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Riverside: Abyss of Agony

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Abyss of Agony

If you own the Kokiri Clothes, choose them.

Stage 1

Abyss of AgonyMake the three heroes go down, then have them swim towards north to make them reach the platform with weapons. If you are wearing the Kokiri Clothes, choose the Bow and give a Water Rod to your companions. Use the rod to go left and activate the orb, which will reveal other orbs. Continue northwards and hit the orb, which will unblock a part of the gate. Next, take control of the Bow-using hero and shoot arrows at the spikey mines around you to get rid of them. Swim onto the starting platform, then switch to the other Rod-using hero and bring him also on the starting platform. Make a totem and use the Bow northwards to activate another orb, which will reveal more orbs. Next, come back south and throw the Bow-using hero onto the wooden crate on the left. Create water pillars towards left and quickly bring the Bow hero on the platforms, then go north, make more pillars towards north and have quickly the Bow hero cross to the north platform. Catch him up, lift him and fire an arrow at the orb, which will lower the gate. Now bring the heroes to the platform where the weapons were, then use the rod to reach the Triforce to the north.

Stage 2

Abyss of AgonyMake the three heroes go up to the top of the cliff using the Water Rod, then have them jump left to make foes appear. To defeat the octoroks (red enemies), use the rod to move them up, get close while they are stunned and strike them with the sword. Do the same with the Keeleon: Use the rod on it, move up and strike it. Then more enemies appear. Use the same tactics with the octoroks, then take control of the Bow-using hero to get rid of the electrified buzz blobs. The Triforce will then activate. Make a full totem and use the rod so that the team can stand on the Triforce gateway. Next stage!

Stage 3

Abyss of AgonyMake a three-Link totem and have the heroes go up near a kind of steering wheel thanks to the Water Rod. Take control of the Bow-using hero, place him on the platform and clear out the crow on the left. Next, switch to another Link, place him ahead of the right blue circle and use the rod which will activate this wheel and move the platform towards left. Quickly take control of the Bow-using hero and fire at the orb to the north, which will unblock the route. Switch to the other Link again, turn the wheel again, then fire an arrow diagonally at the second orb south. Another part will then be unblocked. Place the other Link in front of the left circle and turn the wheel twice to bring his friend to the right. Switch to him, totem up with the inactive hero and come back onto the platform. Activate the wheel to move the platform left, then use the rod to reach the hills above and walk up to another wheel. Place the Bow-using Link on the next platform, then go back left and use the rod to reach a third wheel in the middle of the route. Take control of the hero located to the far left, place him on the platform, bring him near you, then catch up with him on the platform and go up again to the Bow Link. Totem up with him, then turn the wheel twice to make the heroes move up. Throw the Bow-using hero higher up, then switch to him and hit the orb on the right, which will activate a lift. Use this lift to open a chest holding 20 rupees. Next, turn the last wheel to bring the platform to its staring point, have the distant hero step on it and bring him to you. Make a three-Link totem and use the rod to go up left and stand on the Triforce!

Stage 4

Abyss of AgonyMake the three heroes go down and the battle against a giant electrified blob will start! Beware the enemy's beams and make sure you are not in the water when it is electrified. Take control of the Bow-using Link and fire arrows at its red core four times. When the giant blob dives into the water, switch to another Link and use the rod to make it go out, then quickly come back on dry land. Make a totem with the Bow-using Link and once again shoot four arrows at its head. Make it go out again, then you have to make a three-Link totem and repeat these tactics to defeat it! Next, go up northwards and stand on the Triforce symbol. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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