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Fortress: Training Ground

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Training Ground

If you own the Kokiri Clothes, choose them.

Stage 1

Training GroundMove on and place the heroes on the large switch to make an armos statue appear. Go right, climb the steps and if one of the heroes is wearing the Kokiri Clothes, have him pick up the Bow. Go back to the statue, make a three-Link totem and throw the top two heroes on the statue, which is actually a moving armos statue. Take control of the Link on the statue and drive it towards south, left while crossing the lava, then drive it north up to the green slab where the heroes will be ejected. Pick up the Gust Jar and the Boomerang further, then place the two heroes on the two switches, which creates a bridge. Bring the Bow-using hero there, lift him, fire an arrow at the middle orb at a distance, then throw him quickly, switch to him and fire more arrows at the other two orbs within the time limit. A gate will open behind which four switches are located. Go south-west, jump on the statue and take it northwards up to the slab. Next, place the heroes on the three switches, which will give access to the Triforce symbol. Step on it to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Training GroundMake a three-Link totem and jump below to reach the upper level. Hardhat beetles and two blue soldiers will appear then. Take control of the Bow-using hero and fire arrows at the electrified enemies. Also shoot arrows at the back of the soldiers to get rid of them. Another method consists of jumping on the armos statue and of driving it towards the enemies to hit them. Next, the big doors to the north will open. Stand on the Triforce gateway to go to stage 3.

Stage 3

Training GroundWatch out for the beamos which shoot lasers when it spots you. Totem up with the Bow-using Link, stand south facing the beamos, and fire an arrow at its eye to destroy it, which will leave one armos statue. Also destroy the beamos more to the right, then make a full totem and throw two heroes (including the Bow-using one) on the armos statue. Drive it right, follow the path north, squash the rolling rocks, and BEFORE reaching the end, switch to the lone Link so he can follow the statue and reach the right side safely, then get rid of the third beamos. If you get hit by it, continue to the green slab, then recreate the totem to destroy it. If you have only one hero drive the statue and that you go up to the green slab, I think that you are blocked!

Throw a Link towards the chest holding hearts, then jump down and fire an arrow at the purple orb on the right, which will widen the path on the right. Next, throw a Link on the statue, drive it right on the northern part of the path, then as soon as the statue is in front of the first flame rod, switch to another Link. Totem up with the other hero, walk up to the first orb, then switch to the Link on the statue again, move up to the second flame rod, and switch to the totem again. Throw the top Link and have the two heroes walk up to the third orb (the third rod stands higher). Hit the orb to lower the grate, have the Link on the statue move to the fourth orb, then hit the orb again to raise the grate again. Have the Link on the statue move to the fourth flame rod, re-switch to the other heroes and have them go to the far right. Next, take control of the hero on the statue again and have him move right and close to the lift. Then switch to the other heroes, have them go up on the lift, then jump on the statue. Finally, go to the slab where the three heroes will be ejected! Phew! Stand on the Triforce.

Stage 4

Training GroundHere is a battle on the back of armos statues! Note that you can speed them up by holding the R or L-buttons while riding them. Have the heroes mount on their statue, then shoot arrows to get rid of the green and red soldiers at a distance. Next, shoot the Gripshot at the warrior to remove his shield! then reuse the Bow to defeat him. Next, the wall will lower and more soldiers will appear. If you play single-player, it seems easier to get off the statue on the right side, then to pick up bombs and throw them back at the enemies. If only the ball & chain soldier is left, ride an armos statue again and fight him at a distance with the Bow. When they are all defeated, the last wall will lower. Go north and open the chest which holds 100 rupees! Finally bring the other heroes north and step on the Triforce gateway. As always, walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

Back in the castle lobby, you can maybe buy a new outfit at Madame Couture's shop, like the Sword Suit.

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