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Fortress: Bomb Storage

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Bomb Storage

If you own the Big Bomb Outfit, choose it.

Stage 1

Bomb StorageIf you are wearing the Big Bomb Outfit, choose the Bombs and have the doppels pick up the Gust Jars. Place a hero with a Gust Jar and the one with the Bombs to the left, and use the other Link to make them cross the gap. Next, place them on the two switches to make a bridge appear. Cross this bridge, then stand south of the bomb flower and use the Gust Jar to make it fly over the gap and near the cracked block to destroy it. Repeat this operation to activate the orb, which lowers another bridge. Cross to the left, then take control of the Bomb-using Link and place a bomb in line with the cracked block near the edge, then switch to another Link and blow on this bomb towards the block. Repeat the operation to activate the orb, which creates a new bridge. Head north and have a hero fly to the left to collect rupees, then the red rupee in the chest. Finally step on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 2

Bomb StorageGo north and use a Gust Jar to have two heroes fly towards left, then the Bomb-using one fly left again. Place them all on a switch, which will retract a wall aside. Take control of the Bomb-using Link and throw a bomb to the right to blow up the large block. Get rid of the hardhat beetle, then throw another bomb to the right, switch to the Link at the centre, pick up the bomb and throw it quickly further right to destroy the second block! Take control of the heroes with the Gust Jar and take them north. Then have one of them fly left, have him come back south, then use the Gust Jar to blow out the flames. Lift the hero with Bombs and go to the far north. Switch to the Bomb Link again, prepare a bomb and throw it near the orb just before it explodes to activate it. A moving platform is activated. Take control of the lone hero, go north, cross the gap thanks to the platform and clear out the foes. Next, switch to the Bomb hero, come back south a bit, then switch to the other hero to the left, place him behind the one with Bombs and have him fly to the right. Re-switch to the Bomb Link, go north and throw a bomb at the orb on the left, which will activate another moving platform. Thanks to this platform all three heroes can meet again. Go north, use a bomb to activate the orb, then continue north and stand on the Triforce.

Stage 3

Bomb StorageBreak the pots to get a few hearts, then have all three heroes step on some kind of "hanging carriage". Look left and use the Gust Jar several times to reach the other side of the room. Once there go north and hit the lever, which will open the domes on top of the towers. Come back on the carriage, look right and use the Gust Jar five times to be near a hidden orb. Throw a bomb near the orb, then look south so it can be accessible and activated by the bomb. Another orb is now accessible. Use the Gust Jar again to go back right, then make a three-Link totem with the Bomb-using Link on top and throw a bomb at the orb to make a bridge lower. Step off right and go north to stand on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 4

Bomb StorageGet into the arena to start another hard battle for those who play alone. During the first phase, take control of a Gust Jar-using hero and stand in front of one of the two hinox (nearly on the edge). When a bomb lands practically in front of you, take a few steps back and quickly use the Gust Jar to send this bomb back at the enemy. Move from one balcony to another depending of the thrown bombs, and switch to another hero when you are overwhelmed to avoid being hit. When your health is getting low, make a totem and throw a hero to the right or left to break pots. When the two hinox have been hit 2-3 times each, the second phase will begin. There is only one hinox left who moves from one balcony to another, but more hardhat beetles arrive bothering you. If you play single-player, place the two heroes with Gust Jars in front of a balcony (on the squares furthest from the balconies), switch to the Bomb-using Link and wait for the hinox to get out on one of these balconies. At this moment, don't stand in front of him (you have to avoid him throwing a bomb in front of a Link), stand aside, avoid his bomb, throw a bomb in front of his balcony, then quickly take control of the hero opposite and use the Gust Jar to blow on the bomb to the balcony! After 3-4 successful hits, you'll be finally victorious. Step on the Triforce symbol, walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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