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The Dunes: Stone Corridors

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Stone Corridors

Stage 1

Stone CorridorsMake your choice among the Gust Jar, Boomerang and Gripshot, then give the other weapons to the doppels. Go north, take control of the Gust Jar hero and blow on the pile of sand, which reveals some kind of Egyptian statue. Grab this statue, throw it on the pedestal, then place the heroes on the three switches. Cross the bridge which has appeared, then switch to the Gripshot-using hero and use the pegs to go around the place up to the sand river. Have the other two heroes follow the same path and once arrived to the north, blow on the big pile of sand hiding another statue. Grab this statue, continue right, then south on the large platform and throw the statue there. Blow on it to make it cross the sand river, then have the Boomerang and Gripshot heroes cross the river. Throw the Boomerang at the Gust Jar hero to bring him right, then lift the statue and throw it higher up. Make a full totem and have the heroes jump on the pyramid. Place the statue onto the pedestal at the top and the heroes on the switches, which will open the gate. Step on the Triforce symbol to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Stone CorridorsMake a three-Link totem with the Gripshot-using hero on top, then shoot this item at the fence to make it flip. Reuse the Gripshot on the statue to cross the gap, then step on the nearby switch, which makes some stairs appear. Have the totem walk up these stairs, then pick up the statue and throw it facing the arrows. Next, stand behind the statue and use the Gust Jar to make it move up to the arrow thrower. Have the other heroes go right, then use the same technique to block the rolling pin to the south. Go left and blow the piles of sand to find a purple rupee. Next, pick up the statue again (the Boomerang may be useful to avoid the spikes), go back left and throw it left to block the second spiked pin to the south. Have the team move on, then take the statue again, go left and throw it on top of the tower. Place the heroes on the three switches, which will move the wall aside, then finally step on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 3

Stone CorridorsMake a three-Link totem and cross the balancing platform in the middle so it will stay balanced and you won't fall. Split up, grab the statue and throw it at the centre of the platform on the black pillar. Next, make the heroes cross quickly one by one, then throw the Boomerang at the statue to get it back. Get rid of the crabs, then lift the statue and throw it on the red square. Switch to the Boomerang-using hero, have him walk to the end of the balancing platform, catch the statue and throw it on the black pillar more to the north. Bring here the other two heroes, then throw two heroes (including the one with the Boomerang) north and take them to the stable ground. Throw the Boomerang at the statue to also put it on solid ground, then go grab the lone hero, and take him north as well. Now, in several steps, place two heroes on the right side of the next platform, and the other Link carrying the statue on the left side, then as soon as you are close enough, throw the statue on its pedestal, which will open a door. Next, quickly bring the two Link on the right towards the centre, as well as the one on the left, then lead all three heroes to the Triforce symbol to the north.

Stage 4

Stone CorridorsBreak pots to refill your hearts, then make a three-Link totem and go north to get into the arena: a huge balanced platform where a vulture is waiting to play with you... Quickly place a Link on the right side and the Boomerang Link on the left side (where the vulture is at the start), then get closer to the bird and throw the Boomerang at it to stun it and hit it quickly with your sword 2-3 times. Repeat this as long as the vulture stays there, while making sure that the other Link stays on the right. Next, the vulture will fly away, drop a statue on the platform and lands on the right. Quickly bring back the heroes south, where they are safe, and wait for it to go back left. The right perch is indeed higher, so the bird is more difficult to reach (or you should use the remaining Link to make a totem). As soon as it is possible, use the same method to strike it 5-6 times, while also watching out for the bursts of air he spits at you. Then the bird goes crazy and struggles at the centre of the arena. Run to it and slash it without stopping to defeat it! Next, head up the large stairs and step on the Triforce gateway. Then as always, walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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