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Riverside: Secret Fortress

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Secret Fortress

Stage 1

Secret FortressMake a full totem, throw the top two heroes higher up, then pick up the Water Rod. Next, use this rod to create a water pillar, take control of the hero left behind and have him go in this pillar so he will move up and catch up with his two friends. Use the rod again to bring the three heroes on the highest level. Once the three Link have found their Water Rod, use the totem technique, as well as the rod, to take the three Link on the level where moblins are. Make a three-Link totem, get rid of the two moblins, then throw the top two heroes on the wooden platforms and place them on the switches. Next, switch to a well-placed hero, use the rod in the direction of the third platform and bring the last hero on this platform. When the three switches are pressed, a footbridge will appear. Cross it and stand on the Triforce symbol to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Secret FortressMake a three-Link totem, get close to the left edge of the platform and use the rod towards north. Then quickly, throw the top two heroes on the water pillar, then the top hero near the moblin. (If the hero falls into the water, he can get out on the low platform on the right.) Strike it with your sword, then pick up the energy potion. Next, create a water pillar towards the hero in the water so he can catch you up. Make a totem, throw a hero towards the orb and hit it. Now bring the three heroes on the low platform on the right. Make a three-Link totem, use the Water Rod northwards and throw the top two heroes, then quickly throw the top hero near the orb and hit it as well. A passage will open. Bring the three heroes on the low platform, then on the next one. Form a full totem, use the rod towards the passage, throw the top two heroes, then the top hero towards the passage. Next, have the other two heroes swim in front of the passage, and use the rod to make them join (one by one) the first Link.

Continue northwards, use the rod to chase the flames and stand on the left switch. Then locate two other switches under the flames. Switch to another Link, use the rod towards one of the switches to chase the flames and place him on it, then quickly do the same with the third Link. The door will now open. Use the rod to make the three heroes go through. Make a two-Link totem, then when the timing is good, use the rod northwards, move on the water pillar, quickly use the rod again, move, use the rod, move and once more to reach the north side. Next, bring the other heroes in front of the wall and use the rod to make them go up and catch up with the first Link. Finally step on the Triforce.

Stage 3

Secret FortressUse the Water Rod to create water pillars and walk up to the bridge with the two moblins. Strike them, let two tektites get near and slash them as well. Go to the next platform, then take control of the doppels and have them catch you up. Next, stand near the bomb (bomb flower) on the right, take control of another Link, bring him to the left, lift the bomb flower and throw it near the orb. Quickly switch back and throw the bomb flower towards the second orb. The wall will lower. Create water pillars to reach the north side, then let the two crows come close and clear them out. Come back near the other heroes. Now stand with your back to the bomb (you have to touch it) and make three water pillars towards north, then right away, switch to another Link, lift the bomb, have him cross on the water pillars and throw the bomb on the cracked blocks! Repeat this a second time to destroy the last block, then bring the three Link north and place them on the Triforce to go to stage 4.

Stage 4

Secret FortressJump to the left, step on the large switch and have the other heroes do the same. Enemies suddenly appear. Here you can do the job with only one Link. Get rid of the moblins by creating water pillars to get close to them and pay attention to the bombs thrown by the keeleons. Next, pick up the thrown bombs and throw them back at the keeleons to beat them. When all the enemies have disappeared, the Triforce gateway will activate. Have all three Link stand on it to complete this level. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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