Tri Force Heroes walkthrough

Ice Cavern: Frozen Plateau

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Frozen Plateau

Stage 1

Frozen PlateauMake a three-Link totem, go left, then walk carefully on the frozen ground while trying to avoid the mini-freezards. Head towards north-east, then go left and throw the top two heroes higher up. Pick up one of the Fire Gloves then use them to melt the icicles. Also set fire to the torch on the left to make a chest appear, holding 20 rupees. When all three heroes have grabbed their gloves, the Triforce gateway lights up. Make a full totem, go back south and throw the top two heroes onto the ledge south-west. Melt the icicles at the top of the stairs so that the lone Link can catch up with his companions, then open the chest containing hearts. Next step on the Triforce on the left to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Frozen PlateauThrow a fireball at the torch to light it, which will retract the gate, then make a three-Link totem and throw the two top heroes above the ice breath. Take control of one of these Link, place him at the centre of the stairs and use the Fire Gloves diagonally towards the freezard. Next have the heroes stand on the three switches, which will retract another gate. Switch to the northernmost Link, look right and shoot a fireball, which will bounce and light up the torch. Continue north, take a few steps to the right and face north. Throw a fireball towards the angled wall so the ball will bounce twice and melt one of the freezards. Clear out the other freezards if you wish, then head left together. Get rid of the bats (be careful, some are covered with ice), then walk up the steps. Have at least one hero make it over the ice breath, then melt the enemy. Make a three-Link totem and throw the top Link behind the freezard on the left. Shoot fireballs at the two freezards, then jump down and do the same on the right. Next, climb onto the leaf and step off to the north. Stand on the Triforce.

Stage 3

Frozen PlateauWalk northwards carefully but without lingering too much on the fragile ice slabs, then go right and melt the freezard. Next, take control of the doppels and have them cross too. Continue northwards while paying close attention to the ice breath, then take control of the other heroes so they can reach the same place. Then create a three-Link totem, go on and strike the Keeleon three times to get rid of it. Next, go to the far right to set fire to the right torch, do the same with the left one, then walk on the newly-appeared path. Step on the Triforce symbol to go to the next stage.

Stage 4

Frozen PlateauSlide down the slope to the north, along with the doppels, to start the battle. Fight the ice wizzrobes by getting closer from behind or from aside and slash them, then come back quickly on one of the three snowy platforms. When they are defeated, more wizzrobes will appear, being higher in the air. You have then to make a three-Link totem to clear them out, still with the sword. Next, the Triforce gateway will appear. Step on it to end this level. As usual, walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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