Tri Force Heroes walkthrough

Woodlands: Deku Forest

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Deku Forest

Stage 1

Deku ForestCut some bushes and break some pots to win a few rupees, then pick up one of the Bows. Take control of the doppels (one by one) to pick up the other two Bows and have all three heroes cross the bridge. You now have to make a totem. Get close to a doppel and form a totem with him. Next, take control of the lone doppel, move him close to the two heroes and make a totem so he will lift them. Stand in front of the right pillar, then take control of the middle Link and throw the top Link on top of the pillar. Have him stand on the switch, then take control of the totem, place it in front of the left pillar and throw the top hero onto the second switch. Finally place the remaining Link on the third switch, which will open the gate. Have all three heroes stand on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Deku ForestMove on, strike the reachable enemies, then make a two-Link totem. Throw the top Link on an elevated zone, quickly take his control and fight the other foes. Open the two chests to win hearts and rupees, then create another totem to get rid of the last enemies. The Triforce symbol appears then. Stand on it to move to stage 3.

Stage 3

Deku ForestHit the orb switch, which will activate a moving footbridge. Get on it to cross and reach the other side, then do the same with the other heroes so they can join you. Make a two-Link totem, go north and throw the top hero higher up. Switch to the hero left behind, make a totem and throw another hero higher up. Now make a two-Link totem and fire an arrow at the switch on the right. Jump back down, have everybody cross on the footbridge and split. If you wish, make a totem to open the chest to the north which holds 20 rupees. Open the chest on the right, then make a full totem. Get on the small moving bridge, and while crossing, fire an arrow at the orb north to make a bridge and the Triforce appear. Split up. If you wish, hit the jellyfish several times to win rupees and hearts. Have all three heroes cross the bridge and place them on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 4

Deku ForestMove on to meet with "deku scrubs" which attack you. Shoot arrows at the one in the middle to defeat it, then make a two-Link totem and get rid of the scrubs on the right and left. Next create a three-Link totem and fight the last scrub, which leaves a purple rupee worth 50 rupees. At last stand on the Triforce. Walk to the three chests, each of them holding a material, and open one of them. The level is over, rupees are stored and the game is saved.

Once back in the castle lobby, get out of the castle. On the village square, the man says that all shops are now opened, like the Daily Riches Store and the Miiverse Gallery. Enter the Daily Riches house and open one of the four chests to maybe win a Sweet Shroom or another material. Next visit the Miiverse Gallery. Talk to the owner who gives you his Camera and leave. Return to the castle to carry on the adventure!

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