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Goddess song and the Imprisoned

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Sealed Grounds

Sealed Grounds Skyward SwordTake off, head to the green beam, then press "dive" when you are over it, but Groose appears! (where from?!) and grabs your leg! First completely panicking, he will start to "loose it" and will go see the Elder. Talk to the Goron nearby who will give you lots of information concerning walls and statues reacting to nice melodies, then he adds that blessed butterflies gather around such walls and stones, that the Goddess walls make the hero's wishes come true and that stones making a "boing-oing" sound are saying strange things... Climb the vines wall to the right and get into the Seal Temple.

After Groose left, the old lady says that the woman helping Zelda is called Impa and is sent by the Goddess to help your friend. They went to a special place and now that the door is destroyed, there is only one way left to get back to them: using the power of the harp Zelda gave you. She will teach you how to play it. Swing your Wiimote left and right to follow the circle's pulse. You have just learnt the Ballad of the Goddess! According to her sayings, the Harp is from the time the Goddess was still on these lands and the huge slab that appeared is the Gate of Time: the only remaining link between this place and where Zelda resides. Suddenly you will hear a huge tremor! The Elder says that the seal was broken, that you have to go down the pit and check the sealing spike.

The Imprisoned

The Imprisoned Skyward SwordLeave the temple through the main door, then run and/or jump to the bottom of the pit. There you will see the huge dark monster - "the Imprisoned" - appearing! The seal has been broken! Attack its toenails, in front and at the back of its feet, then it will fall down. Quickly strike its head by aiming at its horn, in other words the "sealing spike", then it will get up. Repeat these steps twice more if you were quick enough, otherwise even more. When it is crawling, use the steam geysers to catch up with it, because you CANNOT let it reach the top of the pit! The monster will get up one last time and explode in a thousand pieces! Perform the Skyward Strike at the spike, then swing two diagonal strikes as shown, then a horizontal strike to draw a triangle upside-down.

Another way to deal with the beast is by using the steam geysers to get above it, then jump on its head and shove the sealing spike in its head with your sword.

The Elder says that the beast is only locked down, and once back in the temple, she adds that you need the Skyward Strike to activate the Gate of Time, but your sword isn't powerful enough yet. You have to cleanse your sword with the power of the three sacred flames of Farone, Eldin and Lanayru so your sword gets a new great power. The lyrics of the Ballad of the Goddess will give you clues on where to find the three flames. Someone in Skyloft can tell you more about that.

Once more leave this temple, but this time get through the gate leading to the forest. The Goron discovered a pack of butterflies. Get close and play your Harp. A talking stone will pop out of the ground, along with a treasure! This is a Gossip Stone. Take a look at the Bird Statue next to you and fly to Skyloft.


Skyloft Skyward SwordGo back to the Knight's Academy, get to the second floor and speak with Headmaster Gaepora in his office. After telling him your story, ask him the lyrics of the song:

Oh youth, guided by the servant of the Goddess, unite earth and sky, and bring light to the land.
Oh youth, show the two whirling sails the way to the Light Tower... and before you a path shall open, and a heavenly song you shall hear.

With Gaepora's clue, leave the academy, go to the main plaza south of Skyloft and take a look at your surroundings while thinking about these sails... These lyrics are in fact talking about the town's two windmills. Go west, towards the windmill, then use the Gust Bellows on the propeller and blow until the symbol behind the windmill sails turns blue (you have to stop at this precise moment). Then head to the next windmill east of Skyloft.

Skyloft Skyward SwordTalk to the man, then take a look at the windmill so he talks about this building. He says that the propeller fell down under the clouds and suggests you to talk to Gondo in the Bazaar since his grandfather used to own a flying robot. Then get in the Bazaar and talk to Gondo in the Scrap Shop, who will tell you that his robot Scrapper is amazing but not in a great shape right now, and that he needs some oil from an ancient flower. Give him one of your ancient flowers that you got in the Lanayru region, Gondo will fix it and Scrapper will be back on its tracks! Fi says that you can now dowse the fallen windmill propeller. Scrapper, head over gears in love with Fi, is ready to help you ^^ Following Gondo's advices, take a look behind you, talk to the Fortune Teller and pay 10 rupees to hear about your future. He says that the propeller is downward the fire mountain's temple. Leave the Bazaar, get back to the windmill, use your dowsing to find where to go, then fly towards the Eldin region.

Eldin Volcano

Land close to the Earth Temple, then go left and get down the long slope where you made a tower fall. Take a look at the propeller and Fi suggests calling for the little robot. Scrapper comes and carries the windmill propeller back to the sky. Get back to the Bird Statue and fly to Skyloft with the little robot following you.


Skyloft Skyward SwordScrapper drops the propeller right at your feet and goes away. As promised, the man repairs the windmill by putting the propeller back in its place. Once again, use the Gust Bellows on the propeller and blow until the symbol behind the windmill sails turns blue. A new floor will appear on top of the tower! (I strongly advise you to save before leaving Skyloft.) Get back to the tower, climb to its summit and read the stele if you didn't read it yet. Stand in front of the mirror and play your Harp following the circle's pace, along with Fi singing with her beautiful voice, astonishing! The tower rotates around, the sunlight hits the mirror and creates a beam of light going west.

Following Fi's advices, fly west towards the end of this beam of light. Fly along the blue beam while being careful not to be struck by a tornado, then get through a huge layer of clouds to reach a place called Thunderhead. Avoid the flying enemies, go ahead towards the light and fall down when you are above a round island.

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