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The next part of your quest will start on Headstone Island and Gale Isle, but before going on, you can go back to Windfall Island to gather more information and items. The following sentences starting with an * are optional.

Windfall Island

Windfall Island The Wind WakerIf you haven't checked a mailbox since your encounter with the King of Hyrule, do it now. Read Aryll's Letter and pay 201 rupees to receive the IN-credible Chart (a chart of the Triforce shards). If your wallet is still limited to 200 rupees, it's time to pay a visit to one of the Great Fairies.

* Get in the city, head north and talk twice to the man sitting on the bench watching the sea. He will tell you about the Joy Pedestals that the Inuit merchant has set up to decorate the city. Then speak twice to Zunari and agree to lend him a hand. To start your mission, he will give you the Town Flower, the first item of the trading sequence.

Pay a visit to Miss Marie, the teacher. Talk to her about everything, especially Joy Pendants, and give her 20 Joy Pendants. As a reward, she will give you her Cabana Deed, which makes you the owner of her island!

Go north-west, behind the brick tower and talk to the dancer in Elvis-like clothing. Take out your Wind Waker so he can recognize the rhythm and he will perform three moves. Repeat those moves to learn the Song of Passing.

* Upon gathering 20 more Joy Pendants, go back to Mrs Marie in her School of Joy. Give her the pendants and she will offer you the Hero's Charm.

* Get in the Windmill and talk the bored man. Agree to play his Sinking Ships mini-game for 10 rupees. If you manage to sink the three boats, you will earn a Piece of Heart!

Windfall Island The Wind Waker* Also pay a visit to Maggie, the little girl that used to be poor and who now lives in the luxurious mansion with her father. Talk to her and she will secretly tell you of her love for a Moblin and will entrust you Maggie's Letter. Agree to post it and do not forget to post it later. A few days later go back to her house and witness her father and a postman discussing. When the postman leaves the house, get out and meet him at the cafe. Talk to him and agree to deliver the Moblin's Letter. Head back to the house and deliver the letter to Maggie. As a reward, she will give you a Piece of Heart.

* Go back to Lenzo's in the brick tower and talk to him. He will entrust you with the special task to take the picture of a person sending him anonymous letters. Go near the mailbox and wait carefully until a man in red appears. If you are too close, he will stop, so when he gets close, hide behind the column at the entrance of the city. Take out your Picto Box, adjust the zoom and take a picture of him while he posts the letter. Then bring this picture to Lenzo and he will give you another mission: take the picture of a fearful person startling. Get in the cafe using the stairs near Zunari's shop. Pick up a pot and toss it at the head of a customer. Quickly take a picture of him and show it to Lenzo. Now your mission will be to take a picture of two lovers discreetly looking at each other. On the plaza, a young lady wants to show her dress to someone. Stand on the other side of the Windmill's door and take a picture of the lady and the man walking around the moment they are looking at each other. Lenzo will then appoint you as his assistant and give you a Joy Pendant.

* Later, pay another visit to Lenzo. He will tell you about a special kind of light that can be found on Forest Haven. Head towards this island, get into the forest and capture a Firefly with one of your bottles. Bring it to Lenzo so he can upgrade your Picto box to a Deluxe Picto Box allowing you to take coloured pictures. Talk to him again. He will let you know that any day are "picture days" and will sell you a legendary picture for 50 rupees.

* Speak to the young girl wearing an orange dress in front of the windmill, take a picture of her (a colour picture) and show this picture to the young lad walking around wearing a green jacket. The next day, meet them at the cafe and speak to them to get a Piece of Heart.

Windfall Island The Wind Waker* Get in the Windmill, climb the stairs and talk to the man outside. Get back down and climb the ladder facing Zunari's shop. Play the Wind's Requiem, choose the north and step on the switch to activate the windmill again.

* Get back in the windmill, get out, climb on one of the gondolas and look at the brick tower. When you get close to this building, jump towards the door on the second floor. Open the door, pick up the Treasure Chart 29 in a chest and 50 rupees in the other one. Go ahead in the narrow passageway, carefully go down the stairs and take a picture of Lenzo and the woman. Put away your Picto Box, get out, then show the picture to the two gossiping ladies on the street. For this piece of information, they will offer you the Treasure Chart 24.

* At night, get back once more inside the Windmill, get out, speak to the man and get in one of the gondolas. Climb on the ledge of your gondola, take a look at the tower of the windmill which conceals a lighthouse, draw your Fire Arrow and shoot at it to light it. Go back down, get close to the Bomb Shop, have the wind blow south and fly on the small isle to find a Piece of Heart.

* At night, talk to Mina who stands next to the chemist's. Walk to the stairs and she will run away. You can then follow her from afar, but the easiest way is to stand close to the ladder of the windmill (right in front of Zunari's shop). Look right (with your back against the ladder) and wait for her to come. When she goes behind Zunari's counter, jump and dash to catch her during her wrongdoings. Talk to her and always choose the first answer. In the end, she will thank you with a new Bottle!

* At night, get in the rich-looking house from the ground level (left of the chemist's). Here Zunari is putting up the Treasure Chart 18, a Joy Pendant, the Treasure Chart 38 and a Piece of Heart for auction. At the beginning of the auctions, raise the auction bar up to half, so it's almost full when the auction gets close to ending (Zunari's announcement), then as soon as he claims "only 5 seconds left", press A to completely fill it and make an offer. Roughly add 30 rupees to the last price to win the item. Leave the house and get back in to try again if you lost or to get the next item.

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