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Woodlands: Forest Temple

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Forest Temple

If you own the Kokiri Clothes or the Big Bomb Outfit, choose it.

Stage 1

Forest TempleLike in the previous level, if you are wearing the Kokiri Clothes, pick up a Bow, and if you are wearing the Big Bomb Outfit, take the Bombs. Have the doppels pick up the remaining weapons, then take control of the Bow-using hero. Stand to the right of the rightmost torch, then shoot an arrow towards left to set fire to the unlit torch. Next, make a full totem and again stand to the right of the elevated unlit torch to shoot an arrow and set fire to the torch on the left. Head north and take control of a Bomb-using hero. Throw a bomb at the centre of each moving trap to destroy them, then grab the key. Place it in the keyhole to open the gate, then step on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 2

Forest TemplePlace the three heroes on the large button to begin the stage. Start by destroying the four traps with bombs. Then you can also blow up the two brown pillars so that some tektites will fall to the ground where you can strike them, or you can make a three-Link totem and fight the tektites on the pillars. When they are all defeated, move onto the Triforce symbol to the north to transport to the next stage.

Stage 3

Forest TempleMake a three-Link totem and move to the far left while dodging the arrows. Next, blow up the cracked block on the left, then the one on the right so a lit up arrow will set fire to the torch on the left. Now take control of the Bow-using Link, place him south of the torch and shoot an arrow to the north to set fire to the two other torches, which will raise a footbridge. Make a full totem, cross the bridge, then move carefully to the far right, then to the far left, and stand in front of the big square block. Split up and push this block as much as possible. Walk down the stairs on the right to retrieve a few hearts, then stand left of the block and push it towards right up to the end to block the arrows. Next bring the other heroes there and throw a bomb in the moving trap to activate the Triforce. Now step on it to go to stage number 4.

Stage 4

Forest TempleAgain it's not smelling good! Have the three heroes go down into the arena to make the first real boss appear: Margoma! Make a totem with the two Bomb-using heroes and throw bombs at him. When the slote at the centre of the boss opens, quickly throw a bomb inside! The boss will be stunned for a few seconds and will show his eye. So throw the top Link on the boss and strike this eye without stopping. Next stack up again and stay clear of his spikes. Repeat the same tactics once more, then the boss will grow up, so you need to make a three-Link totem and repeat the same technique. You can use the ramp on the right to temporarily protect yourself and if your health is low, there are some hearts in the bushes on the left. Throw bombs at him, then when the slote is opened, throw a bomb inside. Stay clear of his spikes, then get quickly close to him, switch to the middle Link and throw the top Link near Margoma's eye so he can strike it as much as he can. Repeat this another time, then his eye will get loose from his body. So take control of the Bow-using Link and shoot at the eye. When the latter is stunned, run and slash it. Repeat this 5-6 times to definitely defeat him! Finally go north and place all three Links on the Triforce. As usual, walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. This time you will also get the Lady's Glasses. Level completed.

the king and the witchBack to the castle, a message will inform you that new costumes are available at Madame Couture's shop and that the map of the Drablands has been updated. Leave the lobby and Sir Combsly will call you. He says that King Tuft wants to meet you. The king introduces himself and his daughter Styla who feels miserable, like all the people of Hytopia. He tells you about the legend of the Totem Heroes and special challenges, which are now opened in the areas where you have already defeated the boss. Leave the castle and go back to Madame Couture. The dressmaker will notice the glasses and tell you about the witch. She reveals that this witch, The Lady, is actually her older sister who let herself seduce by the dark side of the force... er... the magic! She adds that if you visit the princess wearing the Lady's Ensemble, the curse should be lifted, but to do this you need rare materials. Buy another outfit if you wish (also think of the street merchant), then get back to the castle.

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