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Triforce Charts

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After meeting the Hyrule King, you'll find a mail in the next mailbox: The IN-credible Chart, which shows the location of the eight Triforce Charts on the Sea Chart.

The first step is about finding a Triforce Chart at the places indicated on the IN-credible Chart. Then, you have to visit Tingle in his tower (C3) so he will decipher these charts for just 398 rupees per chart(!). By doing so, the Triforce Shards will be shown on the IN-credible Chart as well.

The second step is of course to find these Triforce Shards deep in the Great Sea, just as you do with the Treasure Charts. Once a Triforce Chart or Shard has been collected, a black cross will appear on the icon for that object.

Here is a summary of the locations of these charts. For more details, please check out the walkthrough.

NoRequiredChart locations
1 Bombs Islet of Steel (B5). Get in this metallic structure by avoiding or destroying the ships, then play the Wind's Requiem on the symbol
2 Cabana Deed Private Oasis (E5). Get in the house by showing the Cabana Deed. Use the Grappling Hook to put out the fire in the fireplace, then jump into the hole. Find your way to the room with the wind symbol thanks to the Skull Hammer
3 Grappling Hook and Hyoi Pear Bird's Peak Rock (G5). Get on the lower island and use the Hookshot to reach the top. Use a Hyoi Pear and, in the seagull's skin, fly towards the nests and hit the five switches. Jump into the hole behind the door
4 Hookshot Diamond Steppe Island (A6). Use the Hookshot to get there and reach the top. Jump, get into the Warp Jar, then into the following jars to find the Ghost Ship Chart. At night, consult this map, as well as the Sea Chart, and go where the Ghost Ship is located. On board, get rid of the wizards and ghosts, then climb the ladder
5 Bombs Needle Rock Isle (A5). In the north-west part of this area, three boats can be seen: one of which is gold. Destroy this boat and use the Grappling Hook to retrieve the chest where it sank
6 Hookshot Outset Island (B7). Go behind your Grandma's house and climb on the rocky edge (just before the ledge). There, shoot the Hookshot at the tree higher up above you, then lift the stone head. Drop down, break all the pots for fairies then drop through the next hole. Fight an army of enemies in about thirteen levels
7 Power Bracelets Stone Watcher Island (C5). Lift the big stone head, drop down, open all the doors and fight the enemies. Get rid of the two Darknuts in the centre, then open the last door
8 Hookshot Overlook Island (G1). From your boat, shoot the Hookshot at the tree to the far north, then at the other trees to find a hole. Jump down, fight the enemies in the four rooms, as well as in the central one