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Woodlands: Moblin Base

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Moblin Base

If you have bought a new costume, put it on.

Stage 1

Moblin BaseJump from the stump, step onto one of the two large leaves which happen to be lifts and get close to the weapons. If you are wearing the Kokiri Clothes, pick up a Bow, and if you are wearing the Big Bomb Outfit, take the Bombs. (This isn't very important, but it makes things easier.) Next, take control of the doppels and have them pick up the remaining items. As the Bomb-using Link, stand at the bottom of the steps and throw a bomb towards the stone blocks to make them explode. Bring the other two heroes there and throw one of them to the other side of the big totem. Then switch to the other hero with a Bow and place him to the left of the totem. Now take control of the Bomb-using Link, make a totem and fire an arrow at the orb to the north. Then quickly, throw the top hero to the right to create another totem, switch to the bottom hero to look north and shoot another arrow at the second orb before the time is up! Head north and place all three heroes on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Moblin BaseMake a two-Link totem, head north and fire arrows at the two deku scrubs. Then make a three-Link totem and get rid of the next deku scrub (while not placing the Bomb-using hero at the top). Split up, take control of the Bomb-using Link and throw a bomb next to the clogged wall to the north. Grab 20 rupees in the chest, then make a full totem and walk across the wooden log. Split up and again switch to the hero with bombs. Throw bombs at the two "life like" to defeat them, and place another bomb near the clogged wall for 20 additional rupees. Then take control of a Bow-using hero and get rid of the buzz blob. Continue left and clear out all the buzz blobs there. At this moment, stairs will appear and the Triforce symbol will light up. Step on the Triforce to go on.

Stage 3

Moblin BaseAs a Bow-using Link, take the two buzz blobs out, then walk across the log and shoot arrows at the electrified buzz blob. Beware the life like which is hiding in the bushes! Continue right and get rid of the other buzz blobs. Next, cross the bridge, get rid of the moblin, move onto the log and fight the second moblin. Bring the other heroes up to here, then take control of the Bomb-using Link, go right and place a bomb on the grate under which an orb is located. The latter will activate and lower the gate. Now use the two Bow heroes to activate the five other orbs in the time limit. A key will fall to the ground on the left. Make a full totem, throw the top two heroes on the small platform, then throw the top hero towards the key. (If you fall in the water, swim south to get back to dry land.) Pick it up, then throw it to the hero on the right, then to the hero who stayed on the right. Have this hero walk across the log and place him in front of the lock to open the door. Have the other two heroes catch up with him, then head northwards where the Triforce is waiting for you.

Stage 4

Moblin BaseGo straight on to discover another arena... Bring the other heroes and moblins will appear! As a Bow-using Link (the one with the Kokiri Clothes if available), clear out the two moblins walking on the ground. Then totem up with another hero and fire arrows at the one who's jumping. Dodge his spinning top when he disappears, then do the same with the other jumping moblin. Next create a full totem (with the hero wearing the Kokiri Clothes on top) and fight the last moblin at the centre. Two moblins on towers are now remaining. Make a three-Link totem with the Bomb-using hero on top, then get close to a corner of the arena and throw the top two heroes onto a ledge. Now throw a bomb on top of the tower where a moblin is located to beat him. Do the same with the other moblin and the gate will open. (It is also possible to throw a hero near the moblin and use the sword.) Walk up the stairs and stand on the Triforce gateway. As usual, move to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

Back in the castle lobby, a message will inform you that new outfits are available at Madame Couture's shop. So go back to the village. On the square you will see a street merchant who sells many materials. In the south-west part a small girl will advise you to take a picture of a blue bird. Get back to Madame Couture where you will maybe be able to buy an outfit, then return to the castle.

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