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First steps in the Kingdom of Hytopia

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first steps in HytopiaFollowing the spell cast on Princess Styla, King Tuft is calling for young men to find Totem heroes. To become one, one needs to have pointy ears, sideburns and side-parted hair! Next you meet with a boy who works with Madame Couture and he lets you notice that your look is not really stylish in the realm. The game starts in a village. Talk to the inhabitants if you wish and start cutting grass and bushes to collect a few rupees. Then get into the purple house. There you will meet with Madame Couture and her cats ;-) Because of the curse cast by the witch, business isn't going well. The boy says you should go and see Sir Combsly in charge of the recruitment of the Witch-Hunting Brigade. So follow his advice, leave the shop and head north.

Hytopia villageTalk with the guard in front of the castle, then get in. Sir Combsly will note that you are a perfect candidate. If you question him, he tells you about the legend of the Totem heroes. After asking about your name, he says that you need a Hero's tunic and gives you a material: some Hytopia Silk! Leave the castle and go back to Madame Couture. Talk to her and choose to make an order. Select the Hero's Tunic that she will hurry to craft for you. Admire yourself in the mirror on the right if you wish, then leave. Outside a man calls you and says you should give thanks to the Totem Hero statue. It's in fact the way you can save in this game. So pay tribute and return to the castle. Sir Combsly explains the rules to follow in the Drablands. Talk to the guard next to the small door if you play alone or to the one next to the large door if you play with teammates.

Castle LobbyCastle Lobby

Now take a few steps and listen to the old man's instructions. If you play alone, he will tell you about Doppels who will come with you. On the right you can meet the boy again who can give you information about the materials. On the left a man in red can give you information about the way to play with the Doppels or with companions. When you feel ready, talk to the lobby's master again who will wake up the Doppels. Take control of one of them, place him on a Triforce triangle, do the same with the other one, then stand on the last triangle. Next choose the Woodlands, the first accessible region of the Drablands, then the Deku Forest, the first level!

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