corridor on the left, make it go through it, then hit the other mechanism behind the door to open it. Get back on your ball and go ahead. If you want to, get down on your left, climb towards this corridor, go through it and take a look at the Bird Statue to save your game. Keep going when the lava geyser stops, then carefully go ahead towards the curved path. To get 20 more rupees, get down on the left, fight or avoid the Lizalfos and open the chest high up. Otherwise go straight ahead towards the wheel-looking thing in the lava and push it with your ball: a part of the platform rises! Still on your ball, go under this platform, then push the other wheel, which will create some stairs. Get down to the centre of the room and save. Climb the stairs to the north and open the door.

Earth Temple Skyward SwordRush the slope, cross the first line of boulders and run to the alcove on the left. Then dash to the top of the ramp. Go across the lava and enter the small passage, then refill your bombs. Dig the ground at two spots to get hearts and reveal a steam geyser. Get propelled to the top, then climb the big stairs and look left on the balcony: rocks are blocking an alcove. Use a bomb, drop it to activate it, then pick it up and throw it at the rocks! Then, come back to the bottom of the ramp and dash to the top like you did previously. Get to the Bird Statue and save.

Climb the stairs on the left, get on the slope and open the chest to find a Dragon Sculpture. At this moment a huge rock will fall on you! Rush down the ramp using the Stamina fruits and quickly run to the stairs to the left! The boulder is going straight at the dragon's head and will block the lava. Go to the huge door, take a look at it and put the Dragon Sculpture inside the lock so the double door opens. (The dragon head must be downward to the right.)

Go ahead, refill your hearts and bombs, then Fi will appear and tell you that Zelda was able to escape from the dungeon. Climb the slope and get back to Ghirahim who needs your friend to bring his master back to life. He then throws a rock that changes into...

The Boss: Scaldera, Pyroclastic Fiend

Scaldera Earth Temple Skyward SwordFYI: I hope that my explanation will be clear enough because this boss can be hard to defeat, especially if you don't have your actions under control...

Climb the slope by running, and drop a bomb or two in the middle hoping that one of them slows Scaldera down. If this happens, quickly get close to it! It will open its jaw and inhale some air. At this moment you have to throw a bomb into its jaw so it swallows it. If you succeed, a part of its shell will explode and its eye will become visible. Get close again and swing your sword at its moving eye three or four times - be careful. Then it will breathe fire streams. Climb back the slope a little and avoid them by moving right and left. Then it will climb the slope as well. The bombs left and right of the slope can blow up if it touches them and slow it down. In theory, it never reaches the top of the slope, so you can stop right before reaching it.

As soon as a bomb hits it, it will curl up and roll down the slope. Dash to it, set up a bomb and throw it into its jaw as soon as it opens it to breathe. If you're not close enough, you can try to make the bomb roll instead of throwing it. Again, slash its eye several times and repeat these steps again three or four times. If you need to refill your hearts or bombs, get to the top of the slope. But try not to stay here, because you won't be able to catch up with it once it starts rolling back down the slope. You also have to keep an eye on your stamina gauge and avoid at all costs that it gets completely empty, because you won't be able to run or throw bombs anymore. When there is no more shell left, it will climb the slope even faster and higher! It may even roll above you! If this happens, stop your ascension, go quickly on one of the slope's edges and if you're not too high, you will be able to avoid it when it's rolling down. From this moment on, you still have to strike it between once and three times before it's finally defeated.

Next, pick up the well-deserved Heart Container, then open the door at the top.

Earth Spring

Earth Spring Skyward SwordZelda is here! with a tall and thin lady, but she has to go... The woman will sharply talk to you and scold you for being late before leaving as well. Get close to the spring, look at the crest and perform a Skyward Strike. Fi will appear and translate the message from the Gods of old:

From the edge of time I guide you, the one destined to carry out the Goddess's mission.
The spirit maiden who descended from the clouds has passed through the springs and makes her way to a fated place.
The parched desert of Lanayru's, That is where the chosen will pass through the Gates of Time into a distant land.

You receive the Amber Tablet!

After a short appearance of Zelda, Fi thinks that she must have gone to a region called Lanayru and advises you to get back to Skyloft. Again, you end up outside of the temple.

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