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Collectible Items

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All these items are placed in the Spoils Bag.

 NameTo give to (amount)LocationReward
Joy Pendant Joy Pendant Mrs Marie, the school teacher, loves them! (20) (20) Reward after defeating some enemies or to be found in various places - Cabana Deed
- Hero's Charm
Golden Feather Golden Feather One of the Ritos in their village for his fiancée (20) Sometimes left by Kargarocs or hit them with the Grappling Hook An orange rupee (100 rupees)
Skull Necklace Skull Necklace - Sea man near the gun-powder factory on Windfall Island (3)
- Maggie's father in the luxurious house on Windfall Island (20)
Left by Moblins when they are defeated - 50 rupees when bringing back the three pigs in less than two minutes
- Treasure Chart
Knight's Crest Knight's Crest Orca, the swordsman on Outset Island (10) - In the Dragoon Roost Cavern
- In the Forbidden Woods
- Left by Darknuts when they are defeated
Hurricane Spin
Boko Baba Seed Boko Baba Seed Hollo, the potion maker Korok (4) Left by the Boko Babas when you defeated them A blue potion (energy + magic)
Red Chu Jelly Red Chu Jelly Windfall Island chemist (5) Left by Red ChuChus when you defeated them A red potion (energy)
Green Chu Jelly Green Chu Jelly Windfall Island chemist (15) Left by Green ChuChus when they are defeated A green potion (magic)
Blue Chu Jelly Blue Chu Jelly Windfall Island chemist (15) Given by Blue ChuChus when they are defeated A blue potion (energy + magic)

And here is all you have to know about Blue Chuchus:

There are 23 of them, scattered everywhere on the islands (only outside) and they only appear when you are close to them.
You can collect their Chu only once: either by defeating them, or by stealing it from them with the Grappling Hook. After that you will only get 10 rupees.
I suggest starting to look for them after getting the second pearl.

Blue Chuchus map

Rock Spire Island [Bomb required] At the top, next to the hole and the sign
Boating Course [Deku Leaf required] Fly towards the other small island where the hole is, and climb on the grey part of the cliff
Angular Isles At the top near the chest
Souther Fairy Island Near a palm tree
Western Fairy Island Near a palm tree
Northern Fairy Island Near a palm tree
Tingle Island Near the flowerbed where the Tingle Statues can be placed
Spectacle Island Underneath the bridge where there is sand
Mother and Child Isles Next to the Travelling Merchant
Star Island [Bombs required] Under one of the boulders
Stone Watcher Island Near the big stone head
Needle Rock Island Near a tree on the opposite side of the ice block
Diamond Stepped Island [Hookshot required] Use the Hookshot to get to the different plateaus, the ChuChu is on the third one, near the waterfall
Horseshoe Island [Deku Leaf required] Use the Deku Leaf to get the balls into the holes, the ChuChu is near the second "golf" hole
Crescent Moon Island Near the chest
Crescent Moon Island Near the chest
Overlook Island [Hookshot required] On the third tower, in the middle of two palm trees
Thorned Fairy Island Near a palm tree
Bird's Pick Rock [Grappling Hook required] Near the locked door, look up and throw the Grappling Hook at the wood stick to get near the blue ChuChu
Cliff Plateau Isles Get into the hole and move on to the other exit to get on a higher islet: the blue ChuChu is just next to the chest. If you have the Hookshot and completed the Forest Trees quest, shoot it from your boat at the healed tree, it's quicker!
Eastern Fairy Island Near a palm tree
Shark Island [Deku Leaf, Iron Boots and Skull Hammer required] Activate all the switches in the order: Iron Boots, Skull Hammer, sword, then the crystal one at the end. A whirlwind will appear, have the wind blow south-east, jump into the whirlwind and fly towards the elevated cliff. The blob is at the top
Pawprint Isle On the biggest of the two grey ChuChu heads

Thanks to Baffy for the text on the Blue ChuChu.