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Windfall Island

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Windfall Island

Windfall Island The Wind WakerWindfall Island is quite a lively mercantile island. Talk to the people you meet to get some information, especially concerning sails on sale. North of the island, you will see an Inuit man trying to get rid of his merchandise. You can buy his Boat's Sail for 80 rupees. If you don't have enough rupees, breaks pots around the island, or you can talk to the sailor next to the Bomb Shop and bring him back his pig (located on the western road) in under two minutes. You can also play Hide and Seek, as it is explained further on in this chapter.

A bit further, enter the brick tower and talk to Lenzo, the astronomer who has lost his Picto Box. Get out, then enter the same tower, but from the back door. Break the pots and walk on the switch to set a jailer free. It's Tingle! (back from Majora's Mask / the Oracle series). He will give you the Tingle's Tuner and Tingle's Chart. [From now on, if you own a Game Boy Advance, you can link it to the GameCube with the appropriate cable and communicate with Tingle.] Go inside his cell, break the crate with a roll attack and crawl inside the tunnel. Turn right, then left, go straight ahead, right, left, ahead, left, right, right, ahead and right to get in a room. Pick up the Picto Box from the chest, read the stele to get some information and then get out from the way you came in. If a mouse makes you fall into the sea, get back to the village. Go back to Lenzo's. He will see the Picto Box (is it his own?) and will let you walk around the house. Go to the second floor and take a look at the pictures on the three walls to gather some information.

Windfall Island The Wind WakerLeave the tower and get in the house on the right: Mrs Marie's School of Joy. Talk to her several times to have her tell you about her pupils. Then, leave and talk to the four kids on the plaza so you can play Hide and Seek with them. You will have to find all four of them, but don't worry about any timer! One of them is hidden behind a bush left of the school (follow the path to the beach next to the school and look to the left), another one is behind the stele next to the dancer (north-east of the island), another one is behind the Bomb Shop (to the south - you will have to get past the ledge to see him) and the last one is on a tree next to the man looking for his daughter (make a roll attack on the tree to make him fall). Once they're all found, they will give you a well-deserved Piece of Heart! Go back to the teacher to give her their apologies and you will get a purple rupee. The four kids, the Killer Bees, will then want to give their teacher a present. Perform a roll attack on the tree next to the Bomb shop to make a Joy Pendant fall. Bring it to Mrs Marie to get another rupee. If you wish, you can talk to the two lasses south of the island, give them two rupees and they will tell you more about three new islands and a great clue. Then, go back to the beach and get on your boat. Use your sail and there you go!

At Sea

Sail east, since you're lucky enough to have the wind blow in this direction, and pick up some rupees along the way.

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