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Here are some tips sent by the Palais de Zelda's fans. Thank you for this information.

Second game after you saved

There are quite a few differences between the first and the second games:

  • In the start screen, the file is orange with the Triforce next to it
  • Aryll has a pirate dress instead of her cute blue dress
  • From the start of the game, you own the Deluxe Picto Box (colour pictures)
  • Carlov's figurines shop is now open from the beginning and all the figurines you made during the first quest are there!
  • Link keeps his blue outfit (with a lobster) even after getting the Hero outfit!
  • You can understand the ancient language used by Valoo and Jabun

Golden Feathers

You can have these as much as you want by beating the Kargarocs and Peahats with the Grappling Hook, and by coming back again where you killed them. Besides, using the Grappling Hook allows you to steal quite a lot of things...

Old men Oh-Oh

On several islands, a character with a telescope can be found. If you sail in the direction he looks at, you'll find a treasure, often by fighting all the enemies in a submarine.

Many rupees in record time

Fill your wallet very quickly (about 250 rupees every 2-3 minutes)! To do so, you need to have the Triforce Chart nr 8. Then you just have to get back to the main room, break the pillars one by one and pick up the rupees. Next, go to the Triforce chest room, break the two pots and grab their contents. After that, you can get out and do it again and again!
The same trick can be done on Stone Watcher Island where the Triforce Chart nr 7 can be found.

Rupees thanks to barrels!

Sometimes in the ocean, two barrels with flags will show up. When you sail between these two barrels, another barrel will show up with a rupee and if you take it, another barrel will show up and so on. This way you will have five barrels with a green rupee, followed by five barrels with a blue rupee, followed by five barrels with a yellow rupee, to end with a barrel with a red rupee. If you don't miss any, you can get up to 100 rupees!

Gummy the Windfall Island's artist

On Windfall Island, you can place some Zunari's items that make money. On the town's door, put a Postman Statue in one of the pedestals then get down to talk to Gummy (seaman near the postbox). He tells you you have taste and gives you 50 rupees. Get back to the door, remove the Postman Statue and place the Shop Guru Statue, Gummy gives you 50 rupees.
Note that you have to buy these statues, and you earn less rupees than you spent.
Gummy also likes flags, so if you put six flags (no matter which ones, six identical or six different ones), Gummy tells you that you are artistic born and gives you 20 rupees.
If you place six statues (still doesn't matter which ones), Gummy says that statues are not that great. But you still get 20 rupees for the effort...
If you place six flowers, he just asks you if a party is planned today... not rupee... Gummy doesn't like flowers...
If you place six Shop Guru Statues at Windfall Island's house, Gummy thanks you and gives you 50 rupees.

Lookout Platforms bonus

As everyone knows, Joy Pendants and Golden Feathers can be found on the Lookout Platforms, but it's possible to make them spawn again by playing the Song of Passing!

Feed the pets, but also...

Everyone knows that it's possible to feed rats, seagulls and Fishmen, but you can also give All-purpose Bait to the Miniblins (little devils) who will let you in peace while they are eating!

tip of the atticFarmers' attic on Outset Island

On Outset Island, on top of the bridge, before using the Deku Leaf to get to the forest, stand on one of the two bridge beams. Use the subjective view and watch the bottom of the oppositve cliff on the right: you see the house of the huge pig owner, and on his roof an entrance... (Note: no need to fly, get at the bottom of the house and climb the fence, the pen's small roof and finally the house's roof). There are pots and chests full of rupees and arrows.

Tip for the six torches on Needle Rock Isle

In the hole, you have to set fire to the 6 torches. If you want a better view to shoot fire arrows, use the Hookshot on the upper torch, located on the left. Be careful: if it doesn't work at the first try, you need to find a good spot. Once you're up there, do NOT use the Deku Leaf to reach the farthest torches because you would be stuck inside.

Have Tingle reduce the prices

When you're going with Tingle on the tent cloth over Windfall Island's school, Tingle decreases the price of the balloon, the armour and the Kooloolin Pah of 10 rupees. When you jump on the giant cooking-pot of the Forsaken Fortress (in a room located bottom-right on the map, 1st floor), Tingle divises the price of the two potions by half!

Beedle's exchanges

For those who have a lot of items in their Spoils Bag, you can exchange them for rupees at any Beedle's shop.

Link the acrobat

Anywhere, take your sword, use the L-target to make some side movements and press A to make a side jump, and during this jump, press B just before touching the ground so Link throws himself forward and do something that is impossible to do normally!

An unknown frozen cave

Iron boots and a full magic meter are required. Go to Ice Ring Isle. With your boots on, instead of crossing the blast (through the small path), go directly to its origin. There, there is a hole leading to a dark cave where you can't see well (snow mist). Walking around this cave, you can see some amazing frozen monsters, going from Moblins to Darknuts and those who give you Joy Pendants. Unfreeze them with a fire arrow, then steal their items with the Grappling Hook and finally, get rid of them.
You can do this again and again, but you have to leave the Ice Ring Isle first.

Make the Darknuts fight each other

Prepare a spin attack (hold the B button) then when a Darknut sees you, it will copy you. And it performs the attack when you release the B button (at the same time as you). So the trick is about, when you have many Darknuts in front of you, preparing a spin attack and releasing B when they are close to each other. Both Darknuts will strike each other! (Don't use the Hurricane Spin, because you can't do spin attacks when you're holding the B button).
Sometimes you can just roll around a Darknut to make it hit its nearby fellow!

