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Wind Waker's songs

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Thanks to the Wind Waker given by the King of Red Lions, you'll be able to learn a few songs.
Click on their names to know how/when to get them.

  • Link the conductorWind's Requiem: up left right
    Allows you to change the direction of the wind. The most useful song when you are sailing around the Great Sea
  • Command Melody: left centre right centre
    Allows you to take control of a statue and to move it like a puppet
  • Ballad of Gales: down right right up
    Allows you to warp via a cyclone to one of the nine islands on the Great Sea, such as the Outset Island or the Windfall Island
  • Earth God's Lyric: up down centre right left centre
    Allows you, with an harp player, to open the Earth Temple
  • Wind God's Aria: up up down right left right
    Allows you, with a violin player, to open the Wind Temple
  • Song of Passing: right left down
    Changes day to night and vice versa