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Heading to the Wind Temple

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At Sea

at sea The Wind WakerYour next goal is the Wind Temple, protected by a massive gust of wind. Sail to Ice Ring Isle north-east (E6).

Ice Ring Isle

Get close enough to this island, then shoot a Fire Arrow to temporarily thaw it. Once again, you have five minutes to find the treasure. Land on the island from the west, climb on the blocks, go around towards east, then jump on the three platforms and get in. Go right and forward to reach the chest. (There is a small fairy in the frozen vase.) Pick up the Iron Boots, equip them and go back to the entrance. Also take the Treasure Chart from the chest on the eastern edge of the island. Go back to your boat, play the Ballad of Gales to head for Windfall Island and sail north.

Gale Isle

Gale Isle The Wind WakerA soon as you land on the island, put on your Iron Boots and get close to the rock from which the gale comes. Break the rock with your Skull Hammer and get in. Take a look at the stele and play the notes engraved in the rock to learn the Wind God's Aria. Fado's ghost, descendant of the Kokiris and Sage of Wind, will appear before you and ask you to find another violin player who could open the door with you. This time, the name of the player should be easy to find, it is Makar of the Korok tribe!

Forest Haven

Once back on Forest Haven, listen carefully to the music to find where it comes from. Climb the hill and take a look around you: you can see some music notes coming out of the waterfall. Use the Grappling Hook to get inside. Climb down the ladder and talk to Makar. Then play the Wind God's Aria to teach it to Makar, who then becomes the new Sage of Wind. Sail back to Gale Isle.

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