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Lots of rupees

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Rupees are, like in all games, your money in Skyloft. Hidden in bushes, grass or pots, dropped by enemies, found in treasure chests, or given by people, they will be particularly useful to buy or upgrade stuff.
Carrying the Rupee Medal improves your luck, especially when you cut some tall grass or hit enemies.
Here are the locations where you can find rupees worth 50 rupees and more:

Pumpkin Landing

  • A golden rupee! A fortune!300 - [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 3 in the last room of Skyview Temple required] Land on the island while targeting the roof, and walk carefully towards the chest

Small isle to the east of Bamboo Island

  • 100 - [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 5 in Eldin Volcano required] Open the treasure chest located on top of that island

Earth Temple

  • 100 - On the long way we follow on the ball, after blowing up a wall and before reaching the big red door, throw the Beetle in the dragon's throat that doesn't belch lava (high up)

Eldin Volcano

  • Digging up a rupee in Skyward Sword 2x 20 - After climbing the first tall slope, blow up the wall on your left, just when you reach the top
  • 100 - [Bomb required] In the Mogmas' cave, in the labyrinth room with fire throwers, blow up the cracked wall to the north, then open the chest

Bamboo Island (north of the red beam)

  • 300 - [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 9 located west of Earth Temple required] Open the chest behind the hut

Small isle to the far east of the red beam

  • 100 - [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 10 located at Lanayru Mining Facility required] Open the chest below that island by blowing up the wall with a bomb

Isle of Songs

  • 300 - [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 6 located in the Mogmas' cave at Eldin Volcano required] On the northern side of the isle


  • A well hidden chest in Skyloft 300 - Batreaux's reward after bringing him 40 Gratitude Crystals
  • 100 - [Water Dragon's Scale required] Swim in the lake and enter the passage below the small mill, then open the blue chest
  • 100 - [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 13 in Faron Woods required] Go southwest of Skyloft, on a flight platform, and fly in free fall to a tiny island where you will find a chest
  • 300 - [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 16 at Lake Floria required] Go nearby the entrance of the Waterfall Cave, climb the vines on the small island above and then on an even higher island where the waterfall starts. Next, jump onto the island to the east where the chest is located
  • 300 - [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 21 in Lanayru Sand Sea required] Go behind Gondo's Scrap Shop and open the chest

In the Great Tree (Faron Woods)

  • A well hidden chest in Skyward Sword300 - Within the "room" with two swings, jump on the first one and rock to the left to reach a platform against the wall (pretty hard). Climb to the top of the room by following the path from platform to platform, and enter a tunnel. Walk to the end of the branch, get rid of the Deku Baba, jump on the opposite second branch and open the chest.

Lake Floria

  • 100 - In the underwater cave where you have to destroy rocks with the big fish, blow up the boulder at the centre the same way
  • 100 - Inside the Water Dragon's lair, on the outside ledge, open the chest located on the south side (get there with a spin jump)

Floria Waterfall

  • 300 - [Clawshots or Hook Beetle required] Near the Bird Statue, use your Clawshots to reach the vines above, then turn around and fire the Beetle at the golden rupee.
    It's also possible to get this rupee without the Clawshots but with the Tough Beetle

Ancient Cistern

  • Be quick to catch this silver rupee in the Ancient Cistern2x 100 - In the temple entrance are two silver rupees in the hands of the statue. Execute a Spin Attack to pick each rupee before the hand closes in on you

Fun Fun Island

  • 300 - [Activation of Goddess Cube nb 20 at Floria Waterfall required] On the small isle just below Fun Fun Island

Lanayru Sand Sea

  • 2x 100 - Just when you arrive, before jumping from pillar to pillar with the Clawshots, turn around to see a huge head. There are two silver rupees on top of this head that you can catch with the help of the Tough Beetle (pretty hard)

Skipper's Retreat

  • 100 - After spotting a blue chest on a pillar rather at the beginning of this area, climb up to Skipper's house, then jump in free fall from the flight platform to reach it!

Pirate Stronghold

  • 3x 100 - Before completing the Pirate Stronghold (= before opening the "crocodile jaws"), launch the Beetle inside the crocodile's "nostrils" and pick up the three silver rupees
  • 100 - Just before the room where you have to jump on several "pillars", open the chest after placing the Timeshift Stone at a certain distance
  • 1-3x 100 - Outside, near the dock, there are four big pillars with heads on top of them. Sometimes, above those heads, you can find one or many silver rupees. Go where the Goddess Cube is/was located and launch the Beetle


  • 5 chests in a room in the Sandship2x 100 - In the second basement, in the room where five chests are lined up, two of them hold a silver rupee (see the walkthrough)

Volcano Summit

  • 100 - Above the waterfall, outside. Follow the path to find a Gossip Stone, then blow up the wall behind
  • 40-60 - Inside the cave with the second frog head, place a bomb next to the cracked wall on the left and dig the two scratches

The Sky

  • 2x 100 - Two treasure chests are hidden in the sky. By looking at the map at the bottom of the page, you can see two small dots. One of them is located south of the island where the Goddess chests 4, 18 and 20 are (west of Fun Fun Island), whereas the other one is located southeast of Pumpkin Landing. To reach those chests, you must have learnt the Spiral Charge taught by Owlan; rush into the cracked rocks above those tiny islands to destroy them!

Lanayru Caves

  • 100 - When searching for Nayru's Flame, you will meet with Golo, another Goron, in Lanayru Caves. Sit down next to him, then he'll ask you to invest 10 rupees to progress in his research about the Timeshift Stones. Give him 10 rupees, then when you go back to Lanayru Gorge to meet the Thunder Dragon, talk to Golo again: thanks to your investment he's become rich and you receive 100 rupees!

Sky Keep

  • 100 - In the room of the Triforce of Power, move forward (using the walkthrough) and once you've reached the far south, jump on the lava slab when it's down, and fire the Beetle at the silver rupee in the higher recess!

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