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The Dunes: Desert Temple

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Desert Temple

Stage 1

Desert TempleMake your choice between the two Magic Hammers and the Boomerang (knowing that the Boomerang can be picked up lastly), and give the other items to the doppels. Then place the three heroes on the large switch, which will open a gate. Move on and place the Boomerang-using Link in front of the middle box, whereas the heroes with Hammers will stand on the sides. As soon as the enemy gets out of a box, throw the Boomerang at it to stun it, then quickly take control of another hero and smash it. Another gate will open with more boxes behind it. Use the same technique to smash the three creatures, then step on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Desert TempleGet down in the arena to start a rather easy battle. Take control of the Boomerang Link, throw this item at the stalfos to stun them, then strike them. As these skeletons don't jump away from hammers, you can also use this weapon to get close and smash them. But avoid going straight away to the centre of the room or you would attract them all to you. Next, stand on the Triforce symbol to reach the next stage.

Stage 3

Desert TempleMove onto the grey seesaw platform and bring the other heroes there. Next, use the Hammer on the right side of the seesaw to make it tilt to the right, then throw the Boomerang at the orb to activate it, which will make a large platform appear. Hit the left side of the seesaw with the Hammer to get it flat, then throw two heroes (including the Boomerang-using one) to the right. Reuse the Hammer on the left side, then throw the Boomerang to grab the lone Link. Head north, clear out the two bats (be careful not to be burnt), then place the heroes on the large switch, which makes moving platforms appear. Make a full totem, step on the platform, then the next one, and step off north. Place all the heroes on the seesaw, use the Hammer on the right side, make a full totem with the Boomerang Link on top, then quickly, hit the orb, throw the top two heroes, hit the orb on the right, use the Hammer to the left twice, reform the totem, then activate the third orb! A new platform will appear. Get the seesaw flat again and go right. Hit the orb which will get all the next seesaws flat, then place the heroes on the first one. Use the Hammer on the left, then throw two heroes on the higher platform. Use the Hammer to the left again and throw a hero (with a Hammer) higher. Make this seesaw tilt again, then switch to the other heroes and have them catch up with their friend. Next, step on the Triforce.

Stage 4

Desert TempleGet down north and walk to the centre of the arena to start the fight against Stalchampion. In the first phase, take control of the Boomerang-using hero, throw this item at him to slightly hurt him, then when he bounces around on one foot, throw the Boomerang again aside or in his back so he will fall into pieces. Quickly switch to another hero and smash his heart 3-4 times before he gets back on his feet. Repeat this twice, then the second phase starts. The technique is the same, except that the shockwaves are bigger and that you risk to be ejected from the arena. Strike again his heart three times, then his head gets loose from his body and the third phase begins. Stay away, then when he spots you, he will dash at you. Be ready to throw the Boomerang to stun him, then strike him several times with the sword. Repeat this three times to defeat him! After picking up as many rupees as possible, step on the Triforce gateway to the north. Walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

Back in the castle, try your luck at Daily Riches if you haven't done it yet today. If you miss the prize for the fifth time, the manager will tell you that a new costume is available at Madame Couture's: the Dapper Spinner.

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