The Wind Waker tips and tricks


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Telescope Telescope Sees afar with a zooming in option Given to you by Aryll on your 12th birthday
Bait Bag Bait Bag Keeps different kinds of food Bought in Beedle's Shop Ship for 20 rupees
All-Purpose Bait All-Purpose Bait Lures animals Bought in Beedle's Shop Ship for 10 rupees
Hyoi Pear Hyoi Pear Lures and takes control of seagulls Bought in Beedle's Shop Ship for 10 rupees
Spoils Bag Spoils Bag Keeps the items won from enemies Given by Niko on Tetra's ship after winning his challenge
Boat's Sail Boat's Sail Sails on the seas Bought from a foreign merchant on Windfall Island
Tingle Tuner Tingle Tuner Communicates with Tingle through the GameBoy Advance Given by Tingle once you've freed him
Picto Box Picto Box Takes pictures At the deep end of Windfall Island's jail
Wind Waker Wind Waker Plays the different songs learnt through the course of the game Given by the King of Red Lions when you land on Dragon Roost Island
Delivery Bag Delivery Bag Keeps various items Given by Quill on Dragon Roost Island
Father's Letter Father's Letter Gives a message to Komali, the Rito Chieftain's son Given by Medli on Dragon Roost Island
Grappling Hook Grappling Hook Clings to bars or distant things to swing across and reach other places, can also steal items from enemies Treasure of the Dragon Roost Cavern
Din's Pearl Din's Pearl With the two other pearls, a building will appear Given by Komali once you've defeated Gohma
Farore's Pearl Farore's Pearl With the two other pearls, a building will appear Given by the Great Deku Tree once you've defeated Kalle Demos
Nayru's Pearl Nayru's Pearl With the two other pearls, a building will appear Given by Jabun inside his hideout on Outset Island
Town Flower Town Flower See the Trading Sequence Given by Zunari, Windfall Island's merchant, once you've agreed to help him
Maggie's Letter Maggie's Letter Informs Maggie's lover about her feelings towards him Given by Maggie inside the luxuous house of Windfall Island once you've rescued her from the Forsaken Fortress
Cabana Deed Cabana Deed Makes you the owner of Mrs Marie's Private Oasis and Cabana! Given by Mrs Marie on Windfall Island by offering her 20 Joy Pendants
Deluxe Picto Box Deluxe Picto Box Takes full-coloured pictures Given by Lenzo on Windfall Island once you've become his assistant
Magic Armor Magic Armor Protects you against enemies on land and at sea Given by Zunari after supplying his shop with at least 4 items from the Trading Sequence
Iron Boots Iron Boots Walk without slipping on the ice or being pushed by the wind Treasure of the Ice Ring Island
Moblin's Letter Moblin's Letter Informs Maggie about her lover's feelings towards her Given by a Rito inside Windfall Island Cafe Bar, after his quarrel with Maggie's father inside the mansion
Note to Mom Note to Mom Passes news from a son on to his mother Given by the new post office man after managing to sort 25 letters in 30 seconds *
* In the Post Office Station (2nd floor inside the Rito house hall on Dragon Roost Island), accept the challenge and sort correctly at least 25 letters. Once you've defeated the Dragon Roost Cavern boss, go back to the Post Office and win a second time to get the letter. (You must win twice anyway)
Complimentary ID Complimentary ID Allows you to get the Silver Membership In a Mailbox once you've collected 30 points in Beedle's Shop Ship. Then, go to a shop, show your ticket, and you will be complimented!
Fill-Up Coupon Fill-Up Coupon Allows you to get the Gold Membership In a Mailbox the following day you've collected 60 points in Beedle's Shop Ship. Then, go to a shop, show your ticket, and you will get a replenishment for all your ammunition!