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Sky Keep

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Sky Keep

Sky Keep Skyward SwordGo straight ahead and open the chest withholding the Map. Fi dowses three holy forces, which is probably the Triforce. She marks the locations where these forces are coming from with triangles. Go to the room on the right and look at the kind of altar which is in fact a control panel. This panel shows the temple's rooms that can be moved. By numerating the rooms and the hole from one to nine like inside a book, move the 6th room down and the 5th room to the right to create a link between the starting room and these two rooms. After confirming your choice, you will feel a shaking and Fi explains that the temple's structure changed, which allows you to go into the next room. Open the door.

Faron Woods room

Sky Keep Skyward SwordGo right, get rid of the three Deku Babas, then launch the Beetle at the bottom of the rope in the back to cut it. Then, throw your Whip at the hook, swing, grab the rope and jump further. Hit the Skulltula and shoot an arrow at the Furnix, then grab the vines on the pillar with your Clawshots. Once you've turned around, grab the vines located on the other pillar, then aim at the target to the west and shoot the Clawshots. Go a little to the left to see the three flames, then send the Beetle at the Bomb Flowers and drop one of them on the fire-breathing enemies. Do the same to get rid of the other enemies, then grab the rope and jump on the swing. Use your Gust Bellows at the next swing to get closer, then jump on it and use the Gust Bellows again to reach the wall to the left. Go ahead and lower the lever to the left, thus creating a shortcut. If you moved two rooms at the beginning, you can directly open the door to the right; otherwise, go back in the entrance room and move the room number 5. Open the door.

Lanayru Desert room

Sky Keep Skyward SwordGo left, pick up the Timeshift Orb, then go to the end of the corridor and go down the two staircases. Drop the Timeshift Orb, fight the Sentrobe or at least make it go away, then when the ladder behind it can be reached, move the Timeshift Orb to freeze the enemy, but not too far from the bars. Climb the ladder, lower the lever to the left, which will start the treadmill, then come down, pick up the Timeshift Orb, step on the switch and throw the Orb on the treadmill. Climb back the ladder, go at the back of the room, step on the switch and pick up the Timeshift Orb!

Go left, put the Timeshift Orb on the moving platform, then go to the left of the platform and use the Gust Bellows at the blue propellers to move it to the bars. Walk on the switch to lift the bars, move again the platform a little, then go to the bars and move the platform as much to the left as you can. Next, shoot an arrow at the open eye in front of you, which will lift the bars, then pick up the Timeshift Orb on the platform and go on to the back of the room. Lower the lever to create a shortcut, then pick up the Timeshift Orb, step on the switch and throw it on the treadmill. While it goes ahead, destroy the two Beamos and if you have enough time, shoot an arrow at the eyes higher up. Then throw your Whip at the lever to the middle and pull it to invert the treadmill. Shoot arrows at the remaining eyes, then the bars to the north will lower. Go to the second control panel. Once more, while numerating the room and the hole from one to nine like in a book, move the 2nd room down, the first one right, the 4th one up, the 7th one up, the 8th one left, the 5th one down, and you will get access to a new room. Get back south, open the door to this "pirates" room, go across the Faron Woods room from the right and open the door.

Eldin Volcano room

Sky Keep Skyward SwordGo left, go under the serpent-arch, then get in the small passage to the left. Turn left at the crossroad, then make a bomb roll in the passage to blow up the other side. Refill your bombs, then go back into the passage and go straight ahead. Get rid of the Red Chuchus, then go underground. Break some rocks, push the red switch, which will move the fence, and get out backwards. Take the passage again and go back to the arch. Go towards the next arch and get ready to fight with a cursed Lizalfos. After defeating it or making it fall into the abyss, read the stele in front of the bars which advises to look for hidden gemstones behind each statues and to hit them from the lowest to the highest. Go right and throw a bomb into the bowl of the statue to find the first pink crystal.

Turn around and get towards the altar and the S-shaped slope. Make a bomb roll so it follows the slope and falls into the bowl of another statue! which will reveal another pink crystal! Run on this slope to reach the crystal and hit it because it's the lowest one. Climb the vines, then go ahead and look at the trees in front of you that hide a Bomb Flower. Shoot an arrow at the bomb, which will destroy the trees, then send you Beetle at this bomb and bump into the trees to the left to destroy them. Send the Beetle again at the same Bomb Flower, but this time drop it into the bowl of the third statue behind the now-cut trees. The third pink crystal (highest one) is now discovered. Go down to the right, hit the first crystal you found, then get back on higher grounds and launch the Beetle at the last crystal you discovered to follow the stele's instructions. The bars will lower. Go back to the stele, move ahead and go underground. Go to the top, make a bomb roll towards left, then quickly, go to the bottom, to the left, to the top and roll the same bomb to the top to destroy the rock! Keep on going up, right, to the bottom and push the blue switch to make the barrier go back to its place. Get out, go right where the barrier was, destroy the skulls to get hearts and go underground once again. You now have to get rid of two caterpillars to unlock the doors and get out from the other side. Next, lower the lever to the left to create a shortcut, then get close to the third control panel. Move the 4th room to the right (to the middle of the panel) to link it to the room you are in. Go left, break some pots to put a fairy in your bottle or to use it right away, and open the door.

