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Ice Cavern: Ice Temple

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Ice Temple

Stage 1

Ice TempleAllocate the two Magic Hammers to two heroes, then take control of one of them to break the icicle. Continue north and get rid of the terrorpins thanks to the Hammer. Totem up with a hero, smash down one of the high poles to the north, then when the moving platform is ready to go right, hit the smiling spring pad and step on it to land on the platform. Next, bring the unarmed hero near the switch, take control of the other Link, hit the switch, lift the unarmed Link and leap onto the platform. Once everybody is on the left, stand on the three switches, which will make a wall lower. Pick up the Fire Gloves, then make a three-Link totem, come back on the platform and step off right. Go south, jump below, then switch to the gloved hero and melt the two icicles on the right. Next, use the Hammer to have the heroes leap to the right, then higher up. Finally step on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 2

Ice TempleTake the heroes into the arena to start the fight. As previously you have to use the Magic Hammer to hit each Deadrock twice in a row. If your health is getting low, melt the snowdrifts around. You can also have them fall by breaking the ice, but be careful you don't fall too. When they are all defeated, go north and step on the Triforce symbol.

Stage 3

Ice TempleGo north and smash down the pegs to the left of the ice vent, then totem up with a hero and smash the pole on the left. This way the large snowballs can roll up to the end of the path. Make a three-Link totem, then when a ball blocks an ice vent, move right to pass it. Once the heroes have reached the spring pads, use the Magic Hammer to have them jump higher, then recreate the totem and go left. Throw the top two heroes on the smiling spring pad, then hit it to make them jump up to the left. Have them move on when the ice vent is blocked, then go join them, head left and climb the steps. Open the chest on the left holding 20 rupees, then set fire to the two torches to make a bridge rise. Cross this bridge and stand on the Triforce gateway to go to stage 4.

Stage 4

Ice TempleStock up on hearts, then jump into the arena to make the boss Blizzagia appear! In a first phase, take control of a hero with a Hammer, then when he charges at you, move a little and strike his head. After four hits, he goes out entirely and moves in circles. Stand in the centre of the arena so the snake will turn around you, and keep on striking his head. You can also strike his body to retrieve a few hearts or potions. After a few hits, his shell will break and the top of his head will start to shine. At this moment, take your sword and keep on slashing his head. You can also use the other heroes to refill a few hearts above on the right and left. After hitting him ten times or so, the boss is finally beaten! Step on the Triforce at the centre. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

Back in the castle lobby, if you have passed all the levels successfully, a message informs you that the Drablands map has been updated and that new outfits are available at Madame Couture's.

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