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Volcano: Blazing Trail

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Blazing Trail

Stage 1

Blazing TrailMake a three-Link totem and throw at least one hero above the lava and have him pick up a Boomerang. Then throw this Boomerang at the other heroes to bring them to you and have them take the remaining Boomerangs. Place the teammates on the large switch to make a bridge appear, cross it, then make a full totem and step onto the lift. Step off on the right, strike the Hardhat Beetle, then make another three-Link totem. When the lava geyser lowers, throw the top Link to the other side (just north of the rock), then switch to this Link and use his Boomerang to pull the two heroes. Head right, open the chest holding three hearts, then step onto the Triforce gateway to go to the nest stage.

Stage 2

Blazing TrailIf you wish, you can form a totem, throw a hero on the rock slab to the south-east and take him to a chest holding 20 rupees before coming back. Make a three-Link totem and throw the top two heroes onto the north-east path of rock slabs. Head quickly north-east until you find a small jellyfish. There, leave a Link, then go back south-west and stop on the stable slab. Take control of the left behind Link, have him go north, not far from the previous Link, switch back to him and throw his Bommerang left to catch his friend. Then go back together north-east. There, make a full totem, head south-east, throw the top two heroes south above the gap, then take their control right away and have them go left, on a large stable platform. Split up, switch to the Link left behind, bring him south-east, diagonally from a safe hero, then switch to this hero to throw the Boomerang and bring back his friend. Next, have each Link stand on a switch, which will make fire keeses and two hinox appear! Use the Boomerang to hit and stun them, then quickly slash them while watching out for their bombs. Then the flames will disappear. Make a three-Link totem, go north-west, then south-west and follow the path northwards until you find the Triforce symbol. Stand on it to transport to the stage 3.

Stage 3

Blazing TrailBeware the volcano's explosions! Make a three-Link totem, go up the path towards north, throw the top two heroes on the lift, then a hero to the right. Next, switch to the Link on the lift, throw his Boomerang at the Link to the left, then throw him right. And finally, take control of one of the heroes to the right to bring the Link on the lift to them. Continue all to the right, get rid of the bat and retrieve a few hearts. Next, make a three-Link totem, go left, throw the top two heroes on a rock slab, then a hero to the left. Use the same method as previously to bring all three Link to the left, but this time have the Link on the slab move south and north not to sink! Grab a few hearts, then head left, and north. Make a three-Link totem, throw the Boomerang at the two orbs to activate them, which will make the flame curtain disappear. Continue north and step onto the Triforce symbol to reach the next stage.

Stage 4

Blazing TrailHere the lava flows and withdraws regularly. During the times without lava, move to strike the kodongos spitting fire and use your Boomerang to clear out the fire keese. When all the enemies are defeated, you can get the content of the chests: 20 rupees and hearts. Then go south-east, make a three-Link totem and throw the top two heroes onto the platform with the Triforce. Then stand on the platform more to the north, take control of another Link to get the lone Link to his friends, and stand all on the Triforce gateway. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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