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Fortress: Sealed Gateway

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Sealed Gateway

Stage 1

Sealed GatewayHead right and pick up one of the weapons, the Gust Jar or one of the two Boomerangs, and use this item to stun and strike the two soldiers. Have the doppels take the remaining items, then the portcullis will lower. Continue to the right, totem up with another Link and place it near the cracked block. Then pick up a bomb flower, throw it to the totem, then on the block to blow it up. Go on, get rid of the three soldiers, then make a totem with another hero and strike the orb to lower the portcullis. Head right and stand on the Triforce gateway to go to stage 2.

Stage 2

Sealed GatewayClimb the steps to the north, then the fence will rise and a warrior will appear: a "ball & chain soldier". Use your Gust Jar or Boomerang on him while being aside or behind him, run quickly to slash him while he's stunned and move back. Repeat this tactic 5-6 times until he's defeated and pick up the red rupee. Continue north to face off with many soldiers. Fight the ones on the ground, then use the thrown bombs to get rid of the soldiers higher up. For the remaining enemies, throw a hero near them and clear them out with the sword. Next, the gate will lower and you can step on the Triforce symbol.

Stage 3

Sealed GatewayGo right, hit the yellow orb (which turns purple) to lower the yellow blocks and raise the purple ones, then place the heroes on this yellow line. From there hit the orb again to raise the yellow blocks and lower the purple ones. Clear out the two soldiers, then make a full totem and throw the top two heroes on the yellow blocks. Get rid of two guards, then hit the orb on the right to bring back the Link left behind. Next, throw a hero near the chest and take the 50 rupees inside. Make a three-Link totem, throw two heroes to the left and hit the orb to lower the purple blocks. Bring the other two heroes to the left, hit the orb again and place them on the yellow blocks. Next, grab a thrown bomb, throw it near the orb, and quickly catch up with your two friends so you can all go up. Make a full totem, throw two heroes to the left and open the two chests holding hearts and 50 rupees. Now make a two-Link totem and place it on the purple blocks to the north, grab a bomb, throw it near the orb, then rejoin your friends so the team goes up. Throw two heroes over the gap to the north and place them on the two switches to make stairs appear. Switch to the Link left behind, walk up the stairs and stand all on the Triforce.

Stage 4

Sealed GatewayMake a three-Link totem, step on the lift and go left. Open the chest holding 20 rupees, then fight the bomb soldier, as well as the one higher up. (It can be easier to start with the one above who can throw bombs at his accomplice^^). Next, take control of the Gust Jar-using Link, place another hero to the north, facing a switch, and propel him on it. Do the same with the other Boomerang-using hero, which makes a bridge appear. Cross this bridge, fight the two soldiers, then have the other two heroes move on. Switch to a Boomerang-using Link, place him in front of the two hanging weights, then take control of the Gust Jar hero and place him to the right of the hanging weights. Use your item to blow on the two weights, which will swing back and forth, then quickly switch to the hero south and have him go north, and on the switch! which makes a piece of ground appear. Take a few steps back, bring the other two heroes to the left and use your Boomerang to catch them. Head north to face up to two ball & chain soldiers. If you have trouble, try to make them fall on the south side. Good riddance! Next, step on the Triforce gateway, then as usual, walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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