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Desert Gorge and Activation of the generator

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Temple of Time (Desert Gorge)

Temple of Time Skyward SwordGo towards the Bird Statue ahead, then take a look around and throw your Beetle at the Timeshift Stone on a summit. Then get into the cart to the left to reach the middle platform. Look at the crack in the big boulder and at the blue light, then send the Beetle into this crack to activate the pink crystal, which will make the bars vanish. Next, launch the Beetle at the bomb on the cactus, make it fly to the top of the tree trunk and drop the bomb on the blue crystal inside it! A small area around the tree will be brought back to life, while the previous one becomes arid again. Get into the cart - beware the Deku Baba! -, then go on west.

Talk to the travelling Goron who is really excited! He just discovered the Temple of Time, a sacred place, where he saw two inhabitants of the legendary Isle of the Goddess get through a portal that exploded afterwards! Launch the Beetle at the bomb on the cactus and drop it on the rock at the summit to discover another Timeshift Stone. Hit it using your Beetle, then go north close to a cart and talk to the little robot. It tells you that the Temple of Time withholds the Gate of Time created by the Goddess, and adds that the Lanayru Mining Facility is linked to the temple using an underground tunnel. Finally, it will mark the location of this tunnel on your map. Fi informs you that the robot modified your map so it looks like the area from the past. Look east, send the Beetle at a Timeshift Stone in the cave, then push the cart to get through the gap. (During the ride, you can perform your Skyward Strike at the Goddess Cube.) Go east while avoiding rock-spitting Octoroks and get in the tunnel.

Lanayru Desert

Lanayru Desert Skyward SwordCut the bushes to refill your hearts if you need to, then run to the flat rock. Run to another flat rock to the north and Fi will appear. She explains that the paths from the past are buried underneath the quicksands and as long as you are standing on them, you will not sink. Use the bushes, as well as your map, to find the locations of these underground paths. Head southeast, climb on top of the wall and get close to a weird construction. It is the landmark for the underground passage. You can sit on the chair nearby to refill your hearts, then look at the Bird Statue to the north and save if you want to. Next, drop a bomb between the two rocks to discover a Timeshift Stone and hit it. Attack the Technoblins, then talk to the small robot that tells you this is the generator operating the Lanayru Mining Facility and that it's impossible to open it without the code made of three symbols. Meanwhile Fi has detected some materials identical to the generator's. Use the dowsing ability to find them.

Lanayru Desert Skyward SwordGo to the far north, then to the east, and notice a crack in the wall. Drop a bomb at this place to open a passage and get in. Go right, go ahead on the metal plates to the right, then dash straight on, then left. Place a bomb next to the rock which was hiding a Timeshift Stone and hit it to get inside a kind of warehouse! filled with Technoblins and Ampilus that turned into electric balls. Go to the back of the room, take a look at the device and Fi will say that it would need some energy to work. Take one of the electric balls nearby when it's not emitting power and throw it in front of the device. Then stand in front of the device to lift the bars, then push the ball (still while it's not on) into the hole using your sword. The bars on the left will be lifted. Get in the next room and talk to the robot that refuses to give you the code! Don't mind its sayings, stick your sword into the generator with a thrusting blow, turn it left and push it in. The first power node will be activated!

Lanayru Desert Skyward SwordLeave this place, go southeast and rush to the platform shaped like a cross. Now have a look at your map and take the "underground" path leading south, then when you see a wall on your right, go southeast (through some bushes) until you're back on firm ground. Go south, head to the building and take a look at the Bird Statue next to the door. Then, take a look at the lever on a wall to the west and run to it to grab it and lower it, which makes the bars to the right disappear and creates a shortcut to the south of the desert. Get back to the warehouse and open the door.

Go right, dash on the two metal plates on the right (be careful of the Ampilus), then dash to the plate on the left and from there, throw a bomb at the rock to the right to discover a Timeshift Stone, but do not switch it on right now. Rush to this blue crystal, then to the metal plate located against the wall to the left, then when an Ampilus is ramming at you and gets stunned (don't be too close to the sand), hit it with your sword, then climb on its shell and let it carry you to the north of the room. Climb on the crates northeast of the room, then get to the chest to pick up an Eldin Ore. Next, push the crate lower to create a passage. Now launch the Beetle at the Timeshift Stone to bring the warehouse back to life, then jump down carefully, launch the Beetle at the electric ball nearby and drop it to the far north, in front of the generator. Climb back on the crates, stand right in front of the generator next to the electric ball, then hit it with your sword to activate the device. The bars to the left will disappear. Go to the next room, stick your sword into the generator, turn it left and push. The second power node is activated! Open the two chests to pick up rupees and a Monster Horn, then leave the warehouse.

Lanayru Desert Skyward SwordGo back to the main generator, then, using the underground paths, go southwest, in front of a wall with two statues. Place a bomb against the cracked wall and hit the now uncovered Timeshift Stone, to bring your surroundings back to life. Throw a bomb into the bowl of the left statue to make it fall down, then get in the small room. Once again, thrust your sword in the generator, turn it left and push it in. The third and last power node is activated!

Get back to the main generator, hit once again the closest Timeshift Stone, then take a look at the generator and stick your sword into the gap. Fi says that the symbols on the generator correspond to those on the generators you activated. Stick your sword into the gap again, then since the lighting symbol is already in place, you have to place the outer symbol (the water drop) to the west and push the sword in, then place the flame to the southeast and push the sword in, and finally place the lighting to the north and push the sword in. The generator is finally on and the Lanyaru Mining Facility will emerge out of the sand in the middle of the desert! Climb the stairs leading to the Mining Facility and get in...

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