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The Ruins: Illusory Mansion

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Illusory Mansion

In this level, the Sword Suit can be a good choice.

Stage 1

Illusory MansionHead north while having each hero walk on the platform of his colour. Get rid of the three ghosts by striking each of them twice, and pick up the three Boomerangs. Then make a three-Link totem with the hero in green on the bottom, then the blue one and the red one on top. Step on the green platforms, throw the top two heroes on the next one, then the top hero to the right. Take control of the Link in blue to lift the green one, then bring them to the right. Clear out the ghosts, then make a full totem in the order blue-red-green and go south-east. Climb the steps, open the chest holding a key, then throw it towards north. Make a three-Link totem in the order red-blue-green, come back north and unlock the door. Stand on the Triforce gateway to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

Illusory MansionTake control of the heroes alternately so they attack the ghost corresponding to their colour, then a key will fall down. Grab it, go north and unlock the gate. Stand on the switch to the right, which will open a gate. You can then earn a silver rupee in the chest on the right. Come back to the centre of the graveyard and six ghosts will appear. Make two-Link and three-Link totems while placing every time another Link on top to slash the corresponding ghosts. Next, the Triforce symbol will appear. Step on it to reach the next stage.

Stage 3

Illusory MansionGo north, throw the Boomerang at the bomb flower, then throw it quickly near the large cracked block. Place the three heroes on the big switch, which makes more coloured platforms and bats appear. Make a full totem in the order blue-green-red, throw the top two heroes on the green platforms, then the top hero on the red one, and use the Boomerang to carry the hero in green and throw him to the far north. Do the same with the Link in blue, then catch a bomb flower, throw it towards north, then use another Link to pick up the bomb and throw it near the cracked block. Next, switch to the Link in green, lift the Link in blue and throw him onto the platform to the left. Throw the Boomerang at the hero in red and throw him north, then use the Boomerang to bring the hero in blue to his two friends. Head north, form a totem green-blue-red, step on the green platform and throw two heroes on the blue one. Throw the top hero on the red one, then use the Boomerang to grab the hero in green. Next, when the two platforms touch, switch to the Link in red and carry the other two. Throw only one Link higher up and place him on the switch, which makes a wooden bridge appear. Switch to the totem, have it go up and place the heroes on the Triforce.

Stage 4

Illusory MansionCreate a totem in the order red-green-blue, step on the red platform, throw two heroes on the green one, then one hero on the blue one, and reform a totem to go right. Next, lots of ghosts will appear. Fight them, then get three hearts in the chest. Follow the path, jump down into the arena and stand on the three switches to start the fight. Here you have to fight ghosts of a different kind called Prankster Poes. To defeat them, you need to strike them 2-3 times in a row VERY quickly, turn around, slash them again, turn around, and so on until they're gone. If you are too slow, they will reappear in your back, catch you and throw you down! So stay concentrated and use your sword swiftly to win this battle. Next, stand on the Triforce gateway, then walk to the chests and choose one to get a new material. Level completed.

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