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Ice Cavern: Snowball Ravine

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Snowball Ravine

Stage 1

Snowball RavineWalk up the steps on the left while watching out for the big snowballs and pick up the Boomerang. Take control of a doppel, walk up the steps, and the next ones, and grab the Fire Gloves. Then switch to the last doppel, climb the three sets of stairs and pick up the second pair of Fire Gloves. You can use these Fire Gloves to melt the white snowballs but not the grey boulders. Bring there the other two heroes, then make a three-Link totem. Climb the steps on the right and throw the top two heroes to the right (including the Boomerang-using one). Take everybody to safety to the north, then take control of the Boomerang-using Link, place the Link left behind near the edge and throw the Boomerang to get him. Again create a full totem, throw two heroes to the right and use the Boomerang to grab the lone hero. Keep going right and stand on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 2

Snowball RavineGo north and set fire to the torch, which will activate small platforms. Make a three-Link totem, cross these platforms and get rid of the blue hardhat beetle with the Boomerang and sword. Continue north, get rid of another hardhat beetle, then make a full totem and throw the top two heroes (including the Boomerang-using one) to the right. Get rid of two beetles, then grab the hero located left. Next, totem up with another Link and stand south of the bomb flower. Then switch to the other Link, lift the bomb, throw it to the totem, take control of the top Link and throw it on the cracked block just before it explodes! Next, make a three-Link totem and throw a fireball at the torch (which will bounce and also light up the second one), which will activate the Triforce symbol. Come back left and once again, have all three heroes cross to the left. Next, place the Boomerang hero on the southern switch and the Fire Gloves heroes on the other switch and to the left of the pot. Take control of the two gloved heroes and have them throw a fireball (one diagonally) to light the torches, which will make a bridge appear. Cross it and step on the Triforce.

Stage 3

Snowball RavineHead right, then make a three-Link totem and quickly go right. Follow the path while avoiding the big snowballs, walk up the steps, then go left and stand on the square platform. Make a full totem and throw a fireball on the torch, which will activate the platform. Step off, continue north and melt the icicles, as well as the freezard. Walk up the steps, go right and have the heroes cross quickly. You just have to stand on the Triforce gateway to go to stage 4.

Stage 4

Snowball RavineRefill a few hearts if needed, then slide along the slope. Jump below and get closer to the giant iceberg to start the battle! Here the fight can be lead by only one Link with Fire Gloves. Melt the icicles in at least one of the corners where you will be safe from his ice breaths. Then, use the gloves to shoot fireballs at the enemy's arms. Watch out for the pieces of ice which can come off and jump in your direction. When his two arms are destroyed, he takes great leaps to smash you. Keep on throwing fire at him to make him melt little by little. Finally he will be destroyed. Step on the Triforce symbol. Once again, walk to the chests et choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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