Dark Cave - Middle room

Sky Keep Skyward SwordHere is another Captain Scervo! Quickly rush to it and strike it with your sword to push it back. After a few thrusts, it will lose its sword. Keep on hitting it so it loses its hook, and finally, falls into the abyss. Use your Clawshots to cross the gap, then open the chest to get a Small Key! Open the door behind you and take a look at the last control panel. You will now have to turn the room counter clockwise until the Triforce of Courage room (green triangle) is to the left of the actual room. Go on to the left and open the door.

Triforce of Courage room

Sky Keep Skyward SwordGo ahead, Fi will indicate you Farore's symbol and a locked door. Unlock the door. Fight off the two Moblins with iron shields by jumping over them and by hitting their backs (then pick up the two red rupees), then open the next door. Get rid of all the Blue Bokoblins and Archers, along with two Stalfos, and open the next door. A Stalmaster! Fight it by raising your shield when it's ramming you and/or by drawing it at the bombs you set up for it to stun it for a few seconds. Then capture the fairy left behind or touch it directly. Open the next door, get close to Farore's symbol and thrust your sword here. Go ahead and pick up the Triforce of Courage! All your hearts are now refilled. Now lower the lever to create a shortcut, then follow the path to the east, open the door and get back to the last control panel. Make the room turn again counter clockwise until the Triforce of Power room (red triangle) gets to the left of the actual room. Go back left and open the door.

Triforce of Power room

Sky Keep Skyward SwordGo left on the wire fence, shoot the Clawshots or launch the Beetle at the hanged water fruit, then jump on the temporary lava rock. Get rid of the Fire Keeses while going and shoot an arrow at the pink crystal up to the right: Another lava stream will flow. Shoot again at a water fruit and jump to the right on the newly formed platform. While going, shoot an arrow at the next pink crystal to stop the lava from flowing, then jump left. Lower the lever to create another shortcut then turn around. Make the water fruit fall, jump on the lava piece, get rid of the Cursed Keeses as you go, then quickly shoot an arrow at the pink crystal to the right (rather behind you), make the water fruit fall and jump on the platform. Jump on the next lava platform when it's down, then launch the Beetle at the silver rupee in the alcove higher, then launch it at the previous pink crystal to "invert the lava flowing current". Make the water fruit fall right next to you, jump on the temporary platform, then jump on the wire fence. Throw a bomb at the Electro Spumes, jump again on the lava platform, get rid of another Electro Spume, then shoot the Clawshots at the target on the left. Stand on Din's symbol and thrust your sword into the ground to get the Triforce of Power! The next door being locked, climb the vines, go across the room, jump down and open the previous door. Get back to the control panel and make the room turn counter clockwise again until you get the Triforce of Wisdom room (blue triangle) above the current room and that a path to the left can lead you there! Go back left again and open the door.

In the Eldin Volcano room, go right, open the door, then in the entrance room, go right and open the door.

Triforce of Wisdom room

Sky Keep Skyward SwordFi sees Nayru's symbol and the Timeshift Orb. Get past the sand to the right, go to the Timeshift Orb and pick it up. Jump towards the middle of the room and get rid of the Sentrobe, along with an Electro Spume to be safe. Take back the Timeshift Orb and place it on the slab in front of the wall to the north (under the barbed wire that will disappear). Get back to the Timeshift Orb pedestal and shoot an arrow at the eye at the back of the room to the north: The bars to the northwest disappear. Take the Timeshift Orb back, go northwest and go ahead while being careful with the Deku Babas! Step on the switch that will reveal another eye, but some pillars are in the way. Pick up the Timeshift Orb, drop it in the middle of the corridor, then walk on the switch and shoot an arrow at the eye ahead: the bars to the east will disappear. Pick up the Orb again, go near its pedestal, and go ahead a little. Jump onto the two pillars emerging from the ground, then throw the Timeshift Orb to the east, more or less between the two fences ahead of you. Fire the Clawshots at the target, then go left and get near Nayru's symbol which should be activated. Thrust your sword into it and take the Triforce of Wisdom! The Triforce is now back together and you can now go slay down Demise!

You will now be outside, standing on the Goddess Statue's hands. The three Triforces fly on the heart of the statue, and the Isle of the Goddess breaks apart from Skyloft to fall into the Sealed Grounds and crush the Imprisoned! The power of Demise got vanquished at the same moment and the seal has no more use left...

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