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Ice Cavern: Silver Shrine

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Silver Shrine

Stage 1

Silver ShrineMake a full totem, throw at least one Link near the weapons and pick up one of the Magic Hammers. Slam down a few pegs, then take control of the doppels and have them pick up another Magic Hammer. Go north, stand in front of a "smiling spring pad", slam it down with the Hammer, quickly step on it and it will launch you higher up. Do the same with the other heroes, then make a full totem and walk carefully on the ice. Throw the top two heroes higher up, then a hero even higher, to the north. Take control of the Link halfway up and use the Magic Hammer to climb. Make a totem, slam down the pegs facing the first smiling spring pad, then switch to the Link left behind and use the Hammer so he can join his teammates. For 20 rupees, slam down a spring pad on the left, then smash the icicle covering the chest to open it. Use the Magic Hammer again to climb to the north (open another chest holding 20 rupees), then climb left, and step on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 2

Silver ShrineMake a three-Link totem, throw two heroes higher up and use the Hammer to join them. Enemies called terrorpins suddenly appear! Use the Magic Hammer to turn them upside down, then strike them with your sword while they are stunned. When they are all defeated, a lift will activate and more similar foes will arrive. Make a full totem, step onto the lift and get rid of them the same way but this time on a slippery thin ground, so use your Hammer cautiously. Then a wall will lower to reveal more smiling spring pads. Use them to climb up, get a few hearts if needed, and walk onto the Triforce symbol to go to the next stage.

Stage 3

Silver ShrineHead north, climb the stairs and make a three-Link totem. Throw the top two heroes onto the moving platform and have them go north and onto the large switch. Then stand in front of the middle spring pad and with the right timing (when the moving platform passes it), hit it and step on it to land on the moving platform. Step on the large switch as well, which will retract a gate. Continue north, make a three-Link totem, walk on the ice towards north-east and use the smiling spring pads so everybody moves up. Make a two-Link totem and stand in front of the elevated spring pad. Smash down this spring pad, then quickly hit the orb, take control of the lone hero, lift the totem and step on the pad to land on the small platform and go north! Next, place all three heroes on the large switch. After the wall has lowered, stand on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 4

Silver ShrineSlide along the slope to start the fight. Use the Magic Hammer near the Deadrocks to freeze them for a few seconds, then strike them quickly once more to clear them out. When they are all defeated, a bridge will extend giving access to another arena. Again you have to fight these enemies but this time on a slippery ground. You can stay south on the bridge and wait for a Deadrock to come close in order to use the Hammer and get rid of it. When they are all beaten, the path to the Triforce gateway is freed. Use the spring pads to climb up, then step on the golden symbol, as well as your companions. Finally walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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