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Fortress: The Lady's Lair

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The Lady's Lair

In this level, the Sword Suit is a good choice as you will face many enemies.

Stage 1

The Lady's LairGive out the Gripshot, Boomerang and Gust Jar to the heroes, then climb the stairs and go north while dodging the giant rollings balls. Bring the other two heroes, then place one (Boomerang or Gripshot) on the switch to make the orbs accessible. Next, make a totem with the other two heroes while putting the one with the Gust Jar at the bottom. Place it on the purple blocks, take control of the Link at the centre, hit the orb to the north to raise the purple blocks, then switch to the totem and hit the left orb with the Boomerang or Gripshot. Now quickly place the totem on the yellow blocks, have the lone Link raise the yellow blocks and have the totem hit the right orb within the time limit. Some stairs will appear. Climb these stairs and stand on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

The Lady's LairTake a few steps to see soldiers on some kind of merry-go-round attacking you. Pick up the thrown bombs and throw them back at the foes to get rid of them while dodging their spears. If there are only soldiers with spears left, take control of the Boomerang-using hero, throw this item at the bombs on the left or right side of the room, and throw them back at the last soldiers. Then a large switch will appear. Stand on it, as well as your companions, to go to the upper floor of the fortress. Then step on the Triforce symbol to go to stage 3.

Stage 3

The Lady's LairHead north, use a weapon to stun the soldier, then strike him with the sword. Do the same with the next one, then cross the bridge and walk up the long stairs. Get rid of the bat, then walk carefully on the rope and get rid of the second one. Bring the other two heroes there, make a full totem, walk on the rope and stop when you are opposite the hanging bomb flower to the north. Face it, throw the Boomerang at the bomb to catch it, then throw it at the cracked block on the left, which will activate a moving platform. Step on it and step off on the left. Throw a Link to the very top near the chest which holds 50 rupees, then keep on climbing to the top of the tower. Go south, then blue hardhat beetles and a blue soldier will appear. Fight them all so the gate will open and keep on going up. Break pots if you need hearts, then go right to face up to other enemies: two hinox and a ball & chain soldier. In a first step, stay south not to attract the soldier, stun the hinox from a distance, then strike them quickly. Next, fight the soldier like the previous ones while avoiding his ball surrounded by fire. Then step on the Triforce gateway which has appeared at the centre of the arena.

Stage 4

The Lady's LairYou now meet with the witch Lady Maud. This wicked witch doesn't hesitate to laugh at you and refuses to believe that her outfit is enchanted. Then she disappears and sends her three musketeers at you. Break some pots if you need hearts, then climb the long stairs to start the fight against the... Lady's Pets! This boss looks like Margoma, the boss from the Forest Temple. Make a totem with the Boomerang-using Link on top, throw the Boomerang at a bomb flower, then throw it at the centre of the boss. If the bomb falls into the slote, his eye will be exposed. Quickly throw the top hero onto him and slash his pink eye 2-3 times. After two successful hits, the monster will disappear and give way to another boss looking like Arrghus, the boss from the Fire Temple.
Make a two-Link totem, throw the top hero on the left or right side of the room near bomb flowers, quickly go south (where you are more or less safe) and switch to the previous Link. Then, when the boss gets closer, throw a bomb at his tail, then another one. Next, the boss moves faster and lifts his tail. Use the Boomerang or the Gripshot to get the hero located on the platform into the arena, make a full totem and slash the boss' tip of the tail to defeat him!
The Lady's LairThe next foe looks like Blizzagia, the boss from the Ice Temple. Make a three-Link totem with the Gust Jar-using Link on top and blow on his fireballs or iceballs to stun them. Then strike them or make them fall from the arena. You can also aim at his pink eye and blow on it, which will stun his whole body. Now throw the top two heroes and run to slash him. After hitting him 3-4 times, the fight will be over. Lady Maud is very angry and leaves. After grabbing as many rupees as you can, stand on the Triforce symbol at the centre. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. You will also get the Lady's Collar. Level completed.

Back in the castle lobby, if you have passed all the levels successfully, a message will inform you that the Drablands map has been updated and that new costumes are available at Madame Couture's. Pay her a visit to discover these new outfits and, like every day, go try your luck at the Daily Riches store. Next, go back to the castle to carry on the adventure!

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