The Minish Cap tips and tricks


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Broken Picori Sword Broken Picori Sword Helps you to forge a new sacred sword Given by the King of Hyrule to help you through your quest
Map of Hyrule Map of Hyrule Helps you to find your way through the land Given by your Grandfather at the Castle
Jabber Nut Jabber Nut Translates the Minish language In the Minish Village, inside a house in the southeast
Kinstone Bag Kinstone Bag Holds the Kinstones pieces found throughout Hyrule Given by a merchant in Hyrule Town
Tiger Scroll Tiger Scroll Contains the various attacks learnt during the quest Given by Swiftblade the swordmaster in Hyrule Town
Lon Lon Ranch Key Lon Lon Ranch Key Allows Talon to go back in his house Inside Lon Lon Ranch
Wake-Up Mushroom Wake-Up Mushroom Wakes people up Sold for 60 rupees by the Witch Syrup in the Minish Woods
A Hyrulean Bestiary Library book "A Hyrulean Bestiary" Has to be brought back to Hyrule Town's Library Found at the cat-girl's
Legend of the Picori Library book "Legend of the Picori" Has to be brought back to Hyrule Town's Library Found at Dr. Left's
A History of Masks Library book "A History of Masks" Has to be brought back to Hyrule Town's Library Found in Lake Hylia's cabin
Bottle of Dog Food Bottle of Dog Food See the page "Bottles and their contents" [Power Bracelet required] Given by Stockwell in his shop
Graveyard Key Graveyard Key Allows you to enter the graveyard In the house of the gravekeeper Dampé in the Royal Valley
Tingle Trophy Tingle Trophy Symbol for having performed all the Kinstone Fusions Given by Tingle once you've performed the 100 fusions
Carlov Medal Carlov Medal Symbol for having collected all the figurines Given by Carlov once you've got the 136 figurines