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Volcano: Den of Flames

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Den of Flames

Stage 1

Den of FlamesGive the Boomerang and the two Gust Jars to the heroes, then place the Boomerang-using Link on the edge to the right. Take control of another Link, use the Gust Jar on this friend and the Boomerang Link will fly to the other side! Do the same with the other hero, then use the Boomerang to get the hero located on the left. Head right, make a three-Link totem with a Gust Jar-using Link on top and use the Gust Jar on the chest to blow out the flames. Pick up the 20 rupees inside, then make a full totem, move onto the swinging platform and step off south. Step on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Den of FlamesJump to the right, stand on a switch and do the same with the other heroes to make red Hardhat Beetles appear. Use the Gust Jar on them not to be burnt (they will become purple), then strike them. Next, a second group of Hardhat Beetles appears. Get rid of them in the same way or by blowing them off the platform, then a bridge will extend to the right. Retrieve a few hearts if you wish, then cross this bridge, go north and stand on the Triforce symbol.

Stage 3

Den of FlamesAgain you need to move the three heroes to the right thanks to the Gust Jar and the Boomerang. Watch out for the flame rods on the right when you switch to them. Next, make a three-Link totem, go north and step on the swinging platform. Throw a Gust Jar-using hero and the Boomerang-using hero on the swinging platform more to the right, then as the Gust Jar Link, turn to the left and use your Gust Jar, which will make the swinging platform move higher and faster! Next, throw the Boomerang at the lone hero to bring him to his teammates. Make a full totem, step off on the right, then step on the lava rock slab. Move onto another swinging platform when the lift touches it, then throw two heroes (including the one with the Boomerang) higher up to the north. Again, use the Gust Jar to move the platform higher, and throw the Boomerang to grab the lone Link. Next, go north and try to clear out the two Hardhat Beetles before going on. Then you can either make a three-Link totem and try to go north while dodging the fire, or use the Gust Jar to blow two heroes across the pit then use the Boomerang to grab the other Link. Finally step all on the Triforce gateway.

Stage 4

Den of FlamesGo down into the arena on the left. To beat the Fire Keeleons (flying enemies), you have to make two-Link or three-Link totems (depending on the location of the Keeleon), use the Gust Jar to blow out their fire, then strike them with the sword. After beating some of them, red Hardhat Beetles will appear. Fight all the remaining enemies to make a staircase rise to the north, then walk up these steps to stand on the Triforce symbol. Finally walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

If you own a goron ore and some monster guts, you can buy the Goron Garb. Return to the castle to carry on with the adventure!

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