Get the Deluxe Picto Box before the Forbidden Woods

To get the Deluxe Picto Box before the Forbidden Woods, as soon as you reach the Forest Haven, go get a firefly and get back to Dragoon Roost Island. Once there, go to Windfall Island. This trick makes it easier to have the Korok figurines because you haven't completed the Forbidden Woods yet, so they are all around the Great Deku Tree (except Makar).

Winning easily the Bird-man contest

To make a record of more than 1958.5 feet, just set the wind in the opposite direction, and thanks to that wind, come back on the first landing stage of the platform (the only one touching the sea). Next, jump into the boat, seal where you're suppose to fly and jump into the water. Be careful though, the game has a limit at approximately 2050.52 feet., the map's limit.

Just for info

  • masks at the Nintendo GalleryAt the Nintendo Gallery, look behind the owner to see Saria's head, and on the left wall some masks from Majora's Mask!
    Look carefully at the young man's bag, the figurines' fan, to see that the logo on his bag is an Octorock from the very first Zelda game!
  • As in other games, you can repair the signs that have been cut. To do so, play the Wind God's Aria. The sign is fixed although the message said that nothing happened.
  • If you want to climb on Beedle's shop roof, make him stop, get away a little (so he doesn't go away) and shoot the Hookshot on the box.
  • Using the Skull Hammer, hit a sign and it will sink into the ground!
  • At Hyrule Castle under water, where you took the Master Sword, the sages from Ocarina Of time can be seen on the stained-glass windows. From left to right: Ruto, Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Impa, Nabooru. If you look closely at the middle stained-glass window, you can see Ganondorf prisoner of the Triforce.
  • When you swing your sword two or three times close to or over crabs, they will sink into the sand and a rupee will pop up! Even a fairy sometimes!
  • For 20 rupees and a compliment, take a picture of the woman (in full) near the chemist's, the one who's beside Lenzo when you use the lighthouse platform
  • If you look up to the sky at night, our world constellations can easily be identified (Orion, Ursa Major, etc.)
  • When you're falling from very high, not to hurt yourself, use your sword just before touching the ground. This way, the landing is softer and you don't lose hearts.

Just for fun

  • On Ice Ring Isle, run in one direction, then quickly go in the opposite direction and... sbaf!
  • Hit the Moblins' butt to make them hop. Show them a bomb when they are unarmed to make them panic!
  • oops!Hit a pig many times to get it angry. (Then the music is the one you heard when you met the first enemy of the game.) Make it go into the water to calm it. One of Windfall Island's pigs farts when you pick it up!
  • Take control of a seagull and make it fly to the King of Red Lions' head.
  • Stand in front of one of the Goron merchants and wave the Deku Leaf. His hat will fly off and he'll try to catch it up!
  • Break the pot of the young girl in Outset Island, then talk to her (ouch!). Break the pot again but this time, use a seagull to do so, then talk to the girl who makes you pay for it!
  • On Windfall Island, at night, go to Zunari's store, near the chest at the back and play the Song of Passing. Zunari is angry and makes you go away!
  • On Windfall Island, at night, when you're following the girl who tries to steal Zunari's treasure chest, hide yourself near her, she will turn over and say "Who's there ?" and Link will imitate a cat sound!
    Example: Right after she makes a few steps, hide behind the sign. Or after she moves again, hide behind the bridge.
  • When you break pots in the rich house on Windfall Island, you have to pay for these, but if you don't have rupees you'll be kick out with a scream!
  • Attack a Stalfos until it blows up. Once done, grab its bludgeon and wait for it to get up again. As it doesn't have its weapon anymore, he pulls out one of its arms and use it as a weapon!
  • Attack a Stalfos with many spin attacks: the top of their body will get loose of their legs (doesn't work every time) and the Stalfos can not recover. Problem: the Staflos's remains will try to run away.
  • On the lookout platforms, when a Moblin is attacking you, just target it and make a slide jump; if you're near the edge, he will either fall, or he'll catch up on the platform's edge. You can see it wriggling and trying to get back on the platform. Now, you can either leave it like that, or use the Grappling Hook on it (really sadistic). In that case, you can get a yellow or blue rupee and as a bonus, he will fall with a little scream, awesome!
  • On Tingle's Island, with the Tingle Tuner switched on, slice Tingle's statues a few times to get a bomb in your face! It also works if you throw these statues into the water...
  • On Outset Island, go see Orca and hit him three times (without talking to him), he will get upset, hit you and make you fly into the air!
  • At Orca's place there are a lot of pots. If you throw one to him, he breaks it with his stick and makes a weird sound! If you throw more pots at him, he'll protect himself! And if you continue, Orca will say "Would you stop that?"
  • Miniblins can be smash down with the Skull Hammer!
  • In dungeons where hands get out of the ground, if you throw a skull at them, they'll throw it back to you! (For instance in the Earth Temple, in a huge room with some smoke)
  • On Windfall Island, in the windmill, the setting behind the guy who runs the game is not one. Climb the small wall, get behind the false boat and pick up three yellow rupees!