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The Dunes: Infinity Dunes

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Infinity Dunes

If you own the Torrent Robe, choose it.

Stage 1

Infinity DunesIf you are wearing the Torrent Robe, choose the Water Rod and give the Gust Jars to the doppels. Use the rod to make the heroes go up, then walk on the sand towards north-east without stopping or you would sink. You can use a Gust Jar and blow on the small piles of sand where hearts are sometimes hidden. Next, use the Water Rod to cross the river of sand. Watch out for the skeletal sandfish which move under the sand, and go on north. Make a three-Link totem and blow on the pile of sand on top of a large pillar, then throw a Link on the switch. Place the other two heroes on the two remaining switches, which makes a bridge appear. Cross this bridge and step on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Infinity DunesClear out the life likes, leevers and the vulture by starting to strike the life like. If you get caught, immediately switch to one of the doppels. Then totem up with another Link to get rid of the vulture. But be careful, another life like is hiding under a heart in the middle of the area. Hit the heart to make it come out and strike it like the first one. When all the enemies are defeated, the gate to the north will open. Step on the Triforce symbol to go to the next stage.

Stage 3

Infinity DunesThis time, double doors get closed as soon as you arrive. Make a full totem, walk to the far left, then switch to the Water Rod Link. Use the rod on the small plant, which turns into a "lift-leaf", then re-form the totem and step on it! Do the same with the next plant, pick up a stone or a bush, then step on the leaf to go up again. Take a few steps towards the orb and throw the stone or bush at it to activate it, which will open one of the double doors. Have the other heroes move up. If all the heroes have already moved up, you just have to make one jump to fetch a bush. Use a Gust Jar to have two heroes fly right, then water the two plants which turn into bomb flowers. Next, have the Water Rod Link fly left again and switch to him. Stand right on the edge, use the rod, step back, use the rod again, then quickly lift your friend and cross on the two water pillars. If you fall just before reaching the other side, use the rod on another plant to go back up. Next, have a hero fly more to the right and again, use the rod to reach the other side. Now make a totem with the two Gust Jar heroes, use the rod on them to make them go up, then use the Gust Jar to activate the second orb. Jump below, then jump to the right to reach a chest holding 100 rupees! Finally have your teammates jump to the bottom, go through the doors and step on the Triforce.

Stage 4

Infinity DunesGo down into the arena to start the fight. Take control of the hero with the Water Rod and use the rod on the Hokkubokku to stun it and make it go up, then quickly get close and slash it as much as possible. After 2-3 hits, three similar enemies will appear. Use the same method to defeat them. Next, stand on the Triforce gateway, then as usual, walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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