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Riverside: Cove of Transition

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Cove of Transition

Stage 1

Cove of TransitionPick up the Gripshot close by, then shoot it at the peg on the right to cross the ravine, and go south. Take control of the other Link, have them take another Gripshot, then make them catch you up. Make the team cross to the right, then form a full totem and throw the top two heroes on the elevated platform. Get rid of the bat, then go down. Take control of the Link left behind and use the Gripshot on the Link to the right so he will be pulled to him. Head south, right and north, make a three-Link totem and shoot the Gripshot at the elevated peg. Have the Link who has crossed the ravine go down, then take control of the other two heroes and use the Gripshot on him to cross the gap as well. Next, step on the Triforce gateway on the right.

Stage 2

Cove of TransitionIn this stage, the water level goes up and down regularly. Strike the tektike, as well as the other foe (water tektite), thanks to the sword or Gripshot to stun them. Then more enemies will appear. Fight them as well, then the Triforce symbol will activate. Swim towards north and place the heroes on it to go to the next stage.

Stage 3

Cove of TransitionClimb on the raft and shoot the Gripshot northwards to tow yourself, then to the right. Take control of another Link and place him on the small platform to the north of the raft, then switch back to the Link on the raft and fire the Gripshot to pull him to this platform. Next, shoot the Gripshot at the pegs to the right to get there. Then have the other two heroes join you and make a full totem. Throw the top hero onto the switch, which will make the water level go up. Now you just have to swim northwards and step on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 4

Cove of TransitionThe next small battle requires strategy if you play alone. Try to stand a few steps from the Gyorm (not too close), then take control of another Link and place him even farther from the Gyorm. Then shoot the Gripshot at it to remove its shell, quickly switch back to the other Link and strike the foe before it gets back into its shell. Next, three similar enemies will appear. Simply repeat this technique so that the Triforce gateway will light up. Stand on the golden symbol to complete this stage. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

If you have found a Zora Scale, you can probably buy the Zora Costume. And don't forget to visit the man at the Daily Riches store every day to possibly win a material.

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