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Pieces of Heart

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As in most Zelda games, find four Pieces of Heart to increase your health with one Heart Container. Here are the locations of these 44 heart pieces sorted out by alphabetic order of their island's name:

Angular Isles - E7

  • Get on the island with cubes. Pull the first cube with a drawing, push the second one with a drawing to make it fall, then get down and pull twice this same cube. Climb on it, pull the third cube and open the chest on top
  • Thanks to the Treasure Chart 15

Bomb Island - F5

  • [Bombs required] Blow up the large rock on top of the island and drop through the hole. Hit one of the foes, place it on the switch and open the door. Step on the switch to the left, then place the two enemies on the other two switches, and open the chest at the centre
  • Thanks to the Treasure Chart 20

Crescent Moon Island - E1

Diamond Steppe Island - A6

Five-Star Isles - G7

  • Look for a submarine in the south-east part of the area and defeat the enemies inside
  • Thanks to the Treasure Chart 33

Flight Control Platform - G2

  • [Double Magic Meter required] Accept and win the Bird-Man contest. Pay 10 rupees, have the wind blow north-west, and when the second draught is on the left as much as possible, jump from the edge with the Deku Leaf. Leave the first draught aside, and try to get into the others to reach the banderole and beat the record!

Forest Haven - F6

Forsaken Fortress - A1

  • In the room below the one where the Map was, step on the switch to unlock the door

Greatfish Isle - B4

  • After bringing the Shop Guru Statue to the traveling merchant
  • [Deku Leaf required] Climb on top of the islet south-east (the one with the sick tree) and look north-west with the Telescope to locate a recess in a cliff. Make the wind blow in this direction and use the Deku Leaf to reach this place where a chest is hidden.

Headstone Island - C7

  • [Hyoi Pear required] On the island, use a Hyoi Pear to take control of a seagull and have it fly over the cliffs, towards West

Needle Rock Isle - A5

  • [Hyoi Pear required] Use a Hyoi Pear to control a seagull and make it hit the switch on top of the tower, which will put out the fire around the chest

Outset Island - B7

  • [Power Bracelet required] Once the dark pig has grown up, lift it thanks to the Power Bracelet, take it to the other side of the bridge and put it down on the dark ground. Throw some All-Purpose Bait and the pig will dig up a Piece of Heart!
  • [Hookshot required] Just after finding the Triforce Chart 6, keep on exploring and clearing out the next rooms
  • Go back training with Orca and hit him 500 times(!) during the fight

Pawprint Isle - E2

  • Get into the egg by crawling in the narrow passage and open the chests
  • Thanks to the Treasure Chart 30

Rock Spire Island - B3

  • In the special Beedle's shop, buy a Piece of Heart for 950 rupees!
  • In the south part of the area, destroy the ships and retrieve the chests under the sea
  • Thanks to the Treasure Chart 2

Seven-Star Isles - F1

  • By beating a giant Octo, shoot bombs at each of his suckers (or hit them several times with the Boomerang) before getting swallowed!

Six-Eye Reef - D4

  • In the south part of this area, go on board the submarine and defeat the enemies to make the ladder go down, leading you to the chest

Southern Fairy Island - D6

Spectacle Island - C2

  • In the daytime, climb the ladder to reach the top of the tower. Talk to the guy and accept his game for 50 rupees. One technique is to aim at the furthest boat first with a 45 degree angle. Adjust the shoot of more or less 5 degrees if necessary, then aim at the next furthest boat while taking 5 or 10 degrees away. Do the same with the other three boats and you should easily win.

Star Island - B1

  • [Bombs required] Blow up one of the large rocks, jump down and fight the various enemies

Stone Watcher Island - C5

  • Destroy the cannons around the Lookout Platform to make a chest appear, then get to the top of the tower!

Thorned Fairy Island - G4

Three-Eye Reef - A4

Tingle Island - C3

  • By defeating a giant Octo in the north part of the area, fire bombs at each of his suckers (or hit them several times with the Boomerang) before getting swallowed!

Windfall Island - D2

  • Find the four Killer Bees members hidden in the island once again
  • Win the Sinking Ships game in the windmill
  • Act as a postman to help Maggie have news from her lover (after freeing Aryll) - more details
  • Join the nightly auctions - more details
  • Light the lighthouse after activating the windmill wheel and open the chest on the islet south-east - more details
  • After lighting the lighthouse, go back to the windmill and talk to the man outside
  • Thanks to the Deluxe Picto Box, help two lovers to reveal their mutual love - more details
  • When Zunari's shop is at least half filled up thanks to the Trading Sequence, buy some stuff (no need to buy everything) and put them in at least 14 receptacles (outside or inside) around the shop. Then talk to the man on the bench


  • After giving 20 Golden Feathers to the Rito on Dragon Roost Island, read the next mail in a mailbox.
  • After getting the Note to Mom on Dragon Roost Island, first of all, drop this letter in a mailbox. After defeating the final boss in the Earth Temple, you'll find a letter from the postman with 20 rupees in it. The following day, still in a mailbox, you'll get a Piece of Heart!
  • [Ballad of Gales and Bottle required] By restoring life to the eight Forest Trees: As this quest has to be completed in a limited time, I recommend having the Treasure Chest 25, in order to easily find one of the Forest Trees.
    To begin with, go to the Deku Tree's forest and take some Forest Water in a bottle. Now, you must hurry!
    Get back to your boat, have the wind blow east and go to Cliff Plateau Isles. Repeat what you did to get the Treasure Chest 25, target the tree and water it (the tree must stand up straight). Jump into the water, get on board, play the Ballad of Gales and choose the Tower of Gods. Have the wind blow south and go to the Private Oasis. Water the tree near the pool, go back to your boat and warp again to the Tower of Gods. Have the wind blow north and go to Eastern Fairy Island. Water the tree, play the Ballad of Gales and choose Southern Fairy Island. Have the wind blow west and go to Shark Island. Water the tree located north of the island, then warp to Greatfish Isle. Sail towards the islands and get on the closest one. Go on top of the island, water the tree and get back on your boat. Have the wind blow south-west and go to Needle Rock Isle. Water the tree located south of the island, then warp to Tingle Island. Have the wind blow north-west, sail towards Mother and Child Isles and get on the small island. Water the tree, then go back on the King of Red Lions, have the wind blow north and go to Star Island. Water the last tree which will suddenly grow and throw a Piece of Heart!