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Volcano: Fire Temple

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Fire Temple

Fire TempleIf you don't own the Goron Garb, choose the Kokiri Clothes.

Stage 1

If you are wearing the Kokiri Clothes or the Goron Garb, choose the Bow and give the Boomerang and the Gust Jar to the doppels. Use the Gust Jar to make a hero cross the gap towards north, then quickly take his control and place him more to the north on stable ground. Do the same with the other Link, then switch to the Boomerang-using Link and come back south to grab the hero left behind. Next, go north and place the heroes (one by one) on the three switches, which will open the door. Have all the heroes head north and get rid of the red Hardhat Beetles. Then if you are wearing the Goron Garb, go north and locate the three orbs. Now the three orbs have to be activated at the same time. If you play single-player, take control of the Bow-using Link, stand facing the central orb, fire an arrow at it, then diagonally at the one on the right (without moving too much) then quickly at the one on the left! Some stairs will then appear. Walk up these stairs, bring the other heroes and step on the Triforce symbol.

Stage 2

Fire TempleAnother fight with some hinox! but this time it's easier to move around as you are not in a minecart like them. So like in the previous battle, pick up the bombs and throw them back at him from the "balconies". After hitting him 3-4 times, two more hinox will arrive. Keep on sending them back bombs until they are both defeated. You can easily retrieve some hearts by breaking pots. Climb the stairs which have appeared to step on the Triforce gateway and reach the next stage.

Stage 3

Fire TempleGo right and notice the orb on top of the high tower. Push and/or pull the square block towards right, then place it to the far right, where flames go through the grate. Next, make a three-Link totem with the Gust Jar-using hero on top, throw the top two heroes on the block and face left. When the block is lifted by the lava, use the Gust Jar to activate the orb, which will make a bridge lower from the east side. Cross this bridge, carefully defeat or avoid the Hardhat Beetles, and go right. Stand on the Triforce symbol to go to stage 4.

Stage 4

Fire TempleOnce more, if you're playing single-player, you have to get prepared for a hard fight against Moldorm. Have the three heroes jump into the arena to start the battle. The boss is automatically attracted to the controlled Link, so place the heroes in three corners of the arena and take their control to attract the boss where you want. To defeat him, you have to hit the end of his tail, with arrows, with the Boomerang or using your sword. After hitting it a few times, Moldorm will raise his tail, so you have to continue hitting him in a totem form. Then he gets seriously angry and moves in any direction. Make a three-Link totem and hit his tail one more time to defeat him! Finally step on the Triforce gateway to leave. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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