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Woodlands: Buzz Blob Cave

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Buzz Blob Cave

Stage 1

Buzz Blob CavePick up the Bow and use it to pop the balloon. Next go left and shoot at another balloon, which will lower a bridge. Continue left and strike the enemy. Now take control of the blue doppel. Grab the Bow, fire an arrow at the right balloon, which will lower another bridge, go right and catch up with the green hero. Now's the turn of the red doppel, take the Bow, pop the balloon, cross the bridge and catch up with the others. Create a full totem, throw the top two heroes onto the ledge on the right (with three bushes), then switch to the Link carrying the other one and throw him higher up to the north. Use this hero to fire an arrow at the balloon, which will make a key fall to the ground. Jump, grab the key and put it in the lock to open the gate. Have all three Link go through and stand on the Triforce symbol.

Stage 2

Buzz Blob CaveGo right, jump down and stand on the big square switch. Take control of a doppel, place him on the switch and do the same with the third one. Enemies suddenly appear! Fight them with the sword or with arrows, but in all cases, use arrows with the electrified ones not to be hurt. After getting rid of the second group of "buzz blobs", the gate will open. Go north, pick up 50 rupees in the chest on the left and step on the Triforce symbol. Bring the other two heroes there to transport to the next stage.

Stage 3

Buzz Blob CaveStart by making a full totem, then move onto the footbridge and get rid of the two deku scrubs. The pillar in the centre holds an orb which hides when you look in its direction. So step back, then quickly face it and shoot an arrow at the orb which will stay activated. Step onto one of the moving platforms and, while staying on it (or not^^), activate the orb located in the north-west corner and the one being in the north-east corner. The gate will then open. Next, if you wish, go in the south-west corner to open a chest holding 20 rupees. Go through the gate, play with the jellyfish to retrieve a few hearts, then step on the Triforce gateway to reach stage 4.

Stage 4

Buzz Blob CaveMove up to the edge of a large arena... it feels like the first boss is coming now! Jump down into the arena and stay near the edge, then bring the two doppels by your side. The boss will appear at this moment. Shoot arrows at him without stopping, then when he grows up, make a two-Link totem and continue striking him. When he grows up again, make a three-Link totem and fire more arrows at his red core. From time to time he will fire beams in four directions, so keep moving to avoid them. If your health is getting low, cut bushes to retrieve a few hearts. After defeating him, stand on the Triforce. Again, walk to the three chests and pick up one to get a new material. Level completed.

Back in the castle lobby, you can pay a visit to Madame Couture. With a bit of luck, you will have enough materials to buy another outfit (Kokiri Clothes, Legendary Dress or Big Bomb Outfit). Go back to the castle to continue your quest!